Ladies’ nails have always been an important dimension of beauty and fashion. There are as many ways you could do your nails as the stars in the sky.

In this regard, what do you think of black and white nails ? This is a classic color combination which would perfectly fit a wide variety of events – from casual walk in the park, through a hot night in the club, to a classy business dinner. Go through our special collection of incredible designs and get inspired right now. Next steps? Depending on your choices and your artistic skills, you could either go wild on your own or drop by your most favorite beauty salon and show them precisely what you are going after.

black and white nail designs 40

Hey, ladies, tribal motives are quite diverse and allow us to get to a number of elegant and beautiful designs. Check out this sample of toe-nail design making quite some use of tribal. Bear in mind that creating such is not a mission impossible. It’s actually much easier than it seems – we are talking about plain dots and a little bit of simple drawing.

black and white nail designs 41

Flowers-based artistic approaches will hardly ever fade away. Highly contrasting negative colors just make such designs even more interesting. Simply put, this floral combination increases sensuality and playfulness by a factor of 10. The secret here is that you could pick any flower and quickly get to stunning results. Yet success is often backed up by simplicity.

black and white nail designs 43

Sometimes it’s not all about the colors – shape definitely matters. Square nail designs are fabulous when it comes to long fingers with wide nail bed. If you are lucky to have such, black & white color schemes will easily bring you to the next level. Leaving part of the nail unpainted while playing carefully with thin black stripes guarantees a different and catchy look.

black and white nail designs 44

You don’t have that much time and you still need to take care of your nails? No worries, this happens all the time to most of us, busy ladies. Here is a quick recipe for making the most out of any situation. Apply base coat, one or two layers of black nail polish (depending on its thickness) and finish with a layer of top nail polish. After all, black is the new black, ya know.

black and white nail designs 45

Another oval shape with prevailing black and a discreet touch of white in the base. This design is particularly suitable for evening occasions such as cocktails, dinners or a romantic night out with the cute guy you’ve been trying to impress so hard . Our two cents about it? This is the perfect nail design complementing a little black dress.

black and white nail designs 46

Looking for a design out of the box? What about French manicure with a geometrical black tip? The pair of B&W cats in love on the ring fingers adds a romantic feeling to the sexy appeal provoked by the Frenchie. Simply put – tonight you are ready to sweetly seduce any guy you’d point your finger at.

black and white nail designs 48

You could quickly turn your b & w nail design into a true masterpiece radiating fun and indisputable good mood by bringing in a little bit more colors. You could choose between two general approaches – either apply colorful nail polish stripes or use plain nail stickers (even easier, huh?).


Adding some gloss will make your nail design even more intriguing. Choose the gloss color in compliance with your outfit. Make sure that you’ve put the right amount of gloss – too much would be just too much, while less would imply a nail design misfortune.

black and white nail designs 203

Long square-shaped nails and B&W design is undoubtedly a great combination. Additional silver glitter guarantees an extravagant and stylish look when applied together with black polish. However, you need to keep in mind this combination is not meant for everyday use, but rather for a really special occasion.

black and white nail designs 212

Remember that black and white nails do not mandate equal proportions of the colors. In some cases black prevails, but here is a nice example of the opposite. Apply white glitter on all nails except for one and use a striped nail sticker or a little bit of nail drawing art and your are done. Very well indeed!

black and white nail designs 467

A brave mixture of eclectic drawings in black and white and a gold glitter accent just to make it even more party ready. This particular design is meant for non-formal occasions, but if you are adventurous enough, you may “borrow” it for your best friend’s wedding ceremony.

black and white nail designs

And now, that’s a pretty unique design based on… Oh, yeah, chevron shapes. Who could imagine it? It’s stylish and provocative. You’d easily use it both in the office and in the club. No doubt, everyone would dream about being scratched a bit.


Let’s get crazy, girls! This water marble performance is simply stunning. Water marbles swirling up in vivid colors – this is always a 100% impression-maker. However, the clean design leaves us breathless. Don’t waste your time wondering – go and get it!

black and white nail art

Check this out – a black matte idea which is simply stunning! Apparently it’s an elegant addition to short square manicure. And do you know what else is rather cool? Glittering matte polishes dry much faster. Yeah, at least in most cases you don’t need to apply top coat. An easy way to get to great results in no time… Now that’s what a busy lady should know about.

black and white nail designs 1

Nail gems + square shapes + purple + black + white + floral motives =  WOW! You could describe this rather innovative design in great many ways, but we like this one. Adding gems and rhinestones is just a piece of cake – after applying clear base coat, nail polish in a color complementing the stones and some top coat, you’d use a toothpick to put the gems where they need to be.

black and white nail designs 2

Black matte polish and some, well, dots. This authentic nail design makes us all wish to connect the dots. Apply and wear in highly creative situations, such as brainstorming sessions. Will do good in the club as well. Do not forget to apply top coat and the dots will spread around inspiration longer.

