If you were anything like us back in your younger days, your middle school years may have turned you off to anything with even the slightest hint of glitter or shimmer. Don’t allow the bad memories of gooey glitter body gel and shimmery body art pens to turn you off to glitter for the rest of your adult existence.

When applied with precision and skill, glitter can actually add glamour and elegance to anyone’s appearance, especially when it’s used in nail art. If you still don’t believe us, check out our proof by scrolling through these twenty glitter-infused nail designs for the everyday glamazon.


Those with a more subdued, classic style can still integrate some shimmer into their lives. Simply paint your other nails with a feminine shade like coral, and slick your ring finger with a gorgeous glitter in a shade from the same color family.nails


Are you an upscale girl who could live on caviar and gourmet chocolates? If so, this design was made for you. Paint your nails in a solid shade; then glue caviar-sized beads onto just one nail to create a splash of swank.

Glitter Nail Designs 5

Marilyn Monroe was onto something when she sang, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” This look incorporates her philosophy and gives a nod to the top diamond house in the world, Tiffany & Co. Paint nails in the instantly recognizable “Tiffany blue” and use a silver glitter polish on the tips. For even more diamond-inspired glitz, paint the tips with a clear topcoat and add sprinkle glitter while they’re still wet.

Glitter Nail art Designs

There’s simply no embellishment more perfect for a true diva than sequins. For a look that’s just as wild as your independent spirit, paint your nails with a screaming orange shade. Then use your artistic creativity to glue rainbow-colored sequins onto your nails in any arrangement that comes to mind.


Just because you love sequins doesn’t mean you want to take such an extreme walk on the wild side. For a more subdued look that still features a scattering of sequins, paint your nails in a nude or transparent shade. Then add a clear topcoat and press sequins onto your tips while the topcoat is still wet.


A bride wants to feel glamorous on her wedding day, but she also doesn’t want to risk venturing out too far, creating a look that’s over-the-top for such a monumental occasion. Pale pink nails with silver glitter-rimmed French tips are elegant without the edge and won’t distract from the gorgeous gown she’s been waiting her whole life to wear.


This design is purely for trend-setting glamour queens who love when all eyes are on them. Paint acrylic nails with a silver-flecked polish. Then glue on as many rhinestones, pearls, and sequins as you can load onto each nail. Make sure to use heavy-duty nail glue so you don’t end up with a handful of embellishments and embarrassingly bare nails!


While we have a special place in our hearts for ultra-feminine pastels, sometimes a girl just wants to rock out! There’s nothing more badass than a solid black nail slicked with a silver topcoat that contains an outrageous amount of shimmer.


You’ll feel as though you’re on the way to the Emerald City via the Yellow Brick Road with this Wizard of Oz-themed design. Simply paint nails with a rich, metallic emerald hue; then use a topcoat to add loose gold glitter flecks to your tips.


It seems like everywhere we turn, celebrities and women in our everyday lives are showing up with ombre-hued hair. If you aren’t ready to take the plunge and permanently dye your locks, sample the trend on your nails with this glitter-heavy ombre design that features pink transitioning into purple. The diamond bow embellishment glued onto the cuticle adds the perfect touch of femininity to the look.


Even the most glamorous girls like to add a touch of the offbeat to their appearances at times, and this look combines glitz and edge with ease. This design features a basecoat of rough-textured black polish, followed by a red glitter-flecked topcoat.


We love how the matte finish of the nautical stripes draws the eye to the gold shimmer of the anchor. If you have an unsteady hand, remember that you can find nail stencils on the Web for just about any design, from plain stripes to anchors!


The neat freak within you may be hesitant to try out loose nail glitter, but it’s actually easier and neater to use than you may imagine. Just lay out some newspaper on your work surface before getting started to avoid stray glitter flecks from popping up around your house for weeks to come! Simply press freshly painted nails into a pot of loose nail glitter in a color of your choice to achieve this look. It’s really that easy!


While these undersea creatures are undeniably cute, they wouldn’t be nearly as captivating if they weren’t swimming around in a glitter-flecked ocean or sitting atop shimmer-encrusted sand.


This shimmery white look conjures images of snowflakes and icicles, even in the summertime! And with such a versatile hue, it could be worn with just about any ensemble imaginable.


While loose powders and chunky polishes may be the most popular methods of adding glitter to one’s nails, a less common way to glam it up is nail foils. This nail art expert slicked her nails with a bold blue before adding store-purchased foil adhesives to her painted fingertips.


If your personal sense of style is more simplistic, try this subtle way of adding shimmer to your nail art. Simply use a glitter nail pen in a color of your choice to outline a shiny solid polish.


Leopard print adds instant sex appeal to anything upon which it is painted, but the gold glitter base of this particular design makes it just as glamorous as it is sultry. If it looked this shimmery in the wild, we would be begging to bring home a leopard as a pet!


Glitter Nail Designs

Those who decide to try their hands at this design should be prepared to spend plenty of time allowing others to fawn over how incredible their nails look. Because each finger has such a distinctly different design using diverse textures and embellishments, it’s also the perfect style for those who may have a difficult time committing to just one glittery look.



Glitter isn’t only for your fingertips; your toes are also screaming for some shimmer! The first step to mastering this look is to paint your nails in a feminine shade, like the baby-girl pink that’s pictured here. Then use a glitter nail pen to create a thin, circular line on each big toe. Use an adhesive glue to add the final touch, a cluster of gems on each big toe and one singular gem on each smaller toe.


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