Coffin nails (also called “ballerina” nails) became popular in the early 90’s and still haven’t lost their exclusive appeal. This special fingernail shape often reminds people of a coffin. However, it doesn’t make it any less attractive. In order to make perfect coffin shape, you would need to grow quite long nails. Ballerina form doesn’t look as impressive on the short nails, however, it can still be done.  We are offering you a fun chance to take a look at a great variety of coffin nails designs that will inspire you to make some experiments.

1. Glossy lilac


If the nails are called “coffin”, it doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be dark. Choose any one of your favorite colors. Glossy lilac is a great way to go about painting your finger nails. Add some crystals to make the design even more impressive.

2. Matte black


Coffin nail shape looks very interesting when you use black colors. However, if you don’t want your fingernails to look too gloomy, use black to make patterns on bright colored nails. Black looks perfect with any color.

3. 3D designs


Crystals can make your nails look very festive especially if you learn how to make interesting designs. They are a great way out when you don’t know how to draw on nails yet but already want to create something extraordinary.

4. Indian club


Make and Indian club out of a couple of your coffin nails and impress the heck out of your friends. This design is created by using triangular rhinestones and arranging them on the tip of the coffin nails.

5. Transparent designs


Ballerina fingernails are a great opportunity to experiment with black colors. Once you get tired from simple black nails, you can go further to creating transparent designs. They look the best on natural nails or on beige varnish.

6. Violet and clear


If you would like to go for violet colors but still want to experiment with black, leave a couple of nails to have clear designs. You can just start with drawing a few random lines or creating a very simple pattern.

7. Triangular tips


Triangular tips look especially impressive on square-tipped coffin nails. So you can never go wrong with such outline for your French manicure. Consider getting a light pink base and simple white tips.

8. Clear middle


We know everything about making triangular tips. But what about creating them in the middle of the nail? Take this option as a sample for your next manicure. A clear triangle looks great in the middle of a white nail.

9. Regal manicure


If you want your hands to look posh and regal, go for a complicated design. Burgundy nails with golden crystals will make your hands look like a real piece of art. Go all out with the design for the middle fingers.

10. Match your jewelry


For those of you who likes to wear flashy jewelry, it is important to remember that the manicure can easily match it. Get crystals and rhinestones to make your nails look like one of your favorite accessories.

11. Renaissance nails


The Renaissance era was full of great pieces of art. So why not make your nails look like one? Consider voluminous 3D designs and bright red rhinestones on red and matte nails. They will definitely make an impression.

12. Creative glitter


If you like glittery coffin nails but don’t want your manicure to stand out too much, you can go for just one glittery nail and one nail with glittery tip. The rest can be painted with calm colors such as white, pink or violet.

13. Burgundy extravaganza


Want your nails to look regal and extravagant? It is easily done if they are long enough. Paint your long coffin fingernails burgundy color and add some large crystals to one or two of them. If you find burgundy rhinestones, your manicure will look even more impressive

14. White and blue


Alternating white a blue colors is always a great idea for nails of any shape. Choose dark blue and shiny white polish and apply it together with some large crystals. Come up with your own unique crystal patterns.

15. Natural nails


In order to make your nails look natural, you will need to do some work. Choose light pink and matte white nail lacquer to apply on the base and tips of your nails. This way your manicure will look natural yet stylish.

16. Black and red mix


Mixing black and red colors is a no-lose option. They will always look great together while giving your manicure a stylish overall appearance. Leave a couple of nails for transparent black design.

17. Go all out


Long coffin nails give you a great turf for experiments. Make each one of your nails as special as you like by giving it your own unique design. Glitter, 3D accessories, drawings – use them all and the result will exceed all expectations.

18. Delicate pink


Delicate pink is always the color of choice for women of all occupations. It can be a great addition to a business suit or a prom dress. In order to diversify your simple pink nails, give one of them a little golden glitter.

19. Pink and caviar


As we already pointed out, pink nails are a win-win choice for any woman. But each woman chooses how to make her pink coffin nails look special. We are suggesting using 3D caviar nail polish on one of the nails.

20. Gleaming lacquer


Dark gleaming lacquer is a great idea for short ballerina nails. They will make a dark impression at first but once you take a closer look, you’ll be amazed by a great variety of colors such varnish offers.

21. Crystal clear


Clear nail polish is no fun on its own. But when mixed with white, it can offer very unusual designs. Start with a simple white net design. Paint your nail with clear polish and draw a white net on top. Then you can go further to more complicated patterns.