black and white nail designs 3

Moon and half moon designs could be seen here and there. Whether you’d be a big shot at Cosmopolitan (true story) or a descendant of a Werewolf, getting the moon is quite easy, when full, so to say. It’s all moon stickers.

black and white nail designs 4

Now, this one requires a little bit of nail art skills and precision and, well, patience on your side. Clearly it would be a bit difficult to get the colorless contours done right all by yourself. The good news is that once on your nails, this idea will attract and provoke people. That’s precisely what you are after, isn’t it?

black and white nail designs 5

Love is all around and it may have strong impact on your next favorite nail design. BW colors are dominant, but this only strengthens the emphasis on red. Add some gems and some simple nail art and BAM! – you are game! This sort of designs could not be done on your own and requires the presence of a decent artist around + some time investment. If you, by any chance, get up at 6:30 AM every morning and hurry up for work like hell, you’ll easily get our point. Maybe on Sunday?!

black and white nail designs 6

As it often turns out, some of the most attractive and enchanting nail designs are very simple in nature. As for this one in particular, the opinions of our crew have never been more aligned – it’s absolutely hypnotizing. Shouldn’t be such a big deal to get it, though.

black and white nail designs 7

There are days and days. Sometimes you get up in the morning and you want everything to be different… On such occasions you need to start quickly with changing stuff or you simply lose the momentum. Nails might be a great option for you to kick it all off. Remember, the only thing which should stay the same is the shape of all of your nails. From there on you could pick 10 of the recipes above and apply them to, well, each one of your fingers.

black and white nail designs 8

If you are not so adventurous but you’d still love different designs for each and every finger, you may try this hot idea. Although it’s all about black & white, the diversity of symbols is still high.

black and white nail designs 9

Classy design which screams “chevron nail art and square manicure totally rock”! The contrast is striking. A little bit of black makes such a great difference. You’d get this one in blink of an eye, but you’d wear it proudly for at least a week!

black and white nail designs 10

Those of you, ladies, who took that photographic course some years ago, do you remember what they taught you about “negative”? Well, it is the same here… The nail art of your right hand has its mirror reflection in the opposite color of your left hand’s manicure. Seriously, we give this B&W design 10 out of 10!

black and white nail designs 11

Here we have a similar idea, but this time black is totally dominant. Stiletto or almond-shaped manicure is what you are looking for. You need the wild look saying “I’ll tear you down tonight… Or at least your back”!

black and white nail designs 12

What about some pill-like designs? For a proper pill effect you’d really should go for square or squarely-oval manicure shapes and a little bit longer nails. Additions such as gems, rhinestones or massive decorations – as in this particular case – may complement this idea and bring it to the next level.

black and white nail designs 13

Vivid imagination is what makes us different from any other species on this planet. In fact, our imagination is the only boundary we really need to cross in order to get to a unique and highly creative nail designs. A thing to note would be the tribal motives mixed up with simple geometry shapes. The black background strongly outlines the relevance of the white symbols, making it clear that this is all about establishing a connection with the Universe. Stylish, mysterious and not so hard to get… Totally cool!

black and white nail designs 14

What a claw?! Or is this a rabbit mouth – with a couple of white teeth? Whatever it is, it says something. Black is black, but white couldn’t be only white – see, it wouldn’t make half the impression if it was not for the delicate black decorations and the gem.

black and white nail designs 15

Crackle nail designs are getting back, girls! Here is a nice interpretation which is both elegant and provocative. Now you could go everywhere with nails like this, but you should know a couple of things about it. First, every male will stare at them. Second, every female will be jealous.

black and white nail designs 16

And some more… Crackle nail designs are usually invented in a way that they would use two highly contrasting colors. Of course, this is what makes the cracks so cool and expressive. Now, the current design is just a proof that each rule has a remarkable exception. Black matte crackle polish? This is all incredibly hot.

black and white nail designs 17

Heading to Las Vegas to spend a night or two in the casino? Remember that luck mostly dawns the ones putting quite some efforts in preparation. If you are after gaining some real money there, the least you could do in advance would be to implement such a great idea. If you are really in a hurry and under great pressure, you could fall back to stickies, but then Fortuna may not be that generous. Play safe and go to an experienced nail artist with strongly positive aura.

black and white nail designs 18

A glamorous and stylish nail art which leaves most of the nail painted with colorless polish, this would be what we all need from time to time. Note that this sort of nail designs is a bit more demanding. You’d really need your grandma’s jewelry and a nice suit in order to make it all right.

black and white nail designs 19

In case you’d like to make it pretty clear how different you are from everyone else – in the most positive way people from other dimensions could be – this noticeable design will do great for you. It goes perfectly well with both short and long nails. If you work a bit on a square-rounded manicure, you will not get disappointed.

