Adorning nails is something that has been around, as far back as during the Roman Empire. In fact, we can find evidence of this having existed even earlier than that. Today cosmetics bear more symbolic meaning apart from being the mere means of adornment and embellishment to that of being a symbol of wealth and prestige. When all items of makeup have joined this set, why should nail polish be far behind? To that end, we present to you the in trends in the most expensive nail polish. These give a new meaning to glitz and glamour.

Azature’s Black Diamond Nail Polish: The cost of this nail polish runs to thousands of dollars, touching a whopping quarter million dollars. Why spend that much on nail paint? You may ask, but this is something that will appeal to those who are into this kind of thing. This nail polish boasts of 267 carats worth of black diamonds in a deluxe lacquer that is made especially by Azature. Azature is a jewelry couturier whose portfolio has many gems but none as rich as this probably. This nail polish on your nails is sure to outshine most of the jewelry that you may wear. This is not something that every one, even the super rich can afford. For most people the department version is more affordable than this; it is priced at 25 dollars.

Gold Rush Couture Nail Polish by Models Own
: This was considered the costliest nail paint till Azature came along. This one boasts of making your nails glitter like diamonds placed on a plate of gold. With a bottle that has a lid made of solid gold and studded with 1118 diamonds, this one goes for 130000 dollars and the stars love it.

I Do by Elle Cosmetics: Not one but four ventures that include the culmination of Allure, which is a woman’s magazine, Elle Cosmetics, Johnson Matthey who is a British Platinum supplier and Platinum Guild International, have gotten together to create this nail polish that is priced at 55000 dollars. This nail polish named I Do is created out of powdered platinum and came out in the year 2005 at Las Vegas. The first set was marketed as a limited edition and the bottles were made of platinum in pure form. Now there is even an affordable version priced at 250 dollars.


Iced Manicure
: This nail polish is gorgeous on the nails and they end up looking like diamonds. It is applied in the form of a French Manicure and ranks as the costliest manicure and comes from Cherish. It is one of the most expensive treatments that will put 10 carats of diamonds on your nails, priced at 51000 dollars.  You can get this exclusive and costly treatment only through prior appointment with the manicurist Cherish Angual. They also take care of the maintenance and removal of the diamonds afterwards.

An Evening to Remember by Red Carpet Manicure: This one costs 1000 dollars and is infused with black diamonds nail lacquer consisting of a rich gel based polish that creates a holographic effect and has sparkling effects of many colors. You may have noticed many celebrities like Katy Perry, Pink, Rihanna and Christina Aguilera having this look. The nail polish also contains a unique gel LED formula that ensures the nail polish does not chip or peel off for some weeks after application.


As you can see these are the pricey and luxurious versions of nail paint that will perform as well as jewelry. The fact is that they cost as much or more than pricey jewelry. Still a nail polish that costs in thousands of dollars is a great thing to know about.



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