22. Dazzling white


Diversify you dazzling white coffin nails with small crystals on the tips. If this advice is too simple for you, go further by making clear and white designs on one of the nails and glamming it up with some rhinestone.

23. Black and silver


This coffin nail design will be favored by girls who are just starting out on their way to nail art. Alternate black and silver colors on your nails and then paint simple black lines on each silver surface.

24. Line design


Making an impressive nail design can be as easy as drawing a few lines. By arranging lines in different groups you can make your nail seem like a real piece of art without much effort. Start from simple straight lines and go on to triangles.

25. Watching eye


If you have made a choice toward one black nail among the red manicure, you can make it special by adding an “eye”. Leave a clear line in the middle of the black nail, outline it with beads and draw a pupil in the middle. You can do without a pupil if you wish.

26. Black gold


If you want black nails but don’t want them to look too dark, the smartest option would be to go for golden designs. Black and gold look very stylish together especially if the designs are 3D. Just make sure not to overdo the gold.

27. Subtle glitter


This manicure will be a great choice for a special occasion. Coffin nails look great in pink and beige colors. Adding some glitter to a couple of nails will give your fingers a festive look and will help them make an impression.

28. Old navy


Old navy style implies alternating white and blue colors. Start with simple blue fingernails and go on to the white and blue mixes. Paint one finger with dazzling white varnish and use a caviar nail polish on another one

29. Triangular fun


Black coffin nails will look amazing with clear triangles in the middle. You can achieve these designs with special nail art tools. If you’ve never done such patterns before, ask a professional to show you the way.

30. Sky blue


Sky blue is a great color for any nail shape including coffin nails. If you manage to find the right shade, your nails will look truly impressive and won’t need any addition design.

31. Black shimmer


Black coffin nails are the classics you can’t doubt. Diversifying them is every girl’s chance to show how great they are at nail art. Get shimmery black nail polish and apply it to a white base. The result will definitely make you happy.

32. Large rhinestones


If your nails are really long, you can use large rhinestones without being afraid of overdoing the design. Large accessories look the best on light colors such as pink or beige.

33. Aquamarine impression


Aquamarine is a wonderful color for any nail type, size or shape. If you are out of ideas, use this color on all of your nails except one. Paint that nail pink and glue some large crystals to make it stand out.

34. Sparkling art


Adding some sparkling varnish will give your simple white coffin nails a lot of glamor. Try not to overdo the sparkles or you will get a blinding effect. Just a couple of nails will be enough.

35. Yellow chicken


Drawing a chicken on one of your nails is easier than you think. A couple of black eyes, a pink beak, a white eggshell and you are done. Paint the rest of your nails yellow with white and pink dots to match your chicken masterpiece.

36. Spring meadow


Fresh spring designs look amazing on your nails regardless the season. You can brighten up your image by using light blue and pink colors and flower art on your coffin nails. Try not to apply too much yellow or the image will be impaired.

37. Cat’s eye


Cat’s eye varnish comes in a myriad of colors but if you manage this amazing mix, you will definitely stand out of the crowd. Ask your professional nail stylist to create this extravaganza on your fingers for a special occasion

38. Match your accessories


Making your manicure match accessories or clothing is always a great idea. Take a look at what colors your attire is comprised of and go on to use them on your nails. If you feel up to it, you can even repeat the pattern.

39. Fireworks


If you are about to conquer the world, you need an appropriate manicure. These fireworks will definitely give your confidence a boost and make you stand out of the crowd.

40. Wedding nails


When you are about to say “I do”, you must look your best. That’s why there are many wedding nail designs to choose from. Usually, they start with a pink base and go on to silver glitter and crystal stickers.

41. Coral garden


Make a beautiful garden on your fingers by using large 3D flowers. You can alternate coral-painted nails with clear varnish and accessories. Add some glitter to make your manicure look even more fantastic.

42. Glossy nature


If you are into natural-looking nails, you can experiment with such glossy colors as light pink and beige. Adding some golden or silver lines and crystals will brighten up your manicure just a little.

43. Matte green


Girls who dare to sport green coffin nails do a great job making a statement. Allow yourself to shine with matte green nail polish. The longer your fingernails are, the more impressive this color will appear.

