Though stiletto nails have been recently highlighted in the fashion world due to celebrities like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Fergie sporting the design, these types of nails have been around sine the 50s and 60s. As the trend is growing, regular women are starting to catch on to this daring look. And that’s exactly what stiletto nails are: daring. Or are they dangerous? Perhaps a bit of both, but that only adds to the fun of trying them out.

What Are They?

Stiletto nails are fierce and bold. They are oval shaped nails that are more pointed than rounded at the tip, and are usually very long. Since they’re so long, they’re almost always fake. They look  cool, and are very extreme. You actually have to be careful when you have stiletto nails because they really can cause injuries. However, most people who try them out do it because they love the look.

When it comes to nails, especially long ones because they provide more surface room, literally anything is possible. Any idea that you have in your mind for a design can become a reality. Let’s take a look at some examples…

There are really countless possible designs, but we’re going to take a peek at 48 gorgeous ones here on Ink Your Nail.

Cool Stiletto Nails

  1. Cat-Claws
    stiletto nails 7A design like this is often thought of as “cat claws” and have even been referred to as wolverine-like as well.2. Gothic Black 
    black stiletto nailsCool stiletto nails done in pure midnight black like above are a classic style for anyone wanting to create a menacingly sexy style. Perfect for almost any look regarding Halloween, rock/metal concerts, or the gothic appeal that many women look great flaunting.3. Dazzling Chanel 
    Chanel stiletto nailsYes, those are Chanel nails – a powder pink and cosmic sparkle that grab the attention of your audience and immediately dazzle.4. Chanel No. 5 
    Nudeblack Stiletto nailsAnd if you still want to sport Chanel while still styling their logo but with a twist – this design is truly a unique and wonderful way to amaze your audience. Black gems and a diamond logo paired with arrow stripes and a gold chain.

    5. Purely Pink Third Eye Magic 
    pink stiletto nailsIf you want cool stiletto nails as a pure color, you can always dazzle up the design using a pretty ring – or ring that grasps attention.

    6. Vividly Egyptian 
    stiletto nail designThis design is bedazzling, and uses a wonderful color scheme. Navy blue, magenta, powder pink, and a sparkling nail done in gems. The middle finger done with the Eye of Horus is truly what brings it all together.

    7. Unique Lines & Unpredictable Personality 
    15040516-Stiletto-nailsHave you ever seen nails with such compelling designs? You’ve got your two solid colors, and three nails that are uniquely unpredictable.

    8. A Wild Twist 
    stiletto nail designsThis little piggie was all-natural, this little piggie had edge, and this little piggie was a wild leopard.

    9. Royally Wonderful
    stiletto nails 1Violet was once considered only worthy of royalty and could only be worn by such. Now, you can sport the color and display just how royal you can be with cool stiletto nails.

    10. Grey Winter Wonderland 
    stiletto nails 3Don’t underestimate the power using grey in your designs creates. Pairing it with a deep color such as the violet seen above can create a truly cool stiletto nails design.

    11. Indigo Religion
    stiletto nails 4You can even wear crosses on your stiletto nails. They’re seemingly mischievous.

    12. Simply Good 
    stiletto nails 6

White with silver linings. Ever hear of the expression “silver lining”? The silver at the edge of the horizon? It means there’s hope; there’s a win down the road.

13. Metallic Red Holiday 
stiletto nails 11Especially with darker skin tones, metallic nail polish mixed with a stiletto look is almost futuristic or out of this world! If its Christmas time, this color will dazzle at parties.

14. Peachy Pink 
stiletto nails 12These stilettos are quite long, giving the wearer extra room to sport longer designs like the “S” shapes seen above with gems. The green gems are an added, quite bold move.

15. Glitter-Dipped 
stiletto nails 14This enchanting design looks as if the wearer has dipped her fingers in a pot of glitter and gems, like a fairy tale princess.

16. Geometric Time Capsule
stiletto nails 15As if traveling through the confines of space, these nails are reminiscent of futuristic design and alien native culture.

17. Like Vines 
stiletto nails 16No, I’m not talking about vines like video vines, but real vines. Love the outlined nail.

18. Crazy Lines 
Stiletto nails 99These designs look somewhat similar, but they’re all different. A nice way to spruce up your design.

19. Tangy Taste 
stiletto nailsAs bright as lemons, you’d have to be craving at least some attention to sport cool stiletto nails like these. They’ll definitely turn heads.

