45 Perfect Fall Nails Collection + 2 DIY Tutorials


Fall time… these special several months of the year when nostalgia gets bluer, mood swings – stronger, and sometimes all you feel like doing is staying at home, reading a book and watching the rain pouring outside.

Apart from that, fall time is a charming opportunity to dive into deeper nuances, try some unexpected manicure techniques or choose some unusual combinations of colors, elements or motifs.

Today we have collected a whole list of 38 ideas + gallery of fall nails along with cool tips, trends and 2 short and very helpful DIY tutorials.


enhanced-1940-1411319835-1Via Cosmopolitan.

DIY 1 – Half-moon mani with a French tip twist

The first DIY short tutorial we chose for you today is Cosmo’s inspiring “Half-moon mani with a French tip twist”. You can choose to do it with the never-withering combination of red and gold, as shown on the picture, or replace one or both colors with any others you have passion for.

Have you ever tried to paint a French tip yourself? We bet the main reason why not is that you think it is too hard to create this miracle home alone. Well, it is about time you finally accept the challenge and get ready for “Half-moon mani with a French tip twist”!

First, apply your preferred base coat moving the brush from the cuticle to the tip. Use three stripes of base coat for each fingernail, starting with one in the middle, then one on the left and one more on the right side. We suggest that you don’t need to use a second coat in that case. After you make sure it is absolutely dry, proceed with the main color – in this case Cosmo chose candy red. Apply the first and the second coat of the main color using the three-stripes rule and allow it to dry very well. Step 1 has been completed successfully.

Step 2 requires to outline the contour line of the half moon. Pick up your color (in this case – sparkling gold) and draw a semi-circle starting from the left to the right of the cuticle on each fingernail. Try to achieve symmetry.

Step 3 is the completion of the half-moon. Carefully paint the area between the contour and the cuticle. What you need here is a stable hand and a small brush – the smaller, the better. If you succeed to paint it precisely on the first attempt, you wouldn’t need a second coat.

Now, Step 4 may be easier for you if you use some Scotch tape in order to paint the sparkling gold crescents on your nail tips. Put a strip of Scotch tape across your nail so that you leave uncovered only the small strip you need to paint. Of course, you could skip the Scotch tape and use directly the French manicure pen, but using the tape guarantees a symmetrical and clean outcome.




DIY 2 – Feathered Manicure

Supplies: Base – teal blue nail polish, 2 top coats (a thick and a quickly drying one), small nail scissors, a nail file block, feathers
Tip: You may consider buying a complete nail kit featuring natural feathers, it contains all you need and is totally affordable.

1. Paint your teal blue base, allow to dry, apply a second coat. If you choose another blue shade which is darker, e.g. indigo, berry, midnight, duke or navy, one coat should be enough.
2. It is time to apply the thick clear top coat. Do not wait for the blue base to dry – take the feather, place its top onto your nail plate and press it very gently.
3. Now, carefully cut the feather with the small nail scissors following the shape of your nail.
4. It is time to seal it in using the fast drying top coat. For a thicker glaze you may apply 2-3 coats.
5. The last step is to carefully file your nails with the nail file block.
6. Proceed with the other nails.

You are finished!

Before we move to our intriguing fall nails gallery, we would like to share with you some top tips for healthy nails. Here they are:

Top Tips for Healthy Nails – 6 Most Common Everyday Mistakes

No matter if you are into shorter nail shape or you prefer longer options such as stiletto, almond, lipstick or arrowhead, you should keep in mind the fact that the most important feature of the attractive manicure is its healthiness. In other words, the most beautiful nails are the healthy nails.

We have collected a list of 6 the most common mistakes regarding the everyday nail care. Take a careful look and estimate for yourself if you could do anything better.

  1. Lack of time – and we don’t mean only the time spent at your nail technician’s salon or in the mall looking for promotional nail care products. If you are really striving for healthy and glamorous-looking nails (and ready to make the respective efforts), you need to find the time needed to adopt the care for them as a part of your daily routine and learn to pay attention and react to any changes in color, thickness, texture, etc. In fact, if you learn to pay attention to the condition of your nails, you will be able to catch early, prevent or avoid a long list of illnesses, among which arthritis, tuberculosis, anemia, psoriasis, circulation, heart and liver problems.
  2. Lack of habits/ consistency – even though you may have enough time, you may lack the habit of or the consistency in taking proper nail care. If you read this article, you most probably (theoretically) know that the nail care is not less important than taking care of your face, hands, feet, etc. The reality shows differently: that considerable percentage of the ladies perceives care about face, hands, feet and even intimate parts prior to nail care; they mark their “nail job” as “done” as soon as they leave the beauty salon (and don’t come back in the next month, two or more). As soon as they come back home, they start cleaning and washing, get swallowed by the domestic tasks and play out the nail care to putting some hand cream once in a while. Well, this is not enough. Adopting the right habits is not a difficult task if you get used to it – for example, include regular “Nails!” events in your tasks schedule; check the expiry date of your nail care products every time you clean up your other cosmetic stuff; avoid using your nails as instruments; never let other people use your manicure set; clean entirely your nail instruments on regular basis (even though you are the only one using them, they still may have been infected with different types of bacteria, viruses, mycosis, etc.).
  3. Lack of hydration – and we don’t mean only applying expensive products. The good and healthy hydration starts with the amount of water you are drinking every day. It affects all organs, systems and processes in your body, so you’d better trust the experts and increase your daily water consumption to (at least) 2 liters daily. Apart from that, you don’t really need to spend a fortune in the beauty shop; there are excellent natural products you may use as a nail soak – e.g. castor, coconut, argan, tea tree or olive oil. For better results apply the preferred oil onto your nail cuticles and beds with gentle massage movements; for best results you may let the oils take effect onto your nails over the night.
  4. Lack of protection – and we don’t mean only applying top coat. One of the nails’ worst enemies is the housework you do on daily basis. Cooking, washing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom and the toilette, taking care of the plants at home or in the garden, performing your baby’s routine care – all these activities are nail killers if you don’t take the appropriate measures. To avoid damaging your nails, always wear gloves when you wash, clean etc., and do not forget to follow Tip 2 and apply nail soak every night before or during your hours of sleep.
  5. Lack of zinc – again, we do not mean only your cosmetic products. The lack of zinc in the organism affects the healthiness of your nails, hair and skin as well. The warning signs of zinc deficiency are white spots on your nails as well as hair loss, acne, lack of appetite, fatigue, weakened immune system. Consider enriching your menu with eggs, liver, seafood, wheat germ, barm, pumpkin seeds – your body needs about 15 mg. of zinc daily.
  6. Lack of iron –  The deficiency of iron in the body may result in brittle nails and other health issues such as frequent infections, chest pain, shortness of breath, extreme fatigue, pale skin, headache and many more. Remember to start consuming on regular basis these foods which are rich in iron: red meat, pork, poultry, beans, lentils, tofu, seafood, dried fruits, dark green leafy vegetables (like spinach), eggs, peanut butter, brown rice.

