If you are looking for a new look this season, then try some acrylics. Girls just love fashion; we really can’t help it; it’s in our genes. When it comes to fashion, you don’t want to have to compromise on your sense of style. When we get dressed for the day we like to embellish on things, create accessories that make our outfits look even better. We do that with shoes, jewelry, makeup and even new nail designs. When it comes to accessories, my closet is full, and you are probably the same way.

When it comes to the latest trend, they never stay the same. They change, constantly evolving to bring us the latest style that we can’t get enough of. Styles change, and they develop into the next fashion line. If you want to check out the latest fashion trend, then this is the one for you. Acrylics give the air of sophistication that will not only blow your mind but all the minds of your friends.

Girls are more serious than ever about their fashion trends. We want the latest fashion before anyone else gets it. We like to be on the cutting edge of fashion. We want the kind of fashion that is all about quality not necessarily quantity. We want the kind of fashion that brings us inspiration and goal driven styles. We want a style that is elegant and graceful while at the same time stylish and even a little crazy. We want something every day, something that will draw the eye. We want the best nails, accessories, makeup and fashion design.

Acrylic nails are the next best thing, and they are beautiful and sometimes cute. They will also enhance your natural beauty, give your nails a whole new edge to them. Acrylics can enhance your designs. You apply them to your nails for your next event or occasion, a wedding or even a social get together. By enjoying the beauty around you, you can really love yourself and your new style.

Women all over the world love to do their nails; that’s why there are so many salons all around. It used to be that we would just paint our nails and leave it with a clean look. We were happy with the conservative looks that we have, but there is so much more that we can do with nails these days. These days we have the opportunity to be very expressive which makes us happy. Right? We have the option to paint our nails in many different crazy colors; the sky is the limit.

Acrylic nails are one of the most popular ways of getting your nails done these days. They are popular for a reason because you can do so much with them.

If you have never had acrylic nails before it’s a pretty simple process. The acrylic is just a protective coating that can be applied using a powder polymer as well as a liquid monomer. When the coating is exposed to air, it will start to dry and eventually harden, leaving you with essentially a new nail.

How to Remove Acrylics:

If you get acrylics and want to remove them yourself, it can easily be done at home. It’s always best to have them removed at a salon, but many people have done it at home as well.  You must be very careful because if you don’t remove them properly, you can damage the nail underneath. The best way to remove the nails is to soak them in an acetone solution. There are many nail polish removers that have acetone in them. They don’t all have acetone in them so make sure you read the bottle before purchasing.

Follow these simple steps to removing your acrylic nails:

  • Use a towel on your table because acetone can damage furniture.
  • Use a bowl and pour some acetone into it. Make sure it’s deep enough so that you can soak your fingers in it.
  • You want to make sure to protect your skin from the acetone so cover your fingertips and cuticles with petroleum jelly. Don’t put any on your nails.
  • Soak your fingertips in the solution. Just put your nails in not your whole finger.
  • After soaking for 20 minutes in the solution, the gel underneath the acrylics will have grown some and begin to dissolve.
  • Use a cuticle stick to remove the softened acrylics. They may, be sticky, and it could take many rounds of soaking to get it all off. Just don’t scrape the surface of the underlying nail as you can cause damage.
  • Soak a rag in acetone and try to wipe the acrylic away.
  • Once the acrylic is gone, you can go and wash and dry your hands. Make sure you let them dry completely.
  • Smooth away any remaining acrylic with a buffer. Again be very careful not to damage your natural nail.
  • Use moisturizer to help soothe the skin after.

If you experience and pain or discomfort stop trying to remove the acrylics. Wash your hands with soap and dry them carefully. If irritation continues then, it is time to consult with a doctor. If you find that you have damaged your nail at all stop trying to remove the acrylics.

There is also another method to consider when removing acrylic nails. Many people will soak cotton balls in acetone and then rest them on the nails. You can then wrap the nails in aluminum foil which will hold the cotton in place. This method will dissolve the acrylic without having to soak your fingers. Again you would leave it on for 20 minutes to allow for time to dissolve the acrylic gel. Take the aluminum wrap off and remove each nail, one at a time.

It can be tempting to just snap the acrylics off as the process of removing them can become tedious and slow, but we advise against it. There will be a lot of nail growth underneath the acrylic, and there’s a chance you can rip your own nail off in the process. Even if you could get the acrylic off without pain, you would still risk damaging the nail underneath.