20. Long & Rich
stiletto-nails-nail-care-designs-bsfm-61767This design screams that you’re rich. Must be the gold gems… and the fact they’re so extremely long. You’re not going to be doing any manual labor wearing those.

21. Nail Bed Decor 
tribal Stiletto nailsThese cool stiletto nails are a fabulous design for those of us that enjoy geometric shapes arrows. The nail beds are designed almost like arrowheads.

22. Golden Royal 
stiletto nails 8The riches of gold mixed with the gorgeous shade of royalty.

23. Matte Black Junkie 
stiletto nails 9These nails are sexy, what more can one say? Perfect for the darker side in all of us.

24. Fading Tips 
stiletto nails 10

Sometimes you just feel like that bright near-magenta pink. And to add a bit more to the style, you can have the color lighten (or darken) towards the tips.

25. Radiant Ring Finger 
16040516-Stiletto-nailsThis ring finger is gorgeous, all nails being a natural shade as it sparkles with perfectly placed gems.

26. Summer Flowers 
17040516-Stiletto-nailsThese flowers are bright and beau, placed on a coral peach shade that truly brings out this person’s love of a bright summer beach (see the starfish?)

27. 80’s Blue
18040516-Stiletto-nailsThis blue is bright, has amazing gems and geometric shapes, looks fantastical.

28. Egyptian Queen 
19040516-Stiletto-nailsLook at all those gems and rings placed on a sea of turquoise! This design is truly a piece of art, having so many beautiful pieces that combine well to create this wondrously cool stiletto nails.

29. Red Rain Drops 
20040516-Stiletto-nailsFor some strange reason, this design looks as if a vampire might sport it.

30. Intriguing Nail Beds
21040516-Stiletto-nailsThese aren’t your normal nail beds. This is honestly the first I’ve seen of a simple yet mesmerizing design such as this. It’s always fun to get creative with beds and tips.

31. Matching with a Bestie 
22040516-Stiletto-nailsIf you want to get a manicure with someone you love, like a best friend, you can always get the same color only in different shades with slight differences. Take these for example. Both pink, one with polka-dots, the other with leopard print.

32. Pastels & the Bermuda Triangle 
23040516-Stiletto-nailsPure black stilettos can seem almost too menacing for some of us personalities out there. You can always add some small designs done in shimmering pastels to brighten up the design, or some colorful gems.

33. Space Sparkles 
24040516-Stiletto-nailsThese cool stiletto nails look like cosmic blasts in outer space.

34. Love Note 
25040516-Stiletto-nailsYes, that looks like a love note on the pointer finger, a perfect rendition to add to a Valentine’s Day get-up.

35. Tan and Striped 

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

These nails are a natural color with the added mystique of white lines and barely-there sparkles that catch the light perfectly.

36. Summertime Sparkle
3040516-Stiletto-nailsVividly sparkling, and a cool stiletto nails design to brighten up a summer day.

37. All Natural Stilettos 
4040516-Stiletto-nailsSome of us don’t need anything more than the stiletto shape itself.

38. Powder Purple 
5040516-Stiletto-nailsThis shade is one that truly stands out itself.

39. Mesmerizing Kaleidoscope
6040516-Stiletto-nailsDon’t those lines and colors remind you of an old-school kaleidoscope? Beautifully throw-back but futuristic at the same time.

40. Tie-Died and Trendy 
7040516-Stiletto-nailsGorgeous mixed pastel colors paired with big, sparkling gems.

41. Outer Rim 
8040516-Stiletto-nailsEven these gems look as if they were pulled from out space, creating slight swirls like the turn of galaxies or mists of stars.

42. If Looks Could Kill  
9040516-Stiletto-nailsThese cool stiletto nails are also a lovely set that’s reminiscent of the gothic scene – something you might find a hard-core heavy metal head sporting.

43. Golden Love 
10040516-Stiletto-nailsYou almost can’t tell – but the middle finger is an intriguing shade of light turquoise.

44. 60’s Diva 
11040516-Stiletto-nailsThis color was popular in the 60’s – and you can bring it back with a set of cool stiletto nails.

45. Here I Am 
12040516-Stiletto-nailsThese nails scream “Here I am. Look at me.”

46. Nightmare Before Christmas 
13040516-Stiletto-nailsPearls and the Nightmare Before Christmas – the pearls are almost reminiscent of bones.