fall-nails-040516321. Varicolored Fall Flowers on Almond-Shaped Nails

The first suggestion in our fall nails collection is perfect for almond, rounded and oval nails. Using nail stickers will make your life considerably easier, but if you have some spare time and the spirit of an artist, you may grab the brush and paint these lovely varicolored fall flowers by hand.


2. Classical Autumn Look for Ladies with an Artistic Temperament

Apply the base coat, then one thick layer of dark gray using the three-stripes rule (as described in DIY 1 in the beginning of this article).
Carefully outline with a toothpick/ pin the contours of the leaf/ves on each finger and fill with color (if you dare, you may even play with the shades inside the shape). Do not try to achieve symmetry, just the opposite – draw 3 different-colored leaves on pointer, middle and small finger, but add an extra leaf on both the thumb and the ring finger. Use yellow, red and orange. Add a small green fleck next to each leaf.
After it is perfectly dry, carefully draw the visible parts of an imaginary grid laying below the leaves. Use black color and toothpick/ pin or an extra small brush. Don’t forget the top coat.


3. White Fall Tree for Short Nails

Stylish, with a sip of mystery, this suggestion in our fall nails list is meant to be taken out on a date. The tree pattern here is easy to draw even for absolute beginners, yet the result is splendid. Use your imagination further, put a tiny, black-colored dot on each of the tree’s leaves. Depending on your outfit’s nuances, you may change the color of the tree, but we strongly advise you: let the base coat be at least approximately the same color you see on the picture.
Add the same color hat, scarf or lipstick.


4. Hungry Squirrel

This model requires a bit of an artist’s hand, so if you were never good at drawing even a simple vase or an apple, then you’d better concentrate on the other suggestions on the list. On the other hand, if you are ready to dare, then we guarantee your nails will surely be different than any other lady’s nails. Improvise further with any other animal you are fond of – a bunny (draw carrots instead of acorns), a cat (combine with fishes/ fish bones), a dog (and a bowl), a bird (next to a pile of seeds). Tip: this model is not appropriate if your nail shape is stiletto, almond or arrowhead.


5. Magical Fall in Red, Purple and Glitter

If you аre looking for the best manicure to suit your favorite white (or black) sweater, you may consider that one a perfect match.


6. Yellow Leaves on Red Background – Fall in Glitter

Even if fall time may not be your favorite period of the year, this fall nail art is here to stay in your “Top” list.


7. Fall Tree on White Background for Almond and Rounded Nails

Another fall nails suggestion featuring a tree, this time one on each fingernail. Apply the white base coat and allow it to dry very well. Paint a round spot in the middle of each fingernail using very light yellow polish (daffodil, lemon or pineapple yellow are very appropriate) and draw a spiral within each spot with a toothpick. Wait for it to dry. Grab the brown and draw the stem and the branches of your fall tree. The last step is to add the autumn leaves on the branches by scattering some red and yellow dots (make sure to pick up a different nuance from the yellow behind the tree). Don’t forget the top coat and you are done. Suits best almond and rounded nails.


8. Red Rose on Ring Finger

Very delicate and stylish fall nail art, exclusively created for almond-shaped nails.


9. Extravagant Brown-Black Nail Art   

Ladies with square oval nails, here is something for you! This nail art requires a serious occasion.


10. Semi-colored Fall Nail Art

The semi-colored nails literally take half less time than the entirely painted ones. Remember the trick with your French nail tips? Well, you could basically apply it here as well. Make a pattern using the Scotch tape, stick it on half of your fingernail and paint the other half the desired color. Repeat and go on with the next fingernail.


11. Sunny Fall Garden Nail Art

Let the fall magic spread over your nails and burst in colors.


12. Purple Fall Nail Art +

Absolutely no time for any nail experiments, but still in the need of something? Well, refresh your lilac manicure with one different fingernail in green.


13. Matte and Glitter Featuring a Cute Fox

Animal stickers are among the best ways to pick up a manicure which is stylish and fun in the same time.


14. Japanese Garden on White Background

Romantic suggestion for square nails. We bet your haven’t used the combination of pink and yellow in a while, so get inspired by that one!


15. Triple-Colored Fall Leaves

These thick fall leaves