If you are looking for a cool new design, then marble art designs may be just the ticket. It’s actually not that hard to do in the comfort of your own home. You just need the right tools, and you can start creating magic. It might be a little confusing at first until you get the hang of things. But the more you practice, the better you will be at it.

The great thing about it is that the patterns are so unique and wonderful. There is never one that is the same as the others. With the use of water, it creates a moving pattern so that each nail is different. This is the kind of look for the deviant personality, someone who wants something different and random. It’s not only fun to create but also fun to look at. You can create any pattern that you want to with any variety of colors. You don`t have to worry about being perfect with this design; the water is going to do most of the work for you. You can create amazing patterns that will make all your friends jealous.

What you will need:

  • Bowl filled with bottled water
  • Variety of nail polish
  • Tissues
  • Nail polish remover
  • Tape
  • Nail polish for basecoat
  • Clear polish for topcoat
  • Cotton swabs
  • A towel
  • Scissors
  • Quick dry nail spray

How to Start:

Choose your paint color and do the base coat. This will protect the nails from all the polishes that will go on top of it. It really doesn’t matter what color you chose. Then choose a clear color so that you can put whatever contrast color on top of it. If you wanted to quicken the process use the dry spray. Once the nail is dry, then paint with a white polish. You can use any color you want but to start maybe go with a white for practice purposes. Use two coats just to make sure it doesn’t wear off. Use the tape to place on the skin around the nails. You don’t want the polish to stick to the nail while you are creating your marble design. Make sure that the tape isn’t on the nail as well as you could end up removing your polish later on.

Now it’s time to design your pattern! You want to now start to design your pattern. Put some nail polish on your brush and hold it 1 centimeter above the water’s edge. Lightly tap your brush until the polish drips on the water. You can also choose another color and do the same thing. By doing this more than once, you create a circle pattern on the water. If you want to widen that pattern, then take a toothpick and stir the water that surrounds the nail polish that’s in the water. This will make the ring inside the bowl expand. Make sure you don’t let the toothpick touch the polish, or the pattern you are creating will be changed.

If you are looking for a flower pattern, then put the toothpick on the third ring out of the pattern. Drag it towards the center of the nail polish. Repeat this on the other sides to create the flower pattern. Now that you have a pattern ready you can start to add it to your nail.

Now dip your finger in a 45-degree angle. You have to keep your finger immersed while you use the toothpick to roll out the excess pattern off the water. Remove your finger carefully from the water so the pattern isn’t disrupted. To keep the design as it, just make sure you spray on the dry spray. Once the pattern is dry, you can peel off the tape. Take the cotton ball and dip it into nail polish remover and remove any excess nail polish from your skin. The last thing you need to do is to apply a clear coat on top, and you’re finished! Simply repeat what you have done with the rest of the nails and you will have beautiful marble nail art to show all your friends. Below are 53 Incredible Marble Art Nail Designs You Can Do At Home:

1. Midnight Blue

You can’t go wrong with this startling blue color with some crackle marble as an accent.


2. Speckled Blue

A beautiful speckled design with a variety of colors inside.


3. Alien Designs

If you are looking for something really different and outrageous, then try these marble designs for your acrylics. They are sure to draw some attention.


4. Light Designs

This is a simple design with a white base coat, Add the marble design on top of it and you are good to go.


5. Grey Pattern

Another example of a white base coat except this one uses gray for its marble pattern.

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6. Gold Designs

Gold always seems to make everything seem more glamorous. This nail design is no different.


7. Black Marbles

These nails really give you a badass look, if that’s what you really want.


8. Long Nails

If you like the longer look, then this is a great example of the black marble design.


9. Neutral Designs

A great design if you are looking for something that’s a little more casual.


10. Swirling Lines

Another look that’s casual and can be worn anywhere. If you like something low-key than this is the design for you.


11. Multiple Colors

Why stick with one color when you can have them all? Mix-match your colors for a truly unique look.


12. Coral Love

I love this marble design with coral and blue together it’s beautiful! A great way to make a nail style unique is to add in a different design like these sparkles. It breaks up the look and creates something unique.


13. Different Blues

By using two different blues, you create a creative design. One of the nails is the opposite color concept which is pretty cool.


14. Spring Colors

The colors here really make you feel like spring is in the air.


15. Pretty Purple

A sweet color for those that want to remember springtime and all the pastels involved with Easter.


