Whenever you think about a colour that resembles girls, colour that strikes your mind is “PINK”. Whenever a girl is asked about her favorite colour, maximum times the answer you will get is pink. This is because of the girly and soft look of the colour. You can find many females around you who want each accessory of theirs in pink, from laptop to mobiles, dress to colour of the room and from lipstick to nail paint. You may not have the awareness of this, but a woman wearing pink nail paint, naturally acts more feminine. This is the magic of pink colour.pink nail art (7)

If you find painting your nails simply with pink nail paint a little boring, you don’t have to drop the idea of pink. You can be more creative with your favorite colour and experiment your nails with nail art. This can make your nails look really gorgeous and girlish that can make you envy of the females around you.

pink nail art (20)

Keeping in mind the new trends of nail art, we have come up today with various attractive and stunning designs of nail art in your favorite colour pink. You can go through all these and even take some ideas and create a few designs of your own.

Glitter French Nail Art:

In this nail art technique, firstly a French manicure is done after which nails are simply painted only on the tips. Then, a lining of glitter can be added to make the nails appealing and jazzy.

pink nail art

Contrast Of Pink With Black:

Pink always make a nice contrast with black, so, why not to try it on your nails. You can make a base of Pink and make some patterns or dots or lines with black colour.

pink nail art (13)

Contrast Of Pink With White:

Pink is a soft and girly colour. You can add some delicacy more to this by making some pattern on the pink base with white colour.

pink nail art (1)

Crystal Art:

You can give a stunning look to your nails by trying 3d nail art on your nails. Seems to be tricky, but its not. What all you need to do is, make a floral art on the nails and fix a rhinestone in the center to make it look really pretty and live.

pink nail art (12)

Pink Caviar For Nails:

Caviars are basically shiny micro beads that come in a variety of colours. A nice design can be created by firstly painting all the nails pink and then fixing pink caviars on alternate nails to create a cool and unique look.

pink nail art (31)

Red Polka Dots:

If you want to use pink less on nails, you can paint your nails in white or any other light colour and create cute polka dots in pink all over the nail using a dotting tool.

pink nail art (14)

Pink Velvet:

You can give a special look to your nails by just painting them pink simply and giving it a velvet finish.

pink nail art (22)

Pink Paisley:

If you have a floral print on your dress and you wish to pair it with your nails, you can do it easily. What you need to do is firstly paint your nails simply with pink and then draw paisley flowers for adding a quaint and innocent quality to your nails.

pink nail art (4)

Pink Leopard Print:

A wild and special look can be given to the nails by creating leopard print effect on pink painted nails.

pink nail art (8)

Pink and Green flowers:

You can create a pattern that has both pink and green flowers and give a great and cool look to your nails.

pink nail art (3)
Snake Skin:

To give a striking and seductive look to your nails, make a snake skin pattern on your nails.

pink nail art (27)

There is some ideas for pink nail art:

pink nail art (2)

pink nail art (5)

pink nail art (6)

pink nail art (9)

pink nail art (10)

pink nail art (11)

pink nail art (15)

pink nail art (16)

pink nail art (17)

pink nail art (18)

pink nail art (19)

pink nail art (21)

pink nail art (23)

pink nail art (24)

pink nail art (25)


pink nail art (28)

pink nail art (29)

pink nail art (30)

pink nail art (32)

We hope that you enjoyed visiting our website and this blog. We assure to keep bringing new nail art trends regularly to you and fascinate you with the most interesting and attractive artworks. Keep visiting our website for new updates. And don’t forget to post your comments about this post. You can also share your different nail art experiences with us.



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