When it comes to special occasions we like to do up our nails in a really special way. Likewise when our nails are done in a festive way, everything around us looks naturally festive and worth celebrating. There are many ways that you can do this. But the thing that always seems to work is going for the feathery nail art. It is simple and can be done by pretty much everybody. And let us face it – feathers are festive.

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Any carnival, party or parade has a fair amount of feathers. You can even evoke memories of carefree summer holidays and fun beach parties with the help of feather art. Burlesques, cabaret performances also feature plenty of feathers. They are colorful and look really great. After all feathers come from birds and you cannot get more fun and festive than birds. They look great and have the immense freedom to fly. The entire sky is theirs to roam as they please.

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If you can inculcate this into nail art, then you will have something that is cheery and festive. The best part is that you can do this simply by yourself in few easy steps:

You will require the following things:

  • A coat of nail paint to be used as the base
  • A top coat – preferably something that is specially made to have the ability to seal in decorations and embellishments that you use in nail art.
  • A bottle of black nail paint. This is because this color will work with most patterns as well as contrast well with other colors easily. If you prefer you can go for other colors too.
  • Synthetic feathers that you use for crafts. You can get this in different prints and colors
  • Tooth pick or nail stick
  • A pair of scissors.

Method of doing this:

  1. 1.    The first thing you need to do is put on a good layer of the base coat. Let the first layer dry before adding the next one. Allow this one to dry too.
  2. 2.    Add the top coat of polish and then immediately put the feather on the nail by making sure that the tip of the feather is properly aligned with cuticle of the nail. This will make it easier to trim it later on. Press well to make sure that things are in place. Let everything dry properly.
  3. Once everything is completely dry you can trim the feather portion that is extra off the nail. To get a neat look trim even behind the nail.
  4. Now you need to apply the top coat. This will ensure that the nail tips are protected and this will stop them from getting frayed. Be careful to make sure that the design of the feather is not lost in the top layer of the polish. Allow ample time for it to dry fully.


This intricate nail art will last for some days and by adding the top coat you are preserving all the careful work that you have put in. However for the next few days be very careful while washing your hands. Be mindful of the work that you have done on your nails while doing things like washing your hair, doing your hair and also doing other household chores.

This is something fun that you can do when you have the time to enjoy it and also when you know that you are not going to do something too strenuous. You can go with many variations with different colors and different feather types once you have the basic method down pat.

feather nail

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Digital StillCamera

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