The almond nail is a beautiful shape that is currently trending, and for good reason! We don’t think this will just be a phase though; almond nails are here to stay because they are just that good looking.

What exactly are almond nails, you ask? Well imagine the tasty nut and you’ve got it! Essentially that’s the shape your nails will have if you decide to try it out (highly recommended!). Have a look at our earlier articles to find out more about the shape and how to get it. For now though, we’ll have a look at some hot designs that’ll get you inspired to try them out!

There are so many different options for almond nail designs, and all of them look great. Of course, you’ll need to choose something that fits your personality and style to get the best results that you will be happy with. Time for examples!

1. Pretty in Pink

almond nails 10Solid colors go great with this shape and a bold attention getter is sometimes just what you need! You can take this to the next level by mixing it up and choosing a geometric design, such as triangles, to really accentuate your finger tips. Doing them in two different colors, like the black and white shown above will give a new edge to a familiar design and shape. you’ll be turning heads with this one!

 2. Simply Sparkly

almond nails 1For some people, orange can look dreadful. For others, it can look fabulous! Get to know your skin tone and what works best for you. If orange is a color you can pull off, then try out the above look. Using the sparkle version of the color on the ring fingers is a great way to spice it up!

Also, take notice of the nail shape. These are acrylic almond nails, but a bit shorter than normal. This shape still works if you lead a more active lifestyle but still want to look super stylish!

3. Get Creative!

almond nails 2

Using the triable shape really accentuates the almond shape. You can see that the artist got really creative here, but the design is pleasurably simple. The combination of colors- nude, sparkly gold, and white all work really well together.

4. Tribal

almond nails 4

Tribal designs are in! Go to any major fashion retailer and you’ll see all types of tops with tribal designs on them. Why not get your nails painted to match. There are a lot of options here. The above is just an example, but a look around the Net will quickly get you inspired. Have a photo of the design you want before you head to the salon to make it easier for the nail technician to be able to get it right. If you’re the artsy type then go ahead and attempt it yourself. All the more props to you if you can pull it off.

5. Stand Out

almond nails 5

The use of these 3D crystals really make this design pop. The bold red gives it even more umph. It’s definitely flashy, and in a good way! Make sure you or the salon have all the materials you need for this one before you get started!

6. Everyone’s Different

almond nails 6

This design is perfect because although every nail is different, it’s not too overwhelming. It’s essential to find the right balance when doing a design like this one, so choose carefully.

7. Beautiful Black and Gold

almond nails 7

Simply beautiful!

8. Naturally Black

almond nails 8

An interesting twist on solid black, this design mixes a natural look and the always in fashion statement color. Notice how the stripped curve is right below the middle of the nail. This gives off the perception that the nails are elongated.

Don’t forget the top polish! Whatever design you choose, the top coat is what gives the polished, glossy finish.


9. Try Bright Pink!

almond nails 9

Go girly!


10. Cool Blue

almond nails 23

This one gives off a calming effect, don’t you think? The white dots really finish this design, which is very reminiscent of the ocean.

11. Pink Combos

almond nails 12

Even better than all pink!

12. Add Some 3D to Almond Nails

almond nails 13

We saw some 3D earlier with the crystals, but this time it’s taken up a notch. Some quite research will show you that you can put just about any item on your nails. This nail art really makes your design stand out. Check out our article exclusively dedicated to this style.

13. All Colored French

almond nails 14

A double twist on the French tip- colored and triangular.

14. Short and Simple

almond nails 15


almond nails 16


almond nails 19


almond nails 21

From the girl next door to celebrity status!

15. Lace and Rhinestones with Almond Nails

almond nails 20


Some more 3D business going on here. Can anyone hear the wedding bells? Even if you aren’t getting married, this design is really pretty and sweet. The mother-of-pearl background adds a beautiful touch to this elegant acrylic almond nail design.


16. Leopard Red

almond nails 212

It doesn’t get too much bolder than this. For those of you who love animal print, this on’e for you! Roar! Show off your edgy and strong personality with this wonderful design. It’s fairly simple to do too. Your nearest nail professional will know exactly what to do if you come in asking for this. Either that, or you could try nail stickers for the leopard spots. Just cut and file them to the shape of your nail and glue them on. It’s that simple and looks flawless.

17. Teal

almond nails 230

18. Whitey Tidy 

almond nails 312

Nothing says clean cut better than white does. The color will make your nails really stand out and are a stark contrast to the run of the mill solid black. It may be hard to picture on yourself at first, but give it a try and you’ll soon fall in love!

19. Royal Purple

almond nails pink

Purple in itself is a very elegant and dashing color. Paired with silver will really set it off. Lookin’ great!

20. Lavender

almond nails

Another great solid.

21. Classy and Elegant

black almond nails 1

You know what they say- everything goes good with black. You can’t go wrong here.

22. Reverse Design

black almond nails

This design is great for someone that wants a color and design that’ll go with any outfit but is more exciting than going solid. There that triangle shape again (hint hint). Plus, the outlined heart on the ring fingers make this design extra cute! Try getting it by using tape and a q-tip to polish off the edges.

23. Don’t Forget Accessories!

pink almond nails

You may have noticed that some of the hand shots show fingers with rings on them. Don’t forget about this part. If you notice, the rings shown really compliment the color of the nails. This was done on purpose. With going out, try to remember to put one or too well-paired rings on and you’ll be all set. Think you’re not a ring person. Give it a try anyway and you might be surprised on how you feel.

24. Sexy Red

almond nails 24

We talked about being bold, but can you say SEXY?

25. Edgy 

almond nails 25

This design obviously isn’t for everyone, but if it’s you, then you have to try it! You are bound to get a lot of compliments. Your friends will be jealous.

Don’t forget that you can put any painted item on your nails. It doesn’t have to be this. Go with what you love and what fits with your personality.

26. Studs

almond nails 26

Another (somewhat less) edgy design is simply created by adding some studs. These gold ones are the perfect match.

27. Simple Stone

almond nails 32

What a great accent! So simple, yet so elegant. What makes this great is that anyone can pull this off. Use a soft color like the above to get the same feel.

28. Go Short and Natural

almond nails 35

Again we see the white, but this time it’s on natural nails. It’s an awesome summer idea, or if you want to keep the summer vibe alive all year long.

29. Make Them Pop

almond nails 77

Wow! The picture speaks for itself. The accessories are what really make this look, but even without them, the mix of simple and complex designs work very well together. You’ll definitely need a professional’s help for this one. Don’t forget to take this picture in with you and call ahead to double check that your salon has rhinestones.

30. Long and Elegant

almond nails 88

Some love long long nails. You have to find a length that makes you happy and comfortable. If that’s longer than the norm, or something you want to try out for a week, then go for it! It’ll be an adjustment if you’re not used to them, but you may find you like them. You do have to be more careful and aware of what you’re doing and what your actions are- they can be claws!- but the elegance it comes with will be worth it!

Go Almond

This article has given some really great examples of what all you can do with the almond nail shape. You can probably thin of many more, but these’ll get you started. Use any and all of these as your inspiration for your next nail design. What are you waiting for?




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