Another tip to remember is not to file away the acrylic paste that can be left on the nail as well. These things need to be dissolved. The paste is too thick just to file away, and you would have a difficult time making it even. Not to mention that there is a good chance you could file away too much. You don’t; want to end up removing or damaging the natural nail that you have underneath.

If all else fails, go to a salon and have a professional take care of things. There is a chance that you could do more harm than good and you have to realize that going to a salon is the best thing for you. There is a chance you could be allergic to acetone so you should not do removal yourself.

Below are 66 Amazing Acrylic Nail Designs 2019

1. Soft Pastels

A great nail design that has some soft pastel colors as well as some gems to compliment the whole look.


2. Add Some Gold

I love pink, and you can get anything better than this acrylic set. These gold splashes really make the look completely pop.


3. Purple Surprise

Acrylic nails don’t have to be long; these short squares are perfect for someone that uses their hands a lot. I love the purple coloring, and then extra design looks amazing.


4. Gold Points

These pointed acrylics are fabulous because they are different and then the tips of gold really make for an amazing look.


5. Add Some Gems

These small square acrylics are short and sweet. Add a few gems, and you are sure to brighten your own day. They add just the right amount of bling to set the tone.


6. Great Designs

Pink designs that have an extra flair to the whole thing. Talk about a creative design; these acrylics are incredible.


7. Removal Process

As you can see here, the acrylics have grown out and could be removed or filled in at this point. It’s always best to go to the salon if you aren’t sure about removing them yourself.


8. Long and Square

If you like long nails, then try these ones on for size. The coloring sure doesn’t hurt either.


9. Black and White

I love these black and white nails; the contrast is amazing. Add in some serious bling, and you have a beautiful look. This one nail is completely covered in bling and if you like that kind of sparkle then go for it.


10. Scenery Shots

If you really want something different then get one of these snowy scenery designs on your nail. They are beautiful and unique; everyone will be talking about it.


11. Different Designs

These acrylics are crazy, and that might be exactly what you’re looking for. There are leaf designs as well as serious bling.


12. Easter Egg Colors

These tips are original designs, and you are sure to love them. The pink and blue pastel colors are just what you need for the upcoming spring season.


13. Simple Pink

If you are looking for a great look for, a wedding, then this is the one for you. It’s simple yet pretty and elegant. The kind of design that would compliment your wedding attire.


14. Stunning Flowers

The great thing about acrylics is that they can airbrush virtually any design that you want on your nails. These flowers are just so beautiful and would look great for your next event.


15. Marbled Egg

I love these short round nails, they are sweet, and the colors are great. The marbled look is really, creative, and you are sure to love it.


16. Multiple Colors

There are so many soft colors that you can really wear this look anywhere. You can pair multiple colors together, and the sparkles are just an added touch. One sparkle in the middle is perfect for the set.


17. Writing Attached

What a great design idea and it’s sure to be the talk of any event that you go to. These nails are a creative design and very pretty as well.


18. Elegant Designs

There are some elegant designs here as well as some accessories for the nails. These nail designs are beautiful together.


19. Studded Designs

These nail designs are unique because of the studs. If you are looking for something different, then this is the look for you.


20. The Rounded Style

These beautiful designs are sure to please if you are a fan of the French manicure. The rounded look is still, in style, and it’s a great look that can be worn casual or formal.


21. The Crackle Style

These pastel colors are great and the crackle look involved is a great addition to the overall look.


22. Dark Greens

A great shade for this season right now is dark greens. This is a great color with some serious design to it. I love it.


23. Pointed Nails

Acrylics come in all shapes and sizes, it all depends on what you’re looking for. If you like long pointed nails, then this might be the look for you. Add some sparkle to complete the whole look.


24. Massive Bling

If you really like to make an impression then adding some serious bling to your nails might be exactly what you’re looking for. You will be the life of the party with these acrylics loaded with bling.


25. Bright Blue

These mesmerizing blue nails will look great at any event or a night out on the town. There is a lot of sparkle and shine to these nails.


26. Airbrush Designs

Another great example of the kind of airbrush designs you can get with acrylic nails. They are perfect, no room for error when it comes to acrylics.


27. Short and Simple

Not everyone wants a crazy and wild design, in fact many people like to keep things simple, and that’s okay too. These short acrylics are a great example of how a conservative look is just as pretty as a crazy one.


