The spring is coming and we bet you feel the smiley mood which you lost somewhere during the long freezing winter is taking over you. The sunshine makes you feel alive and full of happiness again – and that’s the best moment to catch the spirit and express your emotionality and personality. One of the best ways known to ladies to expose their inner world is the beautiful manicure. It makes every woman feel special, different and attractive in her very own way.

Talking about spring and ladies, what is your first association here? Yes, indeed! Today we will provide you with some bright ideas how to make the spring flutter over your nails. Exactly – we are talking about butterflies! We have collected some top suggestions which will not leave your manicure unheeded. Keep scrolling.


Our first suggestion is a perfect match for the ladies who are fond of French manicure. In addition to the classic glamour and stylishness, this nail suggestion is featuring some delicate elements thanks to which your French manicure will look truly amazing. It is very appropriate for your daily routine as well as for a special occasion, e.g. a romantic date or your best friend’s wedding. The implementation is not hard to do – you’d only need a French manicure set (we bet you already have one, don’t you?) and nail stickers which you can find in the nearest shop for cosmetics or online. If you happen to have at your disposal a nail stamping kit, you may replace the stickers, use one-colored stamp and adorn the butterfly just the way you like it.


Extravaganza! This is the best word to describe this stylish and yet unusual nail art. This suggestion is meant for ladies who love to experiment and tend to go for provocative colors and patterns. What you need is a classic nude nail polish, black polish with a small brush, nail art glitter confetti and nail art stones. The fashionable “reverse French manicure” combined with the other elements will achieve the Wow!-effect you are looking for. Good luck!


Green and white. Spring. Flowers. Can you feel the vibes of this stylish and womanly manicure? It is suitable for the office working week, an evening cocktail or a bunch of other occasions and serves as the perfect weapon to make a difference in your appearance. You don’t have to be a professional in order to do it – the colors you need are white, mint and black. Add the details with a small brush, round out with a top coat and shine!


Perfect for the ladies with shorter nails, the colors and ornaments in this suggestion make the nail plate look bigger and create the illusion of longer nails. Apply the base coat, then the basic colors. To achieve the effect on the middle finger, you may use a strip of Scotch tape covering half of your nail so you can paint the other half and clearly put the demarcation. Put the stamps and decorate with nail art stones. The last step is the top coat. You are ready for a romantic weekend with your beloved one!


You adore French manicure? On the one hand, you’d like to have it all the time, on the other – isn’t that a little too… boring? If you are hesitating, this suggestion is exactly for you! Just one ornament in addition keeps the style and beauty of the classic French manicure nails and gives it a brand new look combining old school style with innovation. You need only three things – your French manicure set, butterfly nail art stamps and imagination to decorate it. Your turn now!


The white color is the evergreen in the world of manicure. It is appropriate for your everyday life, cocktail, wedding, date or any other occasion. This is exquisite and stylish re-make of the classic white nail art featuring butterflies. Pick up your favorite stamp from your nail art stamping collection, some spring and fresh colors, a small brush and a bit of glitter. The magic has been done. Voilà!


A wonderful suggestion for the ladies who love the rounded shape. It is an amazing combination of classic black and delicate pink. The stylish decoration of nail art stones and butterflies guarantees your different and very beautiful manicure. Do not forget to apply two layers of top coat in order to fix the stones better. Let the butterflies flutter over your nails!


One more suggestion for the lovers of the extravagant manicure practices. We need to be honest here – this one is pretty complicated to perform, so you may want to trust a professional. What makes it really special is the beautiful mixture of colors – the approach to achieve this result is the so called “ombré” – to cite the definition, it is “the gradual blending of one color hue to another, usually moving tints and shades from light to dark”. Do it and make sure you got everyone’s attention.


This is a fresh idea for all playful-mooded ladies. The approach used here is again “ombré” – the gentle pink shading gets darker to the edge. The decoration has been made with a small brush; you can also use a dotting pen tool. Are you ready for a spring flirt?


Another great combination! When it is time for you to shine with innovation and style, you can always rely on the colored French manicure. What do you need here? A French manicure kit, a nail art stamping set and some small shiny nail art stones. The effect is truly amazing!


A real magic of colors! At first glance you may notice these beautiful flowers, but when you put together your hands, the flowers are interflowing into a lovely butterfly! This manicure will fit perfectly well your colorful dresses. The amazing decorations have to be performed by hand so you may need some help from a professional, but it is totally worth it.  Let the spring burst into blossom on your nails!


Polkadotted colored French manicure combined with flowers and butterflies – what a great idea for the spring time! You may prefer to use some stickers or paint this spring magic by yourself, but in both cases a romance is coming for you!


