Burgundy nails have been in style for centuries. While the red color might sometimes seem a bit overused, burgundy still looks fresh and very attractive. Burgundy shade is perfect for women who prefer office style and will be suitable for any special occasion, even a wedding. Nail art on burgundy nails can look either catchy and glamorous or strict and classical. Depending on the occasion, you can choose the one which is right for you. Getting a new nail color as well as design will always lift your mood and make you feel special.

We are offering you 50 options to consider and get inspiration from. Remember, you can’t go wrong with burgundy nail design since the color itself is classical.

1. Short and simple


If you need to have nails that suit absolutely any occasion, try to avoid any nail art. Simple short burgundy nails will look perfect whatever activity you are planning. This color is suitable for both short and long nails and looks very neat regardless the shape.

2. Closer to red


Those of you who are fans of the red color and just can’t imagine yourself with something different can try various shades of burgundy. This particular one is the middle ground between the two. It can help get you out of your comfort zone.

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3. Spider webs


Silver spider webs are a good design that suits most of the dark colors and burgundy is not an exception. Make sure the sticker or drawing doesn’t cover more than a quarter of the nail, otherwise it might look a bit provoking.

4. The classics


Classical burgundy nails look just as you see on the photo. There are myriad advantages of  going for the classics, however, there is not much room for imagination. In any case, classical nails are a good place to start.

5. Unexpected charm


Using art on just one nail is nothing new but there is a good reason it is so popular. A well-chosen one nail design gives your manicure the charm the classics might lack.

6. Dazzling fun


One of the most important points about doing nail art is having fun with it. Add some sparkling magic to just a couple of nails and your hands will shine in an absolutely new light.

7. Bright base French


This type of nail art is perfect for stylish women who are always ready for a party. Golden looks wonderful with burgundy and the crystals add even more glamor.

8. Tiger stripes


This is one of the popular ways to diversify a simple nail color. These black tiger stripes will breathe a new life into your burgundy nails and will allow you to make a stand.

9. Bright and neat


While the crystals might not always seem like a good design idea, several of them can look absolutely perfect with burgundy. Line them up on one side of each nail or just choose a couple of nails for design.

10. Go Scandinavian


The easiest flag to portray comes from Scandinavian countries. The white cross will stand out while the black one will balance it out.

11. Wild imagination


Let your imagination run wild with golden stripes. Making one or two reversed nails is considered very stylish. You can create unique patterns on each of your nails or allow a couple to repeat.

12. Persian rug


Add some eastern mystery to your nails by making a Persian rug design on a couple of them. Burgundy and golden are the perfect colors to create these catchy patterns.

13. Matte elegance


Long burgundy matte nails look especially stunning on their own and need absolutely no designs. Compliment them by adding some golden jewelry and the result will definitely satisfy you.

14. Cute reversed French


If you like cute and non-flashy styles, this option is for you. The reversed French nails look perfect with Burgundy color. Consider pairing it up with white or beige.

15. Glossy-matte mix


Make your glossy burgundy nails look truly unique by adding a matte finish to a couple of them. You can either go for some design or leave it as it is. In any case, it will look attractive.

16. Burgundy stilettos


The shape of your nail is also very important for the perfect and stylish look. Burgundy stilettos look especially attractive if you control the length. The longer they are, the more extravagant they look.

17. The longer the better


These nails with square oval shape will look perfect when long. The shape is attractive on its own and doesn’t need any extra designs. Dark burgundy color will be enough for such nails.

18. Glittering glamour


If you are not a fan of glittering glamor but would like to try it at least once, go for making just a couple of your burgundy nails shine. You won’t regret it.

19. Silver shimmer


Silver looks just as good with burgundy as golden does. That’s why using it can never be a mistake, especially if you use shimmery nail polish.

20. Christmas nails


Make your nails look festive with a shimmery polish of different colors. Apply it to one or two nails and leave the rest burgundy. This mix is appropriate for everyday wear as well as special occasions.

21. Glossy with gold glitter


Glossy burgundy nails are a great choice if you want your nails to look bigger. Apply some golden glitter on one of your nails and see how the overall image changes. Be careful not to overdo the glitter.

22. Burgundy, short, and French


French manicure will never go out of style. So why not make it out of the two colors that go so amazingly well together? Make burgundy base and thin golden tips to make your nails look fabulous.

23. Subtle transition


Painting each nail with a new shade is a great idea for any color. Make one or two nails burgundy, paint one red and opt for a couple of beige nails with black and golden design. Just make sure that the colors match.

24. Extravagant stilettos


Long stiletto nails are often extravagant on their own but if you want to add some more chic, go for 3-D design on a couple of them. Remember, such nails require careful wearing.

