It may stun you to know that decorating your nails is not something that is recent, it has been going on for thousands of years. The trends now are no doubt more advanced not to mention constantly changing. Now we have henna and polymers and what have you. Now that things are easily available for you to prettify your nails, why should you ever be seen without them being decorated?

But we are not talking about expensive manicures here, we are talking about the great ways in which you can make your nails look truly amazing. There are many techniques that you can use like dotting, stamping, sponging, taping, applying decals, water marble, free hand and striping nail art.


We will take a look at striping nail art today

It is quick, easy and looks stunning. The use of tape in this way of doing your nails ensures a smoother finish that looks like the work of an expert. Before you get started, you need to gather certain things close at hand. This includes:

  • Colored nail paint and glitter of the same color
  • Striping tape
  • Top coat of polish

The method:

  • Apply two coats of nail paint and allow it to dry.
  • Put a strip of stripe tape across horizontally
  • Apply top coat to ensure that stripe stays in place
  • You can also apply some glitter on one side of the tape to make it look even more attractive
  • Or even apply more strips to create a different look

Cleaning up your nail paint using tape

Drawing a clean line is essential for your nails to look well painted but this may be difficult to do. You can achieve this very easily using striping tape.

You need:

  1. Two shades; one dark and the other light of a nail paint
  2. Striping tape in silver or gold color
  3. Top coat of polish

The method:

  • Apply the lighter colored nail paint on your nails, if needed apply two coats
  • Now take the darker shade and draw a diagonal line without bothering to be too precise about it.
  • Cut down 2 strips of the striping tape and apply on the top portion of the dark coat of the nail paint and one on the bottom.
  • Get the look fixed in place with a layer of top coat of polish10

Get a French manicure using striping tape

You need

  1. Nail paint in any color and one of glitter
  2. Striping tape in a contrast color
  3. Top coat of polish


  • You start by applying nail paint to the tip of your nail and keep it slightly slanted to form a diagonal strip of polish. Do not bother about making it perfect.
  • Now apply glitter paint on the tip of your nails in an easy and casual manner
  • Apply two strips of the tape to your nail bordering the colors you have applied
  • Just ensure that the whole look is fixed by applying a top layer of polish7

Pink and black striping tape nail art

You need:

  1. You need nail paints in pink and black
  2. Striping tape
  3. Polish for the top coat


  • Apply 2 coats of pink nail polish and let it dry
  • Now affix some pieces of the tape on your nail in creative designs
  • Apply the black paint
  • Then carefully remove the strips
  • Slather on the top coat for good finish27

Another nail tutorial

Once you have the hang of things you will find more and more creative things to do. Here is another one:

You need:

  1. A mix of nail paints in 5-6 colors
  2. Striping tape
  3. Coat of polish for topping


  • Create base with white paint
  • Make a cross using the tape
  • Apply different colors to each section
  • Then remove tapes
  • Apply top coat to seal the look

Fix a stone in the center to complete the look





























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