Tools you Require to Create Innovative Nail Art Designs


Nail art

When it comes to nail art, people who are passionate about it will tell you that there are indeed many tools that can be found. If you are going to salons to indulge in nail art then you will find that it is a very expensive proposition. Doing it yourself is not only a cheaper deal but you will find that doing nail art can be quite a wonderful experience. You can find out more about the tools you require to get started on nail art. Once you have these tools the only thing your nail art will be limited by is the time you have to spare to do it.

You need:

Nail paint in many colors. Make sure you stock up on some basic colors like red, white, red, green, glitter, silver, gray, blue, rose and violet. There will be many shades and hues when it comes to these colors and you can pick the ones that will work with your color tone. The thing with nail polish is that may become thick over time but it will not get spoilt. When using simply add some thinner to get the right consistency.


Art brushes: You get brushes that are to be specially used for nail art, and you need to get a full set of these. You would be surprised at how many popular websites sell these brushes. You can look through the variety of brushes available and get the ones you need.


Top and base coat: This is vital as one will protect the nails and the other will protect the art. Base coat will ensure that the health and color of your nail will remain intact. The delicate art that you have produced with so much effort on the nail will be protected by the top coat. Please do ensure that the artwork is completely dry before putting the top clear coat of polish.


Acetone: This is one thing in its purest form which is quite important while doing nail art. This will not only help clear out the regular nail paint but will also help you remove the stubborn glitter that can be really difficult to remove.


Tools in many sizes for dotting: Dots look adorable when done neatly in a contrasting color on a base layer of nail paint. It is also the easiest and quickest. Just ensure that you have a collection of tools for creating dots in different sizes. You can also use these tools as very small brushes for creating minute painting effects on the nail.


Rhinestones: These can be used simply or extravagantly to jazz up the look of your nails. You can get these in small sizes of different types and colors in packets. A party look for your nail art is easily achievable by strewing some artfully on top of your painted nails. Buy them in bulk to get good prices


Powdered glitter in many hues: The one thing that will take your nail art from simple and elegant to party and blingy levels is the glitter powder. You can use the same shade of glitter as the polish or go for some contrasting shade. To apply you need to dip the still wet painted nail in to the jar having the powder. Once removed from the pot you can gently brush the excess away.


Fimo nail art sticks: These can be cut into pieces of the dimensions you want with a sharp knife or scissors. Stick on wet nail polish for the desired artistic effect
Tools that create stamping effect on your nail: A simple cheat is to use these tiny stamps with different designs that you can dip into the nail paint and then stamp on the nail – instant art!



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