Generally when we think of feet, we think they are dirty and definitely not the most beautiful part of the body. However as we well know one of the biggest fashion sectors is the shoe industry. Open ended high heels have long been considered one of the sexiest shoes to wear, so it only makes sense that these days we are also paying particular attention to getting pedicures and grooming our nails a lot more.

One of the best ways to really turn your feet in to something interesting and sexy to look at is of course, toenail art. Nail polish dates back as far as 3000BC in China and for a long time people have been painting their toenails particular colours to go with what else they are wearing. We’re about to take it to the next level and show you 25 of our favourite and arty toenail designs.


cute toe nail artWhen looking to get more creative with your toenails, one of the first things you need to consider is not even related to paint them, it’s actually maintaining and moisturising them.

Toenail art may be subject to more wear and tear than the art of fingernails. This is because we tend to be a bit more reckless, the artwork done on toes is bound to fade or chip away faster. It is best to keep this in mind and to take care when slipping on/off shoes.

cute toe nail art (10)

It is important to match your toenail art with the footwear you are wearing so that it can provide the proper frame for all your artistic efforts. Some of the common and most popular colour choices to match together are reds and blacks because they are classic and timelessly beautiful.

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You can use beads, spangles and other accessories to make your toenail designs look really special, it is just that you need to give that extra care to assure that things stick properly.

Besides the big toenail, you also need to keep in mind that the rest of your 4 toenails are generally not as big as your finger nails so you have a smaller surface areal to work with. This means a lot of people will use the big toe as a feature nail and go for simpler designs on the rest.

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Pretty and well adorned feet can be quite a mood lifter and once you delve deeper into the world of toenail designs and art, it can become quite addictive. If you have done some fingernail designs and art, you know that it is difficult to stop once you have started on this. But you will find that using your toenails as a canvas for your mini artistic endeavours can be really satisfying and almost therapeutic.

The toe nail art industry is forever changing as does fashion but there are also some very cool new paints coming out all the time such as glitter, glow in the dark, metallic and the very popular marble.

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Sometimes looking at the finished product of toenail art can be too overwhelming and you think to yourself “I could never do that”. When you strip it back to a step by step process such as above that’s when you can actually look at it and say to yourself that you can give it a shot.

cute toe nail art (1)

One of the most popular forms of toenail art (besides the solid colour of course) is going for a polka dot pattern. Larger dots are our favourite as they can look less cluttered and also be easier to do yourself. It’s always great to involve black when going for a polka dot design.

cute toe nail art (2)

The polka dot design can also be adapted to doing lady bug style designs, which are very cute and relatively easy for DIY. The line down the middle is actually the most difficult part to get right as doing straight lines takes practice but once you get it right it will open up a whole world of possibilities for designs down the track.

cute toe nail art (4)

Another very popular design for toenail art is getting animal themed designs. We all know about the classic leopard print design but have you ever seen paw prints before? They are essentially just one larger dot with 3 dots at the top to represent the paw. They are really cute and great for animal lovers who are wanting to express their love for animals through toenail art.

cute toe nail art (5)

Micky and Minnie mouse are two classic Walt Disney characters and they have been popular for a very long time and continue to interest children today. Nostalgic designs like this can really show off your personality and also go really well with a dress that has a big bow on it like Minnie had.

cute toe nail art (7)

One of the more popular style nail polish colours to get these days, particularly amongst younger women is orange fluro. It’s bright, bold and is perfect for going to a party or more of a summer theme. What’s even better is that it works really well with black silhouettes such as flowers or palm trees to get a really cool, beautiful looking sunset theme going on your feet.

cute toe nail art (9)

Pastel colours are also increasingly popular of late. Nail polish colours that are popular are generally changing as fashion styles change, because a lot of the time people will want to match their toenail design to the dress or shoes they plan on wearing. Three tone designs like the above one that are adorned with toenail jewel stickers are a great option for a wedding you’re attending.

cute toe nail art (12)

We mentioned how popular nostalgic designs are before and if you’re wanting this kind of style a great option is Elmo the popular red puppet character from Sesame Street. When you’re wanting a more intricate or difficult design such as something like this it can be often a better idea just to have a feature nail such as your big toe nail and to do something simpler on the other toenails that still compliments the design.

cute toe nail art (13)

