Once upon a time it was not uncommon for women to have lovely longer length nails. Fast forward to today where there are a lot more women in the work force and longer nails are not necessarily always practical. Maintaining them for one thing can be hard enough work itself. On top of that we also have to worry about potentially breaking and scratching them. To add to that, if your job is manual or even working on a computer, than sometimes it is just not realistic to be able to do your job with long nails.

Thankfully though when we do want luscious long finger nails we can get fake ones these days, if the occasion should call for it. However that is not what we are discussing today. We would like to take a look at how even with short or regular length fingernails, you can still decorate them to look flattering and beautiful. From basic styles to more creative and unique styles – we take a look at 101 beautiful short nail ideas.

short nail art (3)

Today, we are introducing you with various ideas of decorating your short nails with easy nail designs. The perfect kind of nail art meant for you is DIY. This nail art possess so easy, perennial and interesting nail designs that you can even carry out at your home. This nail art will leave you with spectacular results that will leave you no longer envious of long nails.

Here are some of the pictures depicting DIY nail designs. We hope that you will like them and can even get some inspiration to try some of them on your own nails.

short nail art
Marble  Short Nail: one kind of nail art suitable for your short nails is the Marble Art. Due to the simplicity of the polishing process and convenience, you can even do it yourself. There is a wide variety of designs that you can create in this nail art. The one that I saw on someone’s nails was a hexagon made of different colours; first black, then white and then red. The hues created by different colours made the design look really eye-catching. Marble nail art is mostly done on the thumb nail and ring nail.

short nail art (5)

Above you can see a great example of marble art. The person has started with a gloss black nail polish and then added specks only going around the top corner of the nail. They have used at least 7 different colours in this particular design so it’s definitely more suited to someone that has access to plenty of different colour nail polishes. Note that all the colours they have picked are more of your pastel style colours that all work really well together. The black base coat really makes the colours pop right out at you and this kind of design would go really well with a black or colourful dress.

Glittered Short Nails: If you want to try something very decorative and appealing, especially for a party look, an awesome idea is to try Glitter French tip. Being quite versatile and a lot of polishes available in this style, you have the choice to make creative designs in this kind.

short nail art (32)

Above is a beautiful and unique design that is themed around Bambi. As you can tell it’s definitely not a DIY job and is done by a professional. Your nails can be a great way to express yourself and show off your interests. With this in mind getting themed nails around your favourite things can be a great idea.

Floral Short Nails: Your choices do not end here only. You also have the options of nails tinted with floral designs and also, rhinestone designs which is a form of 3-D nail art. The rhinestones are available in different shapes, size and colours. You have an option to use this simple accessory to create marvellous designs and make yourself the centre of attraction.

short nail art (19)

Above is a beautiful design involving the famous Japanese cherry blossoms. The design is relatively simple when it comes to nail art even if it looks tricky. What makes it look so beautiful is that they have coordinated the colours really well. Blacks, pinks and greys always go really well together and sometimes when you’re unsure if colours will go together or not, it can be a good idea to just test it out on one nail first, so that if it’s not working you can always remove it and start fresh.

We have also brought some images of attractive floral and rhinestone designs for you

Gone are the days when you used to feel inferior for your short nails and hesitated in showing up your hands because of not being able to try anything new and catchy. The trends have changed and you have got various options to try. These nail art designs can give a stunning look to your nails and can force your friends to be envious of you. So, do not hesitate, go ahead and flaunt your nails and checkout some more ideas for short nail:

short nail art (1)

It is becoming increasingly popular these days to mix and match designs between your nails. What we mean by this is going for more of a feature nail/s look. Rather than getting all 10 of your finger nails painted with the same floral pattern you can always look to just get 4 painted with a intricate floral design and then the rest painted a nice solid colour. This is not only a cheaper /faster way of going about things but it also means that the solid colours will help accentuate the art design nails too.

short nail art (2)

Above is another example of how someone has chosen a clever feature nail style. The gradient of teal in to white looks like a sunset from paradise and the silhouetted palm tree is just gorgeous!

short nail art (4)

Do you work in a doctors clinic or hospital and really want to show off your passion for your job through nail art? Well then this is the kind of fancy design that could inspire you.

