A prom is one of the most special occasions in every girl’s life and that’s why all the details must be absolutely perfect. The prom nails come in all shapes, sizes and designs depending on your skills, amount of time and dress style. Choosing the right manicure is never easy especially when you really care about looking flawless. Taking a glance at these 81 designs will help you make a decision about which nails are most suitable for your prom image. Take your time and make the right choice. Good luck!

1. Glittery French


French is a perfect manicure that is suitable for any occasion in the world. But simple French nails might not be enough for a prom. Consider adding some glittery polish on just one-half of each nail to give them a festive look.

2. Color transition


Color transition is easy to create and it can make your nails look really impressive. Make the base of you nail pink and cover half of it with several layers of burgundy glitter. Apply just one layer near the base for the transition to look perfect.

3. Coral shock


Short coral nails always look neat and can be a great addition to a white or an emerald dress. In order to give these prom nails some additional style, use silver line stickers on one of the fingers. You can cover them with clear polish for better effect.

4. French shine


These are perfect nails for a darker prom dress. The glittery burgundy base looks amazing with large black tips. Such manicure will look good on any nail shape and size as long as it’s neatly done.

5. Light Burberry design


If going full-time Burberry is not your goal, you can settle for this fun imitation. Black base stops looking dark and dull when you add some colorful lines on top of it. You can either draw them or use stickers. Different colors for each nail are preferable.

6. French imagination


If your dress is black and white or bright red, you might want to go for this creative French manicure. The subtle silver and black colors don’t catch the eye right away but once you take a good look at them, these prom nails make a great impression.

7. Two-layered tips


This variation of French manicure is a great idea for the prom. Having two colors for the tip instead of one is already special. Making them white and black for contrast is a great idea. Play around with the colors for the base. Light pink looks good.

8. Thumb surprise


If you are looking for new ways to diversify a simple French manicure for your prom, consider rainbow colors for one of the nails. The thumb is preferable since it’s the largest. You can use any colors you like even if they don’t seem suitable.

9. Crystals and glitter


If you are not a big fan of bright nail designs and want to keep everything simple yet stylish, consider sticking crystals to the base of your pink nails. In order to diversify the manicure, consider making one of the nails silver and glittery.

10. Impressive coffin nails


Any manicure will look great on long coffin prom nails. If you want them to look even longer, consider covering two-thirds of the nail with glittery silver color and leaving the base slightly pink to amplify the effect.

11. Almond style


Almond-shaped nails are perfect for a prom. If you use white colors for your nails, they will look very suitable for this special occasion. Cover the base of your white nails with pinkish glitter and you will love the result.

12. Glittery smudge


This is a truly unique way to go about prom nails. Essentially this is square nails painted pink and covered with clear glittery polish. However, the polish is not neatly applied but is smudged on the surface.

13. Crystal design


Pink coffin nails are impressive on their own. But since this is one of the most special occasions of your life, you need to breathe some life into them. Doing a subtle crystal design will give your nails the zest they are lacking.

14. Night champagne


Black nails can be a very suitable choice for many different prom dresses. But there is nothing special about simple black nails. Add some glitter to at least one of your nails to make the effect of a champagne bottle being opened in the night.

15. Simple pink almonds


Sometimes simplicity is exactly what you need to outline your prom image. Simple almond nails painted pink can be a great addition to an innocent princess-like look.

16. Silver surprise


Getting simple pink and white nails is satisfactory but not festive enough. In order to make a really cool impression, paint a couple of your nails dark silver. Silver color looks great with the white-pink combination.

17. Matte blue


Matte blue nails are an interesting choice for a prom that shouldn’t be overlooked. It is hard to choose a dress that suits blue nails but if you have one of those, your manicure will look fantastic. Think about making one of your nails silver and glittery.

18. Dark blue blast


Dark blue prom nails will look really special regardless of the rest of your image. They will most likely upstage your dress, shoes, and even hairstyle, especially if they are long enough. Water them down a bit with silver colors.

19. French creativity



Getting creative with French manicure is one of the easiest and smartest ways to go about your nails. You can never go wrong with a French no matter what you do with it. Think bright pink colors and silver tip outlines.

20. Silver icing


Want your nails to suit a white dress? Go for cold colors such as white and silver. These shades always look great together, no matter which design you choose. But there is no need to get too creative. A simple French will do.

21. Maleficent nails


Always wanted to sport maleficent nails but were afraid to do it? Prom is a perfect occasion to make your image dreams come true. Become the Maleficent fairy for just one night and you will remember it for the rest of your life.

22. Pen strokes


A prom signifies the end of carefree high school life so why not pay it some tribute. Make a simple French manicure and apply blue strokes that resemble pen writing on one of the nails.