If you have a more colourful and outgoing personality why not show it off with some outrageously colourful toenail art. You can opt for a different colour combination on each toe and have them all looking bright and beautiful.

cute toe nail art (14)

Of course if you’re after a more classic look for a special occasion or formal event than it’s a safe bet to look at beiges and similar colours such as browns and creams. They are all timeless and can go with a lot of different shoe and dress colours.

cute toe nail art (15)

Speaking of matching your shoes and toe nails, here is a great example of someone using a classic black and white patten on their toenails that also matches the strap of their shoes. Designs such as the above can be very difficult to do yourself and are generally the work of a professional. Getting a pedicure and your toenails painted can be a great way to spend some time relaxing either by yourself, or with some girl friends.

cute toe nail art (16)

Floral toenail art designs will always be popular because let’s face it flowers are always beautiful! This particular design has opted for more pastel style colours such as lavenders yellows and reds. We really like the liquorice all sort looking smaller toe design too.

cute toe nail art (17)

Love hearts are another timeless design that is also a great way to show off to someone how much you love them. Whilst the traditional love heart is usually red in colour, we love seeing variations such as silver, black, pink and even ones that use glitter or a nice varnish to really make it shine.

cute toe nail art (18)

If you’re looking for something a bit artier that matches your personality or maybe a bright summer dress that you own, than designs like this marble style flower one can be a great option. As you can see on the smaller toes they have opted for just a solid colour with a sticker on top but on the big toe they have gone all out with some cool flowers. We also like how they have not made them symmetrical to be a bit different and unique.

cute toe nail art (19)

Geometric designs are simple, elegant and timeless. Squares, triangles and lines are the more popular styles with these kind of designs. Deep reds, browns and beige with gold highlight is a modern classic. This kind of design also gives you options when it comes to selecting shoes and a dress as you can pick any one of the colours that you have used.

cute toe nail art (20)

We all know that our toes can quite easily get scuffed and dirty, especially when we are out dancing. This is why sometimes it can be a great idea to go with a black as the bass colour and then get creative on top of that. Everything goes with black so you can quite easily use other colour polishes you have to create a polka dot or similar effect.

cute toe nail art (21)

Black and white contrast beautifully together and this is why they have been popular to mix for so long. They are definitely popular colours this season and are very versatile. We really love the intricate mandala style pattern on the big toe, this is the kind of thing that would probably need to be done under a magnifying glass by a professional toenail artist.

cute toe nail art (22)

Here we can see some more great use of pastel style colours and more of an artier and unique design. We really love the glitter in the middle of the flowers to really make them pop. Pastel teal is also a very popular colour right now and looks great with a whole bunch of colours and even blacks. The gold glitter toe can be a great one to add in to the mix too.

cute toe nail art (23)

Here is a look at another fluro design, this time with a different range of colours though. Yellows, greens, oranges, purples and reds all in their own unique colour. We really like how they have opted for different colours on both big toes and then topped them off with a nice black and white floral design.

cute toe nail art (24)

If you want to get really creative when it comes to toenail art you can try getting a different cartoon character on each toenail. This of course is very difficult especially on the smaller toenails where you don’t have much surface area. With this in mind it’s best to work with relatively simple designs and not too many colours. You will also need some really fine brushes and similar tools to that of a tooth pick to do really fine line work. As you can see the result is amazing and no doubt would have taken some time to complete.

cute toe nail art (25)

Last but not least, this is one of our favourite toenail designs. Firstly lets look at the base colours they have used. Metallic golds and aquas that are bright fun colours that are also very versatile. The brown on top of that gives it more of a sophisticated classic look and we really like how they have a mixture of both straight lines and polka dots. Lastly they have topped it off really nicely with just a small amount of tiny white dots that adds a bit of contrast and really makes the design look special.

Hopefully these designs have sparked some ideas for your own toenail art or at the very least given you an idea of some of the colours and designs that are possible and work well together. If you’re just starting out with toenail art, make sure you start off simple and work your way up from there. If you’re every uncertain about any particular design the best thing you can do is look to test it out on one toenail first to make sure it works and can then do the rest from there. The most important thing with toenail art though is making sure you take proper care of your toenails so that the design can last. Avoid puddles, scratchy shoes and use a top coat or varnish to make the design last longer.


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