short nail art (6)

Another great example of how not all your nails have to be painted the same to work well together. Sometimes people will even get a few different designs done at once and then pick the one they want to go ahead with.

short nail art (7)

Above is a great example of some stunning short nail art that believe it or not you can actually do yourself! Pinks and blacks always go well together and here is no exception. To carry off this look all you will need is some pink and black nail polish and of course some small nail stickers to finish it all off.

short nail art (8)

If you’re looking for something simple yet elegant than a good place to start is simple shapes. Something such as the star or love heart is a great test of your skills to begin with but once you master it you will be able to really make some amazing nail art designs.

short nail art (9)

Segmented nail art is an increasingly popular style particularly to try for DIY jobs. Whilst it is easier to do on longer nails, there is nothing stopping you doing it on short or regular length nails. To carry at really small dots like the above example you will need a really fine brush or even something like a tooth pick.

short nail art (10)

We’ve all seen the fake press on acrylic/gel nails that come in leopard print at your local pharmacy or nail supply store. Whilst they can look good and be nice and quick, they will never match a well done job of actually manually painting the design. You only need 3 colours to make a nice leopard print design and they are definitely not something for a beginner to try, but are still possible as a DIY project for more advanced artists.

short nail art (11)

Here is another example of some marble nail art. Fluoro style designs like this are particularly popular amongst younger women who want them for a party or music festival but they can also be a great choice if you have an 80s themed dress up party to attend.

short nail art (12)

These may look like they are incredibly difficult designs to do at first, but when you look closer and break down exactly what is involved they are not too difficult. Getting perfect circular dots can be almost impossible with the actual brush. We would recommend using something like a tooth pick or similar instrument to get this effect.

short nail art (13)

Another great example of some leopard print ones, this time with a teal coloured background that just so happens to also match the persons outfit.

short nail art (14)

We absolutely love these ones. They have that great 3d emerald kind of effect and are easy to get lost in. Nail designs like this can take clever planning and we like how they have opted for a glitter finish to make it all sparkle.

short nail art (15)

Blacks and whites have always been popular, particularly zebra nail designs as you can see on the ring finger above. A great way to embellish that style even further is with some dazzling sparkly nails along side it. Pinks, purples, teals,red and even blues will work great along side the black and white – it all depends on what you are planning on wearing.

short nail art (16)

Speckled nail art is another style that has been popular for a while now. This is a great idea to mix it up and do some white backgrounds and some black backgrounds. You can even finish it off with a nice top coat of varnish to make them glossy.


Fan of the popular television series Breaking Bad? Why not opt for some cool symbols like this to impress everyone. Geometric style symbols both look great and are relatively easy to do. This kind of nail art can be great for a Halloween costume too.

short nail art (18)

Some more examples of geometric line work. These ones kind of remind us of the Jamaican flag.

short nail art (20)

We’ve shown you a couple of leopard print nail designs so far but none quite as pretty as these. They have opted to use a nice pastel lavender base and then yellows, pinks, blues and greens to fill the area between the black patterns and the result is breath taking.

short nail art (21)

Orange is not the most popular nail polish colour to choose but that’s exactly why it can be quite unique and pretty too. If you have a lovely orange dress why not embellish it with some abstract style designs like these.

short nail art (22)

Not your typical specks, these are more graduation specks or gradient specks where they will progressively get smaller/larger. They can be difficult to get the hang of at first but once you do they are great for a DIY job.

short nail art (23)

We all know just how hard it can be to draw a straight line and it definitely takes a lot of practice to get them looking this nice. Having two strokes off centre on the nails like this is a popular design because its stylish, modern and classy.

short nail art (24)

Blue and black tiger stripe nail design. As you can see these are quite intricate for shorter length nails but they look absolutely amazing and the small amount of glitter really tops them off.

short nail art (25)

This design is very modern and arty. It would go great with a tartan dress too.

short nail art (26)

This is one of our favourite nails designs for people with shorter length nails. The red speckles has a bit of a holiday season feel to it and then the face with the tongue poking out really adds a bit of fun and shows of your personality.

short nail art (27)

Another great example of some that you can do at home yourself. Triangles are always a good idea and adding a top coat of varnish can really make even the simplest ideas look great.

short nail art (28)

If you have someone special in your life that you really want to acknowledge through nail art than why not look at going for more of a love heart design like the ones above. You can mix different coloured love hearts and get a great effect.

