If you are starting to think of what kind of nail designs you want for 2017 then why not consider neon nails? It’s a trend that we can’t get away from because they look so cool. The great thing about neon nails is that you can really mix up different designs, be bold one day while being a little simple the next. You can have any style that you want! If you are the type of person that tans, then you are sure to love the look because it really makes the colors pop.

Now is the time to really start thinking about your personal style. The season is upon us to have some incredible nails. This style can be worn for years without it ever going out of style. This is the latest trend going around for the season, and you don’t want to be the last person to ride the neon train. It’s amazing and really glorious when it comes to all the changes you can make. These bright colors are what wins the hearts of many because you can’t help but notice such incredible colors.

The great thing about neon colors is that they are bright and they really catch the eye. If you want a look that stands out, then you will love this design. If you like attention, then try out neon colors because they will make you feel like a superstar. If you want to be stylish, then neon is the way to go this year because you really can’t go wrong with it. You want to choose colors that suit your nails, otherwise, you will fall short. When it comes to nail design, you have to take into consideration your skin tone and overall nail shape. You want your nail color to compliment your style so you can be even more stunning.

Stylists these days are recommending the neon colors for this season, and you are going to want to follow the trend. You must get some neon polish if you don’t already have it. There are so many different shades to choose from. They are a popular trend, and they will look great on just about everyone. They virtually look great on any skin tone and bold colors are exactly what you want right now. Just looking at all these bold colors will naturally put you in a better mood. You will just want to take over the world with these amazing and bold colors.

When you are wearing neon nails, you can choose between yellow, green or pink. There is virtually no color that you can’t use to your advantage, they are all so beautiful. You can also combine pastel colors with neons for a whole new look. The great thing about new colors is that you can do a lot of experimenting. Mix and match colors to create a new and fun look that will be unforgettable. Choose designs that are simple and then on other days you can be bold and crazy. The sky is really the limit for you. Using neon colors, you are sure to make a bold statement. Neon colors are a sure way of getting out of the old school colors and trying something that is truly outside the box. There is also the option of nail paints that also go well with all the neon colors. You can also try out animal prints, abstract designs, or bold and solid colors with neon’s to really create your own personal style. If you feel confident, then you are sure to love the neon colors because they will bring you true happiness.

There is no need to be afraid of trying new colors because neons are just about being fun. If you want to drop your inhibitions, then trying neon colors is a safe way to do so. There are so many designs to choose from that you are sure to find something to suit your personal style. Below are 41 Spectacular Neon Nail Designs for 2017:

1. Polka Dots

Add one neon color to various styles to give it a bold look. It really makes the whole style pop; you can’t help but be noticed.


2.  Black and White with a Touch of Yellow

Black, white and yellow is among the best combinations if you decide you’d like manicure consisting of three colors. You may replace any of the patterns in B&Y and enjoy an intriguing and stylish nail art which will definitely attract the attention.



3.  Black-Yellow Magic

Even of you skip the white color, black and neon yellow will perfectly highlight your nail’s shape and guarantee a fresh look ready for adventures and positive energy. Tip: the smiley face emoticons are one of the top choices for combining black and yellow into an attractive mix.


4. Watermelon Pink for Long Square Nails

If you are a pink lover, you should definitely pay attention to this mild watermelon neon nail art. It goes well with jeans + casual T-shirt as well as with a cocktail dress or an elegant business attire.



5. S-Shaped Neon Decoration

If you are in the mood, decorate further the S-shape with small dots, hearts or spirals.


6. Colorful Blue-Eyed Neon Nail Art for Almond-Shaped Nails

These abstract designs are amazing because the bright colors really make the whole overall look pop. Many different colors that really stand out.


7. Small Dots for Round Nails

A simple white backdrop with some small dots that are full of color. These dots are in many different colors, and you are sure to love this look.


8. Sparkle Designs for Pointed  Nails

Sparkles and neons together are truly spectacular together. Add some diamond designs, and you have one hell of a great look. These nails are amazing.


9. Bright Neons for Pointed Nails

These bright colors look great with different designs. These are amazing designs that will sure to bring out the best for you.


10. Strokes for Round Nails

Neon colors with a few black strokes make for a stunning design that is sure to bring you some attention.


11. Great Design for Square Nails

These great colors have a style all their own, and you can’t help but love them because they really stand out. This design is creative, and you won’t want ever to take it off.