Again polka dots and butterflies with classical French manicure, but yet quite different from the previous one. The white dots are all over the fingernail and the butterflies – considerably bigger and colorful. Stamps, stickers or handmade painting – it is all up to you.


Spring magic is in the air! This time we recommend to use acrylic nail polish, because it actually creates the effect of a painting. Choose any color you wish for the tips, but stick to a clear base coat.


Fresh and easy, meant for any length, any nail shape! This spring suggestion combines classic white with sparkling colors and puts the accent on the only butterfly on each hand. If you decide to draw the flowers manually instead of using stickers or stamps, you will achieve a stand-out effect which suits very well the white nail polish.


A spring in white and blue, why not? You need the base and top coat, a small brush, nail stickers, white and blue nail polish. Apply the stickers on dry surface or use stamps and decorate them.


Another great idea for spring manicure in cold nuances. It looks good on nails with an oval or rounded shape, because the butterflies here are bigger and flying towards the nail tips. Use white pearl nail polish for the base. Recommended for more formal occasions.


If you tend to love pastel colors and hidden effects, this one is for you! Apply purple nail polish on all nails except the thumb where you will use white color. This time you should use only a half of the stamp for each thumb nail so that both of them put together form a whole butterfly. Add some colors to its wings and get ready for adventures!


Who said short nails cannot be feminine? By using this deep sky blue, you create a length effect. Then choose bigger stickers – one for each of your nails except the little finger where you will put 3 small butterflies. Black-red-brown-white is the suitable range of colors, do not make it much more than that, same goes for your outfit.


Exclusive suggestion for your special occasion! You may choose that one for more formal events such as a wedding, a business dinner or an exhibition. Pick up the classic French manicure and decorate your black-and-blue butterfly with gentle white spots on its wings’ periphery. The acrylic nail polish is the best option here.


A palette of colorful butterfly-flowers landing on white-dotted black font. Goes best with almond, rounded and oval nails. Creates additional impression for length and looks good around the stem of a glass with champagne in a blue spring evening.


The child is you is still alive – pick this one up and put a smile on its face! Choose your preferred painting techniques for the flowers and the butterflies, but tend to make it colorful, a bit naïve, but cute and catchy – just like the illustrations in the children’s books.


If you liked the previous version of this nail art, but it was somehow too motley for you though, take a look at this one. Tiffany blue and black, some white dots for additional effect – there you are!


Another fresh and romantic nail art, this time featuring butterflies and hearts. The nail colors are glittering, the butterfly stamp is white, and the rest is all up to your mood and imagination. Do not hesitate to add pineapple yellow, pink frangipani or blue turquoise.


Alright, this one is our favorite, that’s true. If you resisted its motley and blue variations so far, the pink one will finally make you surrender. The longer your nails are, the better.


Well, this one here requires some advanced skills and a steady hand. Your nail plates are the canvas and your task is to create a spring magic in layers. Apply the base coat, then use a small brush to draw these parallel lines (pick up not more than 4 similar colors) and as it fully dries, contour a fine grid of symmetrical flowers. Put a white butterfly stamp on your ring finger and thumb. Your last layer, as usual, is the top coat.


Sometimes we all get tired of being so serious. Here is a suggestion that has a clear message: Party time! The glittering white addс a sweet candy effect. Make sure the two butterflies on each fingernail are different-colored.


Let’s put it straight – this nail art was created to draw attention. Perfect for mountain–shaped nails (stiletto and arrowhead are also good), it is an elegant combination of pearl green, matte blue and tiny golden sparkling stones.


Brocade, nail art stones and butterflies ready to fly off your nails… definitely pick up that one if you have a very special and unusual occasion coming, e.g. a masquerade ball. Do not hesitate to trust professional assistance, because this one is a tough nut to crack.


Dandelion, bumblebee, Tuscan sun, honey or canary… which is your favorite yellow? Combine with black butterflies, add some green, white and purple. Do reverse French manicure only on the thumbnail, split one butterfly between your forefinger and ring finger.


In a hurry again? No time for complicated solutions? You apply your favorite fuscia, taffy of bubblegum color, but something is still missing… Grab the stamps – a butterfly decorated with pearl ornaments will make your nails look more fun.


By now you should be already convinced no proper manicure set goes without the small brush. You need it once again to perform this next nail art suggestion suitable for shorter nails. Three of the fingernails are painted in stylish purple glitter, the other two are the field of your fantasy. This is the perfect manicure for a party, disco, concert, karaoke bar… any place that makes you dance, sing and feel the spring in your veins.


A bit of theater, a bit of masquerade ball, a bit of mystery… The muse has given birth to this double-faced butterfly nail art putting together mild purple and black silk.




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