28. Red Points

A great winter look is red nails with some serious sparkles. If you like pointed nails, this is a great overall style for you.


29. Extra Long Nails

Many people love to have long nails, and if you are one of them, then these might be the acrylics that you are looking for. Long nails with a red hot color to them.


30. Just a Little Pop

These short nails have a serious pop to them. I love these short nails because they have a great color to them.


31. Razor Sharp

If you want a bold look, then try these razor sharp styles. A great hot pick design is exactly what you want to draw attention.


32. Animal Prints

If you want a different and crazy look, then try out some animal prints on for size. A great color can be pumped up if you add a few design in with the colors. In this case, the animal prints are amazing.


33. Zig Zag Designs

A beautiful pink shade with one incredible design in the middle.


34. Small But Spectacular

This bright pink shade is one hot look for this summer; you aren’t going to want to miss it. There is also a great design to the pink that will also put a smile on your face.


35. French Manicure

If you want to punch up your French manicure look, then use pink next time with a splash of sparkle.


36. Pink Sparkles

You can never go wrong with a great pink and hello sparkles. These are great colors, and you can’t forget the sparkles.


37. Hot Pink

These short nails are hot pink, a serious color for the summer. Add some jeweled studs, and you will be set.


38. Fushia Dreams

Who needs a design when you have such a fantastic color. It’s a short style that you can wear anywhere.


39. The Process

This is what acrylics look like before the polish and design process happens. It looks like she’s putting bling on.


40. Beige Look

A simple look that is splashed with some bling.


41. Serious Gold

Red and gold sparkles that look amazing with these nails. This will be a great holiday look if you need something for your next event.


42. Mix-matched Style

If you like a lot of variety, then this might be what you are looking for. Why choose one style when you can have multiples styles. These designs are pretty wild if that’s what you are looking for.


43. Great Bling

You are sure to draw some attention with these nails.


44. Sneaker Love

I think these sneaker designs are the most adorable things I’ve ever seen. If you have a show fetish, you might just love these.


45. Pumped up Color

I love these bold colors because they are really a hot trend right now.


46. Neutral Shades

Beiges and blacks are a really great look, especially if you want a casual style.


47. Bold and Creative

These are special designs that you are sure to love. Multiple colors with a tad bit of sparkle to them.


48. Pointed Blue

A simple look that comes with some seriously pointed nails. This is a great color overall.


49. Porcelain Designs

A great bold blue with one nail that has a design. The one nail looks like a porcelain teacup. It’s a precious look that you are sure to love.


50. Pretty Bows

A great design that is very precious and cute. These nails are really special if you are looking for something that’s as sweet as sugar.


51. Contrasting Shades

Different designs, all in black and white. A wonderful style for someone looking for some punch.


52. Striking Red

These contrasting shades are a truly a great look for someone who likes great reds.


53. A Touch of Class

Light pink is always such a classy and elegant color. I love the touch of sparkle that has been added to the ends of the acrylics as well. It’s a beautiful touch.


54. Intense Designs

If you want a look that will attract a lot of attention, then this is the one for you.


55. Pearl Designs

It’s great to have a look that, is simple, but it doesn’t hurt to add a little design to it as well. These small pearl shaped beads create a whole new overall look.


56. A Bit of Everything

This design has so many elements to it. We have gems, and color and even a rose placed in the middle. If you want something that is too pretty to ignore than this is the style for you.


57. Show Stopping Designs

You can’t go wrong with this acrylic style. Whether you are going to an event or a night out on the town, you will love this style. It’s so glamorous especially since you have added the silver to the look. Absolutely stunning!


58. Small Points

If you like the pointed look, then try this short style on for size.


59. Incredible Style

These are some pretty wild acrylic designs, especially the chunky one. But if you are looking for something different to spice up your life then this is the look for you.


60. Solid Red

You can always depend on a solid red color to get you through any event.


61. The Night Sky

This color totally reminds me of the night sky; it’s absolutely stunning.


62. Variety of Designs

These great designs are sure to please anyone. If you like variety, then this is the style for you.


63. Feather Designs

What a great design! If you love birds, then you are sure to love this look! There are birds as well as feather and the contrasting black and white coloring is just perfect.


64. A Simple Bow

This look is all about the single bow and it’s precious.


65. Grey Abstract

An abstract design that completes a simple look.


66. Gold Elements

Nothing makes a look pop more than some gold embellishments. This is a classic look that you can wear to any event. Try it for your next occasion.



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