23. Candy cane nails


Candy cane design is a great idea for prom nails. You can use any color you’d like but the most neutral will be white and silver. Such color combination is perfect for any image your choose.

24. Bright and white


You can’t go wrong with white nails. Especially if your dress is white or pink. A bright white color is a great way to outline your long beautiful nails. Add some crystals at the base to add them a zest they might lack.

25. Black glitter


Adding some black glitter to pink nails is a good idea which is easy to do at home. A black and pink combination looks impressive and can be a great addition to your prom style.

26. Witchy nails


If you like standing out of the crowd and have chosen a prom image to match your style, consider making long witchy French manicure. The base of such nails can be painted matte black and the tips will be glossy.

27. Egyptian style


Painting all of your nails with golden glitter seems like going overboard. However, one golden nail among pink ones creates a fun Egyptian style most girls should consider for their prom image.

28. Snowflakes


A black and silver color combination can look perfect depending on the dress you’ve chosen. Make it even more stylish by creating a snowflake effect. Paint the base of your black nails with random silver nail polish strokes.

29. Black hearts


Get creative with your French manicure by painting black hearts on the tips of pink nails. Add even more fun to the image by making one of the nails silver or golden and glittery.

30. The classics


You can never go wrong with the classics. Classical red manicure is suitable for any occasion including your prom. These prom nails can fit almost any image you choose.

31. Colorful crystals


Simple silver glittery nails are great for a prom. But in the modern world such simple manicure might be considered dull. Add some blue crystals to at least one of your nails.

32. Purple mountain


If you like complicated shapes, these prom nails are for you. Mountain nails will look wonderful with bright purple colors as long as they suit the rest of your image.

33.  Simple crystals


Simple clear crystals will look fantastic on your nails no matter what design you choose. If you don’t want to bother with bright colors, use simple silver and attach a couple of crystals.

34.  Very white


White is often the color of choice for prom nails since dresses are usually on the white side. Diversify this overwhelming whiteness with clear crystals and some silver polish.

35.  Glossy purple


Purple is a good color of choice for special occasions. Such prom nails will give your image an additional flavor. The longer the nails are, the better this color will look.

36.  Simple yet stylish


Simple French nails are always a no-lose option. There is a myriad of ways to go about making them a little more special. For instance, you can outline the tips with some glittery polish.

37.  Posh 3D nails


If you love red nail varnish but don’t know how to make it appear festive, use 3D designs. Large crystals and shiny bows will make your nails look fantastic.

38. Dazzling white


If you have dark skin then white nails are for you. They will look especially dazzling and fabulous regardless the length.

39. Silver stream


Black prom nails need some extra zest to appear as fabulous as you want them to. Add some silver glitter to the tips to create a wonderful impression.

40. Colorful beads


Beads are always a smart way to go in order to make the nails look fantastic. While they might not be suitable for everyday wear, they will make a prom night special.

41. Delicate pink


Delicate colors are perfect for prom nails. A little glitter will make them even more interesting. Just make sure not to overdo it.

42. Blue lagoon


While dark blue is something that needs a special image, light blue and white nails look subtle enough for many attire options. Add some silver lines and glitter to shine even brighter.

43. Golden stripes


Black and white is a wise choice of colors for prom nails when your dress is very bright. Balance out the colors with the golden stripes.

44. White flowers


White flowers look good on practically any varnish color. If you are painting the nails on your own, get white flower stickers that will brighten up any manicure.

45. Multi-colored shine


If you opted for white nails, add some colors to at least one of them. Consider getting a silver nail polish that reflects light to get all kinds of bright colors.

46. Solid color mix


If black and white seems too simple for you, add some shiny silver into the mix. Alternate black, white and silver nails and add some crystals to the fully black ones.

47. Reversed French


Reversed French is a creative way to go about your prom nails especially when the base is pink and the rest is glittery silver.

48. Beautiful petals


Diversify your subtle French manicure with beautiful flower petals. Make sure that you add some bright colors for the nails not to look dull during the special occasion.

49. Black tips


Black tips are an unusual addition to a simple black manicure. To go even further, add some glitter and draw a simple flower on one of the nails.

50. Fall tunes


Give your simple French manicure some flavor by adding autumn leaf colors to one of the nails. These fall tunes can look very attractive with all kinds of dresses.

51. Subtle jewelry


Adding 3D designs to you prom nails is nothing new. In order to make your manicure really stand out, consider designs that look like jewelry. If you make them match your accessories, the image will be truly amazing.

