The way a woman puts herself together is often a reflection of the way she feels and the way the current season makes her feel. This means that spring is the season when a woman will dress with fresh and bright colors to reflect the changes that spring brings around her. When it comes to the way nails are decorated, this will definitely reflect the colors and theme of the current season.


What can we say about nail art in spring? When nature itself uses the world around us to paint an exotic and lovely picture using every element as a canvas, why should your nails not reflect this. Here are some ideas that you can go with for nail art:

  • Go with soft and pastel shades: The leaves around you are a softer green, the sky is a clear baby blue and the flowers are in that tender shade of colors. Draw all these colors on to your nails and paint them in the softer yet so appealing shades of nature.1
  • Go with floral themes: There is nothing more beautiful than the flowers that bloom in the spring. You can use this flora motif to add color and pizzazz to your nail art. There is so much choice that you will find no dearth of ideas to paint and decorate your nails3
  • Easter theme is in too: Spring also means Easter with its quaint traditions which include the Easter bunny and colorful Easter eggs. You should include these picturesque ideas in your nail art. Once you start thinking on these lines you will find that the ideas will simply flow.
  • Use other occasions to harvest more ideas: Spring is full of possibilities like Mother’s day and other spring related festivals. All you need to do is look at the activities that each of these entail and the festivities that ensue to be inspired and translate this to your nails.

The cute, the softer shades, the quaint, the floral are all themes that will really work for your nail art during spring season.  Just look at a few pictures of spring season and the transformation that occurs in all things related to nature with the advent of spring. All these things can form an important part of your nail art.  All you need to look around for the ideas on soft and colorful ideas for spring to start flowing.

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