OPI A Grape Fit! with white nail art

As you can probably guess the above design is not a DIY job. If you can afford it this is the kind of great work you can get from a professional salon that specialise in nail art. The intricate flowers looks beautiful and sometimes simple can work best, particularly when it comes to just picking 2 colours rather than a huge amount.

short nail art (31)

Most of us own a black or white dress and that’s why when you’re living a busy life sometimes black or white or even both combined can be a great option. They literally go with anything!


If you’re new to nail art, the best place to start is with the basics. Never underestimate just how difficult it can be to get just the basic solid colour done right. Getting bits of polish on your fingers can look tacky. First you will need to practice having a steady hand and keeping within the lines, so to speak.


Here are a couple of love inspired designs. Perfect for showing off to that special person in your life. They can be great to get around Valentines day.


Leading a busy life it can be difficult to maintain longer length nails. Sometimes it is more realistic to just have a couple that are slightly longer like your ring finger and pinky finger as above.


We all love Spring and Summer time and the Sunflower is very symbolic of those warmer times of the year. What’s more they also look great as nail art as you can see above.


Creating a gradient effect like this takes a bit of practice. To achieve this effect you will use a mixture of scratching between the two colours and also blotting to even it all out, once you get good at it you will be able to come up with some great combinations.


Some more examples of some holiday themed red and white nail art.


Mixing blacks and white with pastel colours such as this pink is very modern and popular these days. The zig zag line between the two colours really looks great.


It’s not often you will see someone going for a matte gold nail polish but the above is a great example of how to pull it off.


More speckled nail designs, this time with a mixture of black and silver speckles.


Black on black nail art is very popular these days. To pull it off you will need two different colour blacks such as a matte base layer and then more of a gloss black on top.


Sometimes all you need for some great looking shorter length nails is some simple jewel nail stickers.


Metallic coloured nail polishes are also a very popular choice as they look reflective and are easy to match up with jewellery and accessories.


Simple yet incredibly elegant. Some cool rings and accessories always help.


To achieve a daisy effect like this takes a lot of practice, particularly getting it looking this good. You will need to connect 5 dots together to form the base layer of the daisy shape and than top it off with a yellow or orange dot to form the rest of the flower. For background you can also go with a nice baby blue colour.


If you’re in love with my little pony than some stick on nails like these can be a great and quick option.


For many people nails are a way to express themselves. Particularly so for people who may have a boring work outfit and want to show off their colourful personality with some cool nails designs.

Some cool looking white grid lines on top of natural coloured nails. These will go great with a dress that also has a grid pattern on it.

If you’re wanting to get creative with your nails but not quite sure where to start, why not try doing a letter from your first or last name?


A beautiful example of some more muted greys working together with triangle shapes at the base of the finger nail, these are also very versatile for business or formal.


Driving a car with longer length nails can present a problem, particularly with scratching your nails. That is why shorter length nails and simple designs can sometimes be the best option for you.


Whilst it may look very technically advanced, you can still pull of this kind of eye design yourself. You will need some great straight lines and then on top of your nails are some eye stickers.


Four great examples of how you can pull of some cool love heart nail designs.


As we’ve said before, pink always look great with black and here you can see just how great a nice bright hot pink looks with a black and white striped dress.


The above is an example of how your short nails may look when you first start doing them yourself. You will likely get a bit of nail polish on your cuticles but don’t worry like anything – practice makes perfect.


We absolutely love these designs. Bold black background and white and gold to finish it all off. The cool jewels are also very flattering and this kind of interesting design can work really well when you just have a relatively plain dress.


Here is a great example of some 3d nail art. As you can see the pink bow tie and black chain link really make this design. We also like how they have just opted for 3 different colours.


Black, beige and white are 3 colours that always work well together. Classic, yet stylish!


