Having well manicured nails is always in, and what better way to achieve that than having some kind of fun and cute design? The right design can really make a difference to your overall appearance, plus it is a good confidence booster when you feel all done up.

Usually, the first thing you think about when you decide to go ahead and do your nails or get them done, is what color you’ll be using. Depending on what kind of look you are going for, you will either choose something that can go with almost everything, or something that you just like in general. If you’re leaning towards the second option, then this article is for you. If you’ve decided on using the color purple, then you are definitely in the right place.

Purple Nail Designs 1 Cool-Nail-Polish-Designs-With-Purple-Glitter nail-art-designs-gallery-sweet-purple-713467.jpg Nail-Designs-Tumblr-With-Basic-Color-Purple nails-art-mania-violet-purple-nail-75841 Purple Nail Design idea Purple Nail Design ideas

Emotions of Purple

We have all heard that different colors have different meanings. They have been proven to evoke certain feelings, or show off what feelings/qualities the user may have. If purple isn’t your favorite color, (it is mine!) then have a look at what purple means, and perhaps you will decide that it is actually the color for you.

Purple is said to symbolize royalty, magic, creativity, dignity, and mystery. As a personality, it represents sensitivity, compassion, and understanding. It shows a free spirit and a highly ambitious person. Pretty cool, huh? One color says a lot! If any of these traits remind you of yourself, or if you would like them to, then you’ve just found your color to paint your nails with.

Getting Started

It is probably safe to say that at some point in a girl’s life, they have painted nails. So, you generally know what’s involved in the process. However, when doing a design, things can get a little more complicated. Depending on the exact design you chose, and whether it’s relatively simple or really complex, will affect the different tools you’ll need to get started. These could be anything from nail art pens to q-tips and toothpicks. You can get creative with the tools that you use by using household items to create new shapes, lines, spots, etc.

The important thing to remember is to have clean, filed, and generally well-kept nails before you start with nail polish. Also, don’t forget to have a clear topcoat handy to make the design last as long as possible!

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The Designs: Some Must-Try Ideas

  • Purple French tips are a unique twist on a classic. Add a silver line underneath for even more spice. If you do decide on purple tips, there is then the option of adding some well-placed lines, either white, black, or various colors combined steaming from the corner to make your nail design more complex.
  • Having black French tips with purple on the rest of the nail is an interesting combination that can look really look.
  • Animal print in purple says everything that animal print does, plus what purple does: fierce, sexy, and mysterious!
  • Simple lines always do wonders. Using two different shades purple and creating some crisscrossed lines makes a simple yet stand out design.
  • Adding glitter to the right places can make a huge difference! Use it on the whole nail, just the tips, or to outline or reinforce your chosen design.
  • Purple based flowers are beautiful and can be as simple or intricate as you are able to do them.
  • Strips or poke-a-dots are simple classics that everyone can do. Take strips to the next level by making them wavy and different variations of purple.
  • Try to use colors that will compliment the purple you are using. These could be black or white, silver, blues, pinks, etc.
  • Checkered nails are fun. If you can paint straight lines then you’re in! Section each nail into four squares and paint the diagonals the same colors. Try using a dark shade of purple for one diagonal, and a lighter shade for the other.
  • On each nail, paint a different design, but keep it simple. It’ll add lots of variety, but all still go together.
  • Adding rhinestones can make you nails stand out and look more elegant. Use them to line the side of each nail, or just your ring fingers. Another option is to use a rhinestone as the center of a flower that you had painted on.
  • Place any type of print you can think of that you think would look good on your nails. This could be butterflies, hearts, Hello Kitty, etc.
  • Try the matte version of purple. It gives an edgy and down to earth look.
  • Bows are always a cute addition to any nail color, especially purple!
  • Divide your nails in half, but diagonally. Paint one side purple and the other black. It’ll give you a polished and distinctive way of expressing yourself.

What Length?

Using purple will look good on any nail length, so it’s really up to what is best for your lifestyle. It can be said that having longer nail means being less active, but that isn’t always the case. It’s really just what feels comfortable to you. Both long and short have their advantages. Generally, if you go with longer nails, it’s easier if you have them as fake nails, whether it be acrylic, silk wrap, etc. This means that you’ll have to go to a nail specialist at your local salon. Having shorter nails are slightly easier to maintain in most people’s opinions, plus they look more natural. There are ways to make your design last longer while having shorter nails, such as a shellac nail home kit.

Purple Nail Designs 10 Purple Nail Designs 12 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Purple-Flower-Easy-Nail-Polish-Designs purple-glitter-and-maniq-rock-star-toes-nail-art-gallery-63584 purple-nail-designs-for-weddings purple-nails-art-designs-for-cute-girls url url

The pictures here should definitely give you some inspiration, or perhaps you’ll want to use them as is. Either way, your nails will be looking great in no time, and using the color purple is a great choice because of the feelings that is displays as mentioned in the beginning of this article. Enjoy!


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