12. Pretty Gems for Round Nails

This swirl design is stunning because it’s just a splash of neon, but it really pops. It’s a gorgeous design that is made even better with a few gems. Thank yourself for this design because it’s stunning.

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13. Unique Additions for Pointed Nails

These elements that can be placed on any nail design allow you to be as creative as you want to be. They are a great way for you to create your own style and the colors really stand out.


14. Solid Neons for Pointed Nails

This solid neon design is amazing because it’s such a bold color. You don’t get much more beautiful than this design.


15. For Round or Square Nails

A touch of gold sparkle may be all you need to create the look that you really want. This is a unique design that has some beautiful elements to it. The gold though is a great finishing touch.

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16. Painted Designs for Round Nails

A mix of designs and colors. The colored portion is very reminiscent of the tie dyes that we all used to make but in soft neon colors. It’s quite the beautiful design.


17. For Round Nails

This design just needs a touch of neon to complete the look. There is a solid dark blue shade with a dot of neon green. It’s a different design that you are sure to love.


18. Dripping Paint for Rounded Nails

I love this great design because it looks like dripping paint. Bold and bright neons with some black drips for contrast.


19. Different Colors for Square Nails

Different shades of neon with one design nail with polka dots. It’s a creative look that’s really fun.


20. Triangles for Square Nails

These triangles are a great look if you want something different. The grays and blacks look wonderful with a bold neon shade.


21. Mosiac Designs for Pointed Nails

Great colors brought together to create a wonderful design. These bold neons look great with the floral design.


22. Classy Look for Rounded Nails

A great bold look that is bright with a touch of class to add to it. You can add just one different nail to change your whole look.


23. Abstract Designs for Pointed Nails

Such beautiful bright colors in a mix-matched bunch of shades. Add in some abstract design, and you have quite the creative look.


24. Paint Splatter with Square Nails

What a cool look! Every nail is a different color, and these designs are amazing. It looks like paint splatter, and the overall design is truly one of a kind.


25. Paint Swirls for Square Nails

These amazing swirl designs are gorgeous, to say the least. I love that each nail is different and they are all in different colors. If you are looking for an eye-catching look then this is the one for you.


26. Bold Designs for the Egg Shaped Nail

Gorgeous bold colors that really stand out. I love the beautiful designs that look like painted Easter eggs.


27. Blended Colors for Square Nails

Stunning shades in a variety of different colors. You can’t go wrong with these colors because they are extraordinary. The fact that they all blend together creates an amazing look.


28. Changing Colors for Square Nails

Every nail is a different neon color, and it looks good as a mix-matched design.


29. Zig Zags for Round Nails

Nails in a zig zag design with many different colors throughout. I love that every nail is a different color because it creates a great style. Why be the same when you can be different?


30. For Rounded Nails

When you make one nail different from all the others, you create a unique design. It just makes the whole style stand out.


31. Upside Down Art for Rounded Nails

A unique look that is the opposite of a French manicure. These stripes look great with a splash of neon.


32. Shading For Round Nails

These colors are stunning, and they are blended together like a sunset. I love the blues and greens together they look absolutely beautiful.


33. Animal Prints for Square Nails

Neons colors in some seriously bold shades. Each nail is a different color and I love that they are nail prints. If you want a sexy look, then this is a great one for you.


36. Creative Looks for Square Nails

I love all the different looks in this style. These neons are a great way of catching people’s eye.


37. Florals for Rounded Nails

This yellow background looks amazing with some pink flowers on top of it. These designs are amazing when they are brought together.


38. Blue Dots for Rounded Nails

What a fun design when you combine a bright background with some sweet blue dots. This is a gorgeous color, and these designs are really special.


39. Pretty Dots for Square Nails

A great dot design that looks great with many different colors. If you want a great color concept, then this is a great design for you.


40. Creative Dots for Rounded Nails

A standard color with neon colored dots on top. If you want a different look, then this is the one for you. I love that you can pair neons with just any old color scheme.


41. Elemental Designs for Pointed Nails

Whether its zig zag designs to a splattering of bling, you can’t go wrong with this neon style because it’s truly one of a kind. We love it because it’s not only bold but different.


When it comes to creating a new style you can’t really go wrong with neon. They are the newest trend, and after seeing these designs, I know you are on your way to the salon as we speak. Choose your favorite color and create a style that you will love all season long. Comment on your favorite nail designs!


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