black and white nail designs 20

Up till now we’ve had reviewed some great black matte nail designs, so no one saw this one coming. French manicure in black – so hot and classy… Even if you do not practice witchcraft or weird occult rituals, this sort of nail design will always be helpful when you need to demonstrate your dark side.

black and white nail designs 21

Floral motives on plain short, rounded nails painted in black. Charming and sensual design, even if black is not generally perceived as the most romantic color. Metal girls in love – this one is specially for you!

black and white nail designs 23

The perfect symmetry, the slight emphasis on yellow and the glittering polish define this design pretty much as interesting. The artistic touch using crossed stripes is what makes it truly intriguing, though. You may find that it brings a little bit of too much free spirit in the office. This could be also good and bad. You’ll never know until you try it out.

black and white nail designs 24

Dog lovers will definitely admire this one. In fact, you may change the gray background with almost any other color. The black paws and the white bone will fit perfectly well every reasonable match. On a side note, the small doggy paws are really cute, aren’t they?

black and white nail designs 25

If you really feel like showing everyone that you are a bad and naughty girl by picking up an incredibly hot and simple nail design, stop by. Long, white-painted nails and square manicure is not something new. The dots in the base of the nails somehow accumulate passion and emit lust.

black and white nail designs 26

Having an artistic soul would not be enough to achieve this fine tracery, some practical skills are required as well. Unlike other designs we shared with you, this one is harder than you’d expect, but very fancy indeed. The devil is in the details, they say…

black and white nail designs 27

Another almond-shaped manicure suggestion which is worth considering. 4:1 in favor of the black color which looks even heavier when accompanied by the middle finger in white.

black and white nail designs 28

Border nails with some extra horizontal and vertical lines, how cool is that?! Apply the base color (black), use a toothpick or a thin brush to draw some small dots near the nail edge, join the dots and fill the space between them and the cuticle with white nail polish. Add three or four shorter or longer white lines on each finger.

black and white nail designs 29

If you have had enough of nail arts with the ubiquitous heart, choose a record of the heart’s activity instead, a cardiogram. Pretty catchy, we should admit!

black and white nail designs 30

Some freestyle nail art combining B&W with gold glitter, superb for both short and long nails. Easy enough to try at home, but very noteworthy once done well.

black and white nail designs 31

If you have short nails and no time left to go to the beauty salon, here’s the savior of the day: apply some base coat and use a toothpick to draw various geometric shapes in B&W (don’t forget to leave some of them unfinished). Two main advantages here: very short drying period + uniqueness guaranteed.

black and white nail designs 32

These stylized eyelashes do not need mascara or any additional care. Well, if you think it is weird to draw eyelashes on your nails, you probably haven’t heard of “creepy eyeball nail art”. Seriously, google it – there are people who actually do stick false eyelashes with nail glue to their manicure…

black and white nail designs 33

We totally love this panda nail art, so playful and daedal in the same time! The trick here is to place the cat-foot on only one finger (here it is the thumb) and leave the other finger space for some additional decoration. Important for this design is that each of the other 4 pairs shares a similar visual motif, but still looks different.


black and white nail designs 35

2+2+1 is one of the most common approaches for nail painting meaning that you need 3 basic patterns/ drawings to apply on 5 fingers. In this case the B&W vertical stripes are accompanied by small black dots on white background and anchor nail art design. There is no rule how to share out the two couples, but you’d better avoid applying the same drawing on two neighboring fingers.

black and white nail designs 36

Look at the figures in black and you will see a bat, change focus to those in white and here is a cat silhouette! Or maybe all you see are some abstract chevron shapes on white background? No matter which part of this drawing your eyes perceive first, we guarantee it has the power to attract soulmates.

black and white nail designs 37

It is the artistic souls that create harmony out of chaos. Speaking in aesthetic terms, the asymmetry has always been fighting against the comforting idea of order and completeness. This design is the perfect proof that the best manicure does not always have to consist of symmetrical drawings.

black and white nail designs 38

Your secret weapon here is nothing but a toothpick you’d need to blunt a little bit. Apply base coat, paint your nail tips in black and add some white polka dots by gently dabbing the toothpick onto your nails. Be prepared that the dots tend to chip off faster, so do not forget the top coat which will guarantee a longer life for this B&W polka dot design.


black and white nail designs 39

The last B&W design we’d like to bring to your attention is a gentle mixture of prevailing black and some touch of white divided by a discreet silver line. By now you have surely gained quite some experience inspired by our incredible collection, so we definitely know you can make the drawing on the ring finger even better.


We hope you enjoyed our incredible journey. Short, mid and long nails; square, rounded, almond, stiletto and what not shaping options; polka dots, water marbles, tribal, matte, glitter, hearts, flowers, eyelashes and pandas… just name your favorite one!

We’ve gone through so many original and creative ideas, but the truth is that we merely scratched the surface.

Use your own imagination and send us a photo of your own unique and hot nail design ideas.:-)



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