When it comes to nails and nail art, pretty much anything can inspire you; you can draw inspiration from nature, from bling, from fabrics and even art. Just take the background of impressionist paintings – they are the stuff that dreams are made of . So light airy and imaginative, you are bound to be inspired by them.


The best part is that it is not that tough to do. You need to master the basic technique of mixing colors well and having a knack for creating dots. It is something that everyone from children to teenagers to adults can do. The best part is that you can use your imagination to come up with great combinations. You can also be inspired to match or even contrast things with your wardrobe. The colors of your footwear, jewelry and other accessories can also be drawn in or made to pop with this kind of art. You can keep mixing and matching with the colors that you like and those that flatter you to creatively make designs of your own. You will soon find that inspiration strikes at the oddest moments and you have many variations to play with.


Here is a list of things that you will need to start off on your watercolor inspired nail art:

A base coat – This is essential to protect the nail and  also provide the right base for you artwork and designs.

A top coat  – For ensuring that your nail art lasts longer and provides a certain sheen and polish to the art work you have done

Deep red or violet based nail polish
Green colored nail polish
Yellow nail paint of different shades
Orange and burnt sienna shaded nail paints

Tools that can be used for making dots. You can even make your own of different sizes using things that you will generally find at home. You can use pencils, pins etc to do this

Getting started:

The first thing you need to do is carefully apply the base coat. Allow ample time to dry and then apply the grey colored nail paint


Once you have done this, you need to work when the orange nail paint is not yet dry. You need to apply on some white nail polish on the nail. While the yellow is still a little wet, you need to get on the black nail paint all across the nail. Take care not to apply too much, as you want to see bits of each color on the nail through the nail. It is also likely that you may get some nail paint outside the nail, do not worry about this, you can always clean it out with a nail paint remover once your art is done

As the nail paints start to dry, pick the tool that you have for making smaller dots and apply a few  deep dots in a pattern resembling a circle to form the petals of a flower. You could end up with more than one floral design on a nail. You need to complete the flower circle by simply putting a black dot in the middle with the tool used for dotting if necessary. Let all the layers and your floral patterns dry well

Then the next thing to do is add a thin layer of protection with the top coat and allow it to dry.  The process of creating water painting like nail art is over. Keep experimenting with different colors and patterns  and you will find that your nails will collect a lot of attention.


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