25. Shiny, square, and burgundy


Glossy manicure looks very impressive no matter what shape you choose but it appears especially shiny when your nails are long and square-shaped. Opt for this burgundy nail option if your nails are long enough.

26. Burgundy – beige mix


While burgundy looks perfect with golden, this mix might seem too high-profile for the everyday look. Consider switching golden to beige and you will get a completely different impression.

27. Taste of merlot


Burgundy comes in many different shades. If you want your nails to make deep, rich and a bit of a head-spinning impression, consider painting them with this merlot shade.

28. White Ferris wheel attraction


There are many different designs available for burgundy nails but this one is truly unique. It might be a bit hard to achieve but a Ferris wheel on your nails will surely turn some heads.

29. French grid


Making a black grid on French and burgundy manicure will make your nails look special. A crystal on the tip will add it a bit more zest. Consider wearing net stockings to amplify the impression.

30. Half and half


Splitting a couple of nails in half by using burgundy and beige color will give your manicure that special look you always wanted. Add some crystals or 3D design on just a couple of nails and you will love the result.

31. Matte middle


This style will allow you to have nail design without actually adding some new colors to your burgundy nails. Make one-third of each glossy nail matte and your nails will seem longer.

32. Hearts and crystals


If you are looking for a romantic manicure, there is nothing better the burgundy nails with golden hearts and vice versa. Opt for both options by making each nail unique. Add some crystals to top it off.

33. Flowery and impressive


Burgundy nails look especially impressive with the right design. Flowers are a great way to diversify a matte finish. Burgundy roses on a white nail will appear just perfect.

34. Creative stilettos


Stiletto nails will look amazing on their own but may need some creativity from your side. Different black and golden patterns, as well as large 3D nail stickers, can help you make a real masterpiece.

35. Berry nails


This shade of burgundy is especially favored by business women. It is not too bright to look catchy and not too dull to be unnoticeable. This shade is a good place to start when you are trying burgundy nails for the first time.

36. Matte sangria


Want your nails to remind people of aged fine wine, go for the burgundy shade called matte sangria. It looks the best on long nails but can be tried on short ones as well, as long as the coating is perfect.

37. Golden crystals


There is another great way to use the burgundy-golden mix on nails. Outline your manicure with small golden crystals. The design is up to you. You can consider laying out French tips with crystals or using them to divide the nails into sections.

38. White flowers


Matte burgundy nails look perfect with bright white colors. You can consider adding white flowers to all of your nails or just a couple. They can either be small and subtle or large and extravagant.

39. Subtle shimmer


Using nail polish which will give your burgundy nails a subtle shimmer is a great idea for all types of occasions. As long as your nails are not too flashy, you can easily wear them to the office or on a date.

40. Mahogany shine


Dark burgundy colors are perfect for girls who like black nails but consider them too dull. This mahogany shade will give you a chance to be closer to the classics while satisfying your passion for dark colors.

41. Square cherry

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If your nails are short, this shape and color is a perfect way to get the most impressive burgundy manicure. This color looks especially well on women with light skin tones since it allows the burgundy to appear richer.

42. Extra-long matte craze


If you are in love with extra-long nails, consider burgundy matte shade to make them look especially impressive. One small trick: once your own nail bed starts showing beyond the gel or acrylic nail, it will look like a nice reversed French manicure only if you have burgundy nails.

43. Dark burgundy oval


Oval nails look perfect when painted burgundy, especially if you add some crystals. The darker the burgundy shade is, the more impressive shiny crystals will look.

44. Shiny jam nails



This shade of burgundy is called jam and will look good on any nail size or shape.

45. Fun and square


The more gloss you add to your burgundy nails, the richer the color will look. If your goal is to make an impression with your nails, choose the glossiest nail polish.

46. Dark burgundy


Dark burgundy nails are perfect for special occasions such as parties, weddings, anniversaries and evening dates. They might not be such a good idea for everyday wear.

47. Burgundy shades


If you appreciate different burgundy shades, you can switch between them for each new nail. Play around with two or more different ones.

48. Very long burgundy manicure


Very long burgundy manicure appears especially attractive when you choose the right shade. Consider darker shades for olive skin types and lighter colors for really white skin.

49. Hot burgundy stilettos


Consider creating these hot burgundy stilettos in the cold season. They look perfect with fur coats.

50. Keep it simple


The big advantage of burgundy nails is that they look perfect regardless the size or the shape. If your nails are very short, never hesitate painting them burgundy.

We hope these fabulous burgundy nails inspired you to go to the nail salon or to take out your favorite nail polish. Choose the right option for yourself and give it a try. We would recommend starting with the classics and going from there to create the most amazing nail art you are capable of.


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