44. Lipstick red


Matching your nails to your lipstick is a win-win choice. Red and glittery makeup will make you look amazing no matter which occasion you are doing it for. Consider making bright red nails and glittery tips.

45. The greener the better


Another green manicure that will surely make an impression is glossy green nail polish alternating with marble designs. Such nails look more tight-laced than simple green ones and can even be worn to the office.

46. Long and pink


Sometimes you just don’t feel like going all out with your manicure but your nails are long and require something special. You can go easy on yourself by choosing a simple and delicate pink color.

47. Canonic black



Black coffin nails are a classic every girl who chose this shape must try. But if you are not into dull and dark colors, you can diversify the blackness with some glitter. Watch how fast the image will change and you will love it.

48. Jewel nails


Diamonds are a girl’s best friends and so are other jewels. Make your nails look like they just came out of your jewelry box. Glittery gold varnish mixed with peach-colored polish will make you feel on top of your game.

49. Double line


Using double lines as nail art has already become a classic. So why not use what people have been testing for years? Any nail polish will look more impressive if you add a couple of golden lines to the tip.

50. Mismatch


Mismatching nails have been popular for a while. You can make a completely different design on all of your nails. While it might seem that clear polish will look pale compared to the glittery white, adding some white triangles to the clear nails can save the day.

51. Snowhite


Become a princess for a few days by making your nails ivory white with some glitter. This truly regal manicure will make you feel special for as long as it lasts.

52. Chile flag


Flag nails are always popular and patriotic. Use the colors of your favorite flag to create your unique coffin nail design. The stars, stripes, and triangles will look great on your fingers.

53. Leafs and stripes


When you are just starting out on your way to perfect nail design, consider the simplest drawings. One of them is stripes, the other one is leafs. These two components will be more than enough to create a great manicure.

54. Complicated color mixes


If you are not afraid of a big color variety, you can use more that 4 or 5 colors on your nails. The best way to go about it will be to simply paint each nail a different color and then use a color mix on just one or two nails.

55. Pretty bows


Pretty black bows are a wonderful way to diversify your French manicure. They are not hard to draw and make an amazing impression.

56. Darker shades


Bold women are not afraid to experiment with darker colors. Brown shades are often hard to make impressive. But everything is possible with good nail art.

57. Pattern mix


Stripes, flowers, polka dot, rhinestones – all these nail designs look great separately. So why not try mixing them together? You will love the result!

58. Blinding manicure


If you want your nails to sparkle and have a blinding effect, use special glittery nail polish and large rhinestones all over them. The impression will be unbelievable.

59. Girlish sweetness


There are colors and designs that will make your image girlish and airy-fairy. Violet nails and white flowers are perfect for this image.

60. Gray courage


Having gray nails is a rather bold move. However, even gray nail polish can look amazing with special nail art such as crystals, glitter or rhinestones.

61. White and simple


If you have short coffin nails, consider a simple white manicure. It looks great with any attire and adds some delicate brightness to your image. Experiment with matte and glossy nail polishes.

62. Violet shades


Violet shades are a perfect idea for a solid manicure which will look appropriate for absolutely any occasion. If you want to diversify them a little, add some crystals to the nails with a lighter lacquer.

63. The real deal


If you want to upkeep the coffin nail image, you can create corpse nails. All you will need is dark ivory nail polish without any designs. You might want to mix in some blue to get an even better coffin impression.

64. A tea set


Tea set nail design is always a good choice for a special occasion. Such nails look delicate yet impressive. You can add some crystals to brighten up the look but then it might lose its lightness and delicacy.

65. Black French


Black French manicure looks especially impressive on dark skin. Make the base glossy black, the tips clear and outline them with a white line. Such coffin nails will make you look truly stunning.

67. Cleopatra nails


Want to be the queen of Egypt? Go for the mix of black and gold. You can make most of your nails black and then go all out with the design of just one. Use a clear base, black lines, and golden crystals.

68. Disco nails


The more shine you add, the more “disco” your nails will look. Start with a pink base and go on to glittery silver polish and golden lines. Add larger crystals and your nails will shine just like the disco ball.

69. Party manicure


If you want to be the queen of the party, add some glitter to your nails but don’t overdo it. Consider a simple pink base and golden tips. This manicure will look especially good on very long coffin nails.

Coffin nail shape is perfect for many different designs. All you need to do is make sure it suits the occasion. We hope this great variety of choices inspired you to master complicated nail art. If not, a nail stylist can always do the job for you.


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