47. Show Your Love
14040516-Stiletto-nailsFor Jesus! A lovely addition to a magical set of cool stiletto nails.

48. An Added Novelty 
urlAll you need is that one sparkly nail to spruce things up.

Some Details to Consider with Cool Stiletto Nails…

  • If you want to keep things simple, solid colors are the way to go. The length and shape of the nails really accentuates the flawlessness solid colors can have on stiletto nails.
  • Matte nail colors are becoming more and more popular. Add a design with sparkly regular nail polish, such as a deep plum French tip (on top of a black matte), and your nails will stand out even further.
  • Try all black stiletto nails and then paint the underside of the nails a different color. The surprise splash of color is striking, especially depending on what color you choose, for example, a bright red.
  • Poke-a-dots and stripes can go a long way!
  • When you’re already trying a bold look, there’s no time to be shy about it! Have a different design on each nail, but make sure they match it some way, like having the same color scheme or theme.
  • Adding gold or silver tips to any solid color makes for a fun variation.
  • Take the French manicure way down. So far down, in fact, that the result is what is known as “half moon” nails. This look is a twist on something classic.
  • Choose either one or two nails on each hand (either your ring fingers or your thumbs and middle fingers) and put a design on just those. You can accent the design on the remaining nails, but for those, simple is best.
  • Use rhinestones on top of your stiletto nails to create some types of pattern, such as two parallel vertical lines of the small stones down the center of each nail.
  • The possibilities with lines are endless! Do two thin diagonal lines across each nail for something simple, or create random lines and fill in the spaces between them with different colors for something a bit more complex.
  • Floral prints are very popular and feminine.
  • Try a holiday or seasonal theme and get into the spirit of whatever time of year it is. There are many options for this.
  • Make your already daring nails 3D! There are tons of stickers and accessories that can be glued on to make sure that your nails will be a head turner no matter what.

As you can see, there are plenty of options out there. Copy the designs here and you’ll be looking fabulous! Or use them for your own inspiration and come up with a new and unique idea.

Get Them!

Now that you’ve been convinced by all the awesome possibilities, you need to know how to get stiletto nails. As mentioned before, these nails are almost always fake, and it’s good to know that before going in because you have several options. The first and most common way is to go to a nail salon and have a nail specialist do them for you. They know what they are doing and will be able to give you what you are looking for once you describe your particular desires to them.

The other option is to do them yourself. In this case, you will need to buy a fake nail kit, already in the oval shape. You then can file the nails to the length and exact shape that you want, either more pointed or slightly more rounded, but remember that stiletto nails usually come to some type of tip. When you buy the kit, it should come with some nail glue. From there, it’s rather simple. Glue the shaped nails on each nail and then file them again to make sure they match and feel good. Then you can start painting!

It should also be mentioned that just because stiletto nails are known as being super long, it doesn’t mean that they have to be. You can still have dramatic stiletto nails without going to insane lengths. Just do what you feel comfortable with. If after awhile you want to get crazy, then just go for it! These interesting nails will definitely keep you entertained!


  1. I have mine done now with black and silver glitter on ring finger and random color sparkle on the others. I wanted more design with crystals are airbrush,
    But I live on the northside or down and the Asian man who had something negative to say about every design I pulled up. Finally he just came out and said I needed to go to the Southside and have the Black Girl do them. He didn’t do a bad job on the nails after a few times of me having him refile a few, because I did nails myself for
    5 yrs so I know what I like and also when I’m on a conveour belt. If you do nails you should have a drill and be able to shape and clean the acrylic or gel that is under tip.
    Any way all he would do is paint them and pulled silver glittered over ring finger so thick it looked to cheap. If it wasn’t for my eyesight going due to being diabetic I would still be doing them myself. I am goo a redo polish them today . I just am a lil upset because I see all these beautiful tips with all these amazing creative nail designs and a salon called Lovely Nails on 4th St NORTH St Pete Fl can not do designs and they do fair to good nails but need to hire somebody speacializes in just doing nail art. I did nails back in 1991-1993 so even back then I was i m to designs free handed. I wish I had the opportunity to work with the materials they have today. Then I had my daughter so stay I became a stay at home mother. My clients followed me and would just come to my home so we had a three BR house so the third room became the nailroom, set up just for nails . I miss doing nails though. I miss my clients also. I’m sure they are in good hands..


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