For those of us that are a bit scared to get a tattoo that is permanent, sometimes getting some cool designs like skulls can be a great idea on your finger nails which are not permanent but still show off your personality via art.


Deep red background with black flourishes, topped off with some glitter – beautiful.


Grey and pastel pink are two of our favourite colours this season.


Another popular colour for 2015/2016 is peach. It is very versatile and as you can see, looks amazing!

Another great example of greys and pastel pinks working well together.


Sky blue and baby blue also work incredibly well together and can really pop when mixed with some blacks and whites.


A great idea with your four fingers is to treat the pinky and index finger like book ends and have them the same colour and just make the middle two different styles.


The teenage mutant ninja turtles nail design. Again this would be amazing with a halloween costume or for a dress up party.


If you’re attending a special event like a wedding or birthday it can be a great opportunity to get your nails professionally done with some stylish designs like above,


Or some cool swirly patterns like this.


Modern abstract nail designs like this are great if you’re attending an art exhibition.


Some more minimalist style grid designs this time going with a lighter colour on top.


This beautiful nail design has a bit of tribal feel to it, particularly with the cool triangle shape ring.


Blues, greens and silvers – all look superb together.


Remember when you’re doing speckles or dots not to do too many otherwise it will look to busy and messy.

Reversing the pattern style on your pinky finger is a popular style to do these days and it looks great.


A tribal style ring finger. Just getting one nail with art can be cheaper and still look really cool.



Keeping the thumb and pinky design the same and having the middle 3 fingers different also looks really cool.

Bold, black and white geometric patterns are in right now when it comes to fashion and also relatively easy to do yourself.


When it comes to intricate nail art it doesn’t get much cooler than this. Such fine lines are very difficult and take the work of a professional.




Want the sharp nail look without having to have the sharp nails. Her is a great solution.

short-nails-6More cool examples of pastel nail designs. These ones look like some cool wrapping paper.


Fluoro orange mixed with black and white is a very popular colour combination and as you can see it looks great.


Colours such as deep burgundies and whites are very versatile and stylish.


A watercolour style teapot design. short-nails-10

Pinks, golds, whites and blacks – all go really well together – especially when sparkling.short-nails-11

We’ve shown a few cool designs for Halloween but none quite as cool as this one.


Or this creepy spider and spiders web nail art.


Looking for a nail design to go along well with your cat costume? Look no further.


Some more advanced nail art for the big Lady Gaga fan.


Wow. We hope you like this design as much as we do. Very surreal and dreamy.short-nails-16

Some cool minimalist style love heart designs that are very versatile.


Highlights done with black can really make your design pop.


A cool feature nail with some scratch style work.


Solid teal nails with white tips.

Obama presidential campaign novelty nail designs.

Some cool Minnie and Micky mouse nail art designs for you to checkout.short-nails-23

Playing card themed nails.


Comic book themed nail art.short-nails-25

One of our favourites, floral watercolour style nail art. As you can see they have used a lot of colours and some very intricate line work.short-nails-26

Some great nails to get for your sons soccer match.short-nails-27

Cool bird design black and white nails.short-nails-28

Sparkly red nails – perfect for Valentines day.short-nails-29

Or go that little bit further and get a cool bow on your finger.short-nails-30

Bold black and white polka dot nail design. We love the bigger style dots like this.short-nails-31

Some matching bejewelled toenail and finger nail designs.short-nails-32

Space style nails with cool glitter looking milky way pattern.short-nails-33

Again, these ones look a bit spacey and modern.short-nails-34

Horizontal lines running across the finger can be a great way to mix it up a bit from your typical vertical lines.short-nails-35

Dark greys mixed with some black love hearts.short-nails-36

Some very fancy nail designs using a mixture of reds, blacks and nail stickers.short-nails-37

And lastly one of our favourites, a really deep green (almost looks black) with a small amount of glitter and topped off with a 3d style gold dot at the base of the finger.

We hope that you enjoyed visiting our website and this blog. We assure to keep bringing new nail art trends regularly to you and fascinate you with the most interesting and attractive artworks. Keep visiting our website for new updates. And don’t forget to post your comments about this post. You can also share your different nail art experiences with us.



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