Oval nails are easy enough to use. You can buy fake nails in this shape from a beauty store, a drug store, or any super store such as Target or Walmart. Check the beauty section. Once you get them, they will have instructions on how to apply them. Then, try one of these ideas to decorate them.

  1. Solid. Since oval nails are so unique, paint your nails a solid color. You do not need to do anything else to stand out. Choose a pale color, such as sky blue or lavendar for a soft look. For something with a little more edge, try a neon color or a dark color.
  2. Crackle paint. You can buy crackle nail polish at any drug store. Use any color as the base and get the crackle polish in either black or white. Follow the instructions that come with your crackle polish.
  3. Marble polish. Marble is another look that is very popular. Again, you can buy marble nail polish. It is available at many different stores, including a drugstore, but it will be more expensive than regular polish. You can make it yourself with polish you have leftover. Place a small amount of water into a paper cup and add drops of nail polish. Swirl it around in different directions to get a variety of looks. Place your nail over the polish and let it sit. After it dries, wipe off any excess polish with nail polish remover. This look works best with three or more colors, so it is perfect for the red, white, and blue schematic. Paint over it with a clear coat once the colors dry.
  4. Polka dots. This is another simple design that is both on trend and classic. You can leave your nails plain, or paint a background in any of the colors before adding the polka dots with a toothpick. Feel free to get creative with the polka dots and place them any way on the nail you would like, You can stick to a pattern, or make the placement random. Do the polka dots in all the same color or use multiple colors on one nail.matte oval nails Oval Nail Designs 1 Oval Nail Designs 3 Oval Nail Designs 4 Oval Nail Designs 5 Oval Nail Designs oval nails oval-nail-art-designs-ideas-top-fashion-stylists-91856 short oval nails zendaya-nails-white-jewels acrylic-nails-tumblr-pointyfalse-nails--hot-or-not-lwyzahgu
  5. Add an embellishment. Any of these designs can be made more interesting with the addition of a few rhinestones. Use a cuticle pusher and clear nail polish to apply the rhinestones where desired. Apply the rhinestone after about twenty seconds after applying the base coat so that the polish is still sticky. This will cement the stone and help it stick better. Avoid going overboard and stick to three or less stones on each nail.
  6. Ombre background. Instead of a solid background, shade two lighter colors together. For example, use white and lavendar, and blend them together.
  7. French Tips. There are multiple ways to take advantage of this look. One is to cover the whole nail with a design or nail. You could also leave the tips plain and only paint the stripes on the lower part. You could also keep the design on the tips and leave the bottom part of the nail plain. Instead of designs, you could use solid colors on either part, even doing one as a design, and one part solid color. If you want to have a more easy going look, don’t decorate the nail at all and leave it plain, except for adding the tips.
  8. Diagonal. Divide your nail into two equal parts diagonally down the middle. Paint one side one color, and use a contrasting color on the other half.
  9. Quarters. Divide your nail in half and then divide each half in half again. You can use up to four colors to do this design.
  10. Checkerboard. Paint your entire nail white. Use a colorful nail polish to to add the squares to make the checkerboard pattern.
  11. Crisscross. Paint your entire nail in a solid color. Using a toothpick and white nailpolish, draw a tic tac toe board that has more than nine empty spaces. You can make them uneven. The more irregular the pattern, the more interesting it will look.
  12. Add nail decals. Nail stickers are cheap and easy to come by. They add a touch of pizzazz to any design. Follow the instructions that come with the decals and apply them over the black base coat.
  13. Add a third layer to the mix. Make your artwork really stand out by adding another layer between the top and the base coat. Use a bright bold color such as red or gold and draw a simple design before adding the stripes. A simple design works best, using only one color. A heart or a streak of lightening would be a great design to use. For the lop layer, keep it simple, perhaps using polka dots or thin lines. For a fun twist on this, make your chosen picture black and use light blue polish for the fine lines. This will make your nails look like notebook paper.
  14. Tie dye nails. Paint your nails with a white base coat to make the colors pop. Choose the first color and apply it as a small circle onto your nail. Make sure it is thick enough to move around. Continue adding circles of different colors until your nail is full. Use a toothpick to move the colors around. You can swirl the colors together, but make sure the different colors are still distinct.
  15. Glitter. For a little bit of sparkle, put some glitter polish on. Because you don’t want your nails to be too busy, don’t use a base coat, or use clear polish for the base. Then apply glitter polish of your choice.


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