Having fun with designs is an imperative part of nail art. Consider something trendy for your next art project such as minion nails and bring it to life! We have chosen Minions to make your nails really stand out of the crowd. Fun nails are always a great way to turn some heads your way, make new friends and just enjoy creative nail art. So if making a statement is something you love doing, these 45 nail designs are for you. They vary from simple to very complicated. All depends on how much time and money you are ready to spend on your new and boisterous style. In any case, you will definitely find what you are looking for. Good luck!

1. Simple start


If drawing a minion seems complicated at first, we recommend going with this simple option. White, blue and yellow are the minion colors, so you can use them to paint most of your nails. Then use just one Minion sticker and voila!

2. Color combination


Doing minion color combination is much easier than drawing actual minions on your fingers. Make some nails blue, some yellow and focus on creating a solid minion on just one nail. It will be enough for a cool look.

3. Eye stickers


What’s the most important part of the minion? Who knows. But the largest one is the eye. By getting eye-stickers you’ll do two-thirds of the minion-drawing job. The rest is just simple blue and black lines on white and yellow base.

4. Pink minions


Who said Minions have to be yellow and blue? Girlish pink minion nails have just as many existence rights. Pink little guys are even easier to create. You can add some fun white hearts to the tips of your nails.


5. Wild Minions


If you are doubting your drawing skills, consider going for wild minions. Use any color for the base and then work with white and black to create the outline of the minions. Going for crazy and wild faces will help cover up any drawing mistakes you might make.

6. French minions


Minion nails will look great if you make them French. Consider making the base yellow and the tips blue. Draw the faces closer to the base of your nails, so when you show your art to someone, the minions won’t look upside down.

7. Minion faces

42310716-Minion-nails 38310716-Minion-nails

When drawing a minion on your nail, you don’t have to go for the whole body. Opt for just the faces to make your job less complicated. You will need only two or three colors to do the job and it will take less time.

8. Blue nails


Minion nails are a great excuse to finally make a blue manicure. Paint your nails the blue shade you always wanted and draw a minion on just one of them. The overall combination will look perfect even with a sticker.

9. Combination stickers


If you want your minion nails to look especially fabulous, go for combination stickers. One sticker can be a continuation of the other, so when you hold all your fingers together, you see the full picture. The base for such stickers should be any color besides blue and yellow.

10. DIY minions


If you are just learning how to draw on your nails, consider this simple minion drawing. You can see that most lines are easy to make separately. Start with the base and go upwards. You can always start over if you make a mistake.

11. Girlish nails with a minion


Minion nails don’t necessarily mean blue-yellow-white mix all over your nails. You can have your favorite pink girlish nails and add just one small minion sticker. The effect such manicure makes can be even bigger than full-time minion nails.

12. Lines and stripes


There is nothing too complicated about drawing a minion. There are many “lazy” options such as this one. A couple of eyes and two black lines are all it takes to create a fun minion guy. You can add different art to the rest of the nails.

12. Square minions


Nails with minions on them look especially well because of their shape. Never thought that minions will remind you of nails? Thankfully, even a square nail shape will look good with a minion as long as the face is closer to the base.

13. Polka dot nails


Dots look as very creative minion neighbors. It will be enough to paint just one or two minions on any of the 5 nails and then make the rest yellow with random blue dots on them.

13. Light colors


Usually, people tend to use very rich colors when doing their minion nails. It is absolutely unnecessary, especially if you are not a fan of bright attire. Consider using light blue and yellow shades for your next minion French.

14. Anime minions


When you are drawing minions, you can let your imagination run really wild. They don’t have to look exactly as they did on the screen. Consider making them absolutely different just as long as the eyes and the blue pants are there.

15. Other characters


Want your minion nails to make a great impression? Consider drawing an extra character on your nails. It will look really interesting and surely unexpected among blue and yellow little guys.

16. Minion tips


This variation of French minion manicure is a great idea for girls who don’t want their nails to be too bright. Make just the tips blue and yellow and opt for one simple minion sticker or drawing.

17. Baby minions


If you have very short nails, there is no reason to overlook the minion nail art. You might have a harder time drawing smaller faces and bodies but in the end, you will get very cute baby minions sitting on your nails.

18. Simple and yellow


Since yellow is one of the main minion colors, you can use a simple yellow base for most of your nails. Then you can go all out with the couple of them that have drawings. Consider making glittery blue tips.