52. Fun and games


A special occasion is a great time to go all out with your nails. Look for special pink and glittery nail polish and alternate it with simple pink varnish. Add some crystals to complete the look.

53. Aquamarine French


Aquamarine is the color which will look good on any nails. Adding some glitter will make such nails suitable for the most special occasions.

54. Blue and white


Alternating blue, aquamarine and white nails will give your image the delicate touch you were looking for. Such nails look great when the lights are dimmed.

55. Crystals and glitter


If used the right way, the crystals and glitter will make a perfect combination for your amazing prom nails. The worst thing you can do here is overdo the glitter. Be careful.

56. Match the dress


If you are at a loss as to what nail design to choose, the simple way out is to match the dress. Use the same colors and try to follow the patterns.

57. Japanese motives


Pink, black and white colors create amazing Japanese designs. The color of cherry tree blossom and black strokes will make your nails look impressive.

58. Large rhinestones


If you need something to make your French manicure brighter, consider attaching large rhinestones. They will immediately redo the whole image and give your manicure a special twist.

59. Tip design


Another way to add some zest to your French prom nails is to use tip designs. Simple white tips will immediately get a new life if you just add some golden strokes.

60. Creative extravaganza


If you have some special design ideas, there is no reason to put them off for later. Delicate black patterns can be a great match for your little black dress.

61. Blue ideas


French manicure looks great with blue tips. It is a perfect choice for girls who are not ready for full-time blue nails but need this color to balance out their prom image.

62. Just black


If you are into dark colors, there is no reason to overlook simple black nails. They can be a great addition to a white or a blue dress or can outline a red attire.

63. Pearls and rhinestones


Pearls and rhinestones look amazing as jewelry so why not transfer the idea to your prom nails? Paint them pure white and add some crystals to create a rich look.

64. Bright pink tips


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Bright pink is the color every girl wants to sport on her nails at some point in her life. A prom is a great occasion to take out that pink nail polish and wield it as you always wanted.

65. Help for short nails


If by the time the prom comes you won’t grow long nails and are not a fan of gel and acrylic, there is no reason to worry. Simple French manicure with bright tips will look great even on the short nails.

66. Spider queen


Long black nails are always a great way to make a statement. If you are not afraid of being dark and mysterious, these prom nails are for you.

67. Colorful flowers


Drawing flowers on white nails are the classical way to go about a manicure. Let your imagination run wild and draw the most beautiful flowery patterns.

68. Be natural


Natural looking nails are one of the choices many girls make for their prom image. Adding just a couple of crystals can be a great way to go about your simple manicure.

69. Triangles


Triangular tip outlines are easy to make and they look like a step forward from a simple French manicure. Use any color you wish on the tips and compliment them with rhinestones.

70. Starry sky


When you are looking for a special way to paint your nails, chosing one simple pattern can be more than enough. If you are using blue or aquamarine colors, white stars will be a great idea.

71. Bow ties


Bow ties are a wonderful idea to compliment your French manicure and your partner’s suit. No matter which dress you will choose, these designs will fit it.

72. Glossy black


Glossy black nails with silver glitter and rhinestones can suit almost any dress color. The longer your nails are, the more glitter should be used. Overdoing the black color is not a good idea unless you are going for a spider queen image.

73. No-nonsense prom nails


French prom nails with a clear base and black tips look very no-nonsense. You can add them some shine by outlining the tips with silver stripes.

74. Yin Yang


Making Yin Yang prom nails is very easy, won’t take much time but will definitely make a great impression. Draw the symbol on just one or two nails in order not to look too flashy.

75. Pump up the volume


One of the glamorous ways to make your nails stand out is to use voluminous varnish. Paint them with thick and glittery nail polish and they will make a special impression.

76. Lilac and aquamarine


Knowing which colors look great together is imperative for choosing the right style for your prom nails. The lilac and aquamarine mix makes a bright yet delicate effect.

77. Unexpected pattern


It’s not a surprise that fashion dictates making one nail different from the others. However, usually, the same colors are used. Make an unexpected manicure by using a completely different color for that one nail.

78. Bridal nails


When girls get ready for the prom, they often do it just as carefully as they would for their wedding. That’s why bridal designs can be a smart choice for prom nails.

79. White caviar


White caviar nail polish is easy to apply and will make your hands look delicate and very special.

80. Blinding blue


The shinier the nail polish you choose is, the better impression it will make. Blinding glitter is a great idea for any design.

81. Red and black


Black and red is a win-win color combination for any occasion including ones you care about the most.

Proms nails come in a great variety of designs. They can be chosen to suit your dress or just reflect your mood. Perfect manicure is what you need to feel fabulous during one of the most important dances of your life.


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