16. Camouflage Prints

If you want something bold, then you can’t go wrong with these designs. Some of the nails are sparkles while the others are a form of camouflage prints. They look amazing together, creating a different look.


17. Gorgeous Designs

This is one of the prettiest marble designs that I have seen in the collection. It’s the perfect thing for springtime.


18. Bright Colors

These bright colors will sure to please you and draw the eye.


19. Bold Pink

If you are looking for a bold color for a night on the town, then look no further than this design. I love the bright pink and black together; it’s an amazing shade.


20. Orange Designs

I love this bold look, and especially the colors involved, they are stunning. You can see the white background as discussed before and these are the added colors for after.


21. Motif Designs

What a gorgeous color scheme and this design is a great example of how you can have a few nails in the marble design while leaving others solid.


22. Bold Colors

This is a great color scheme one that you are sure to love for a long time. If you want something different then this is the look for you.


23. Speckled Design

A great design that shows every nail as different. This can happen a lot while doing marble because when you use water, you never can get the same result twice.


24. Mesmerizing Blue

A great blue color that is sure to draw the eye. It’s a great look that anyone would cherish.


25. Polka Dots

After you have completed the marbling process and it’s dry, you can add polka dots to the finished look before adding the clear coat; It’s a beautiful look.


26. Creative Colors

A great example of the different color combinations you can use when doing marble paints.


27. Dots on Marble

Another great example of the dots that you can add on top of the marble design. You can be really creative with these looks; really the sky is the limit so get creative.


28. Marble Blue

Another great example of a blue marbled look using multiple shades.


29. Pink and Red 

A great design that is sure to make anyone happy. If you love these shades then try them with a white base coat,


30. Sparkle Designs

Nothing makes marble more magnificent than some serious sparkle. This black and silver design is stunning and would look great for a night out on the town.


31. Pointed Nails

If you are a fan of the pointed nail shape, then this is a great example of the marble look with that shape. Add a bit of sparkle, and you have a beautiful design.


32. Changing Patterns

With this style, only the big toe has the marble design while the rest of the toes are polka dotted. It’s a great way to mix up the style to be creative.


33. Bold Designs

These marble designs have a black base which creates a completely different look. If you want something, a little darker than you might enjoy this color combination.


34. Beautiful Colors

These great colors are perfect for the spring.


35. Dark Marble

If you are looking for a dark shade then try this blue on for size, it is sure to make you happy.


36. Black Desire

A great design that you can wear for any season or any event.


37. Sweet Shades

This light blue color is sure to please you, it’s subtle and pretty and can be worn casually or for any event.


38. Crazy Purple

I love this purple design because it’s a little bolder than most colors and the mixture of other colors makes the purple really pop.


39. Bright Yellow

I always like yellow and blue together; it’s a great combination. These nails remind me of Easter eggs.


40. Hunter Green

If you like more old school colors, then this might be one that you want to try out.


41. Winter Shades

I love this white and silver look because it’s perfect for the season right now. It’s a great amazing winter look.


42. Dark Lines

Most of the nail is white with just a touch of black. It’s a classy look that you can wear just about anywhere.


43. Add Embellishments

A great marble style that has some great colors to it. If you want a little more bling to it, just add some gems and other embellishments.


44. The Universe

These nails almost make me feel a little profound. It’s like you are looking into a vast universe.


45. Purple Love

A great look for long nails, this one is sure to be the life of any party.


46. Simple Styles

This look is very simple and casual. If you don’t want all your nails to be the marble design, then try this design combination out.


47. Green Marble

A mesmerizing green look for anyone looking for a winter shade.


48. Simple Black and White

A simple design that you are sure to love for any occasion.


49. Subtle Designs

This marble look isn’t very dark, in fact, it’s very subtle as far as design goes. If you are looking for something simple, this may be the design for you.


50. Gorgeous Colors

These colors together are absolutely stunning. I love the combinations they just flow so well together. There are little studs, and gems added that just make the look that much prettier. If you want a special style then here it is.


51. Tiger Stripes

This gorgeous color combination reminds me of the stripes on a tiger. I just love the orange and black together.


52. Grey Polka Dots

This look is very classy and elegant. I love the color combinations as well as the added polka dots and flowers. It’s a cute look that you could wear to an event or just to the office.


53. Flower Designs

These stunning designs look like daisies. I love the use of color as well with the purple and blue together. It’s a stunning array of colors that would make any girl pleased.



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