19. Make them different


If you’ve gotten good at drawing minions, go on to creating other characters from the movie. Allow each finger to house a new character and you will have the coolest minion nails on the block.

20. The simpler the better


Drawing a perfect minion might seem like a real hassle when you are not a nail art guru. So consider making your nails as simple as possible while keeping minions in mind. The above photo is a good example.

21. Glossy fun


Your minions will look especially real if you use glossy nail polish. It will seem as of the little guys hide behind a mirror which will give the nails an animated look.

22. Do some writing


Minion nails are a fun way to go about nail design so why not go all out. Instead of drawing a bunch of minions on your nails, you can go for one simple one and add some writing. You can even make one letter of the movie title on each nail.

23. Yellow, blue, and….pink?


While yellow, blue, and pink might not be considered a good color mix in usual circumstances, minions make it look natural. Consider making a pink nail base and yellow-blue tips. One minion drawing will be enough.

24. Thumb minions


Thumb nails are the largest and give you a lot of room to practice your minion-drawing skills. Even if they are short, they are a perfect place to do your art. The rest of the nails can be painted yellow or blue or any mix of the minion colors.

25. 3D minions


3D minion stickers will look especially voluminous on white nails. Use glossy white nail polish to allow the little guys on your nails to look as real as possible.

26. Minion pedicure


There is no reason to limit yourself to drawing fun minion on your hands. A minion pedicure will look just as fun and interesting as the manicure.

27. Subtle evil guys


If you want to save time and money on your minion nails, consider making all your nails the same color and creating two small minions on the ring fingers.

28. Draw them all


If you really like minions and have time for nail art, why not draw a new one on each nail? You can give a special tribute to all minion characters on your hands and then proceed to your feet.

29. Glossy dots


Glossy nail polish is a great choice for minion nails. You can go for the second polka dot option by making the base blue and the dots yellow while drawing just one minion on the middle finger.

30. No limits


There are no limitations to what color to paint your minion nails. You can go for your favorite glittery burgundy or matte red shades on most of your nails and add just one little minion on a finger of your choice.

31. Minion mockery


Let your imagination run wild with your minion nails. Create different characters that resemble minions but, actually, come from other movies. Ask your nail stylist to wield her magic and get the best minion manicure out there.

32. Sky blue fun


If you have decided to get fun nails then take this opportunity to use the wildest colors you were afraid to sport before. Sky blue nails look special and are good for many occasions. Add them some zest by drawing a minion on one of them.

33. Unusual minion pedicure


Getting a minion pedicure is always a great idea. The tough part is coming up with the design for the smaller nails. Take this idea as an example. Polka dot is always impressive and looks great with unusual nail art.

34. Tiny tip minions


Consider many different type soft stickers before choosing the right ones for your nails. If the nails are not too long, go for smaller stickers. Tiny minions are also great if you don’t want your hands to stand out too much.

35. Perfect minions


Once you get good at drawing minions, you can go for the perfect nail art. Choose two nails you will do your magic on and try to draw the minions as close to the original as possible.

36. Easy yellow minions


If you are not a minion nail guru, look for easy ways out. Make most of your nails yellow or blue with dots and add just a couple of minions to make them stand out. Go for simple drawings with the least possible details.

37. Glittery minions


If you are into glittery nail polish, there is no reason it should stop you from making amazing minion nails. Follow the simple rules of minion-drawing and you will be able to create amazing glittery minions in no time.

38. Cool bubbles


If dots seem too simple for you, consider making 3D bubbles on your nails. Make the base white and use the minion colors for the drawing. Creating one simple minion on one of the nails will be enough to keep up the image.

39. Alternate them


Alternating nail polishes is still trendy so why not use this trick when you are drawing minions. Alternate yellow and blue nails and leave one yellow one with a blue tip to draw a minion on.

40. Sad and happy minions


A great idea for your minion nails would be different minion facial expressions. Make them happy, sad, outraged and ecstatic. Use purple nail polish instead of blue to make your minions as unique as they can be.

41. Minion comics


Imagine what popular comic book heroes would look like if they were minions. Create Superman, Batman, Spiderman and Ironman on your nails. It’s easier than you think.

42. Go bananas


One can’t image a minion without bananas, so don’t forget to draw some on your nails when you are going for the minion-related theme.

Minion nails are an amazing choice of nail art for girls all over the planet. They will add a lot of fun to any image, so don’t hesitate to try them! Even the simplest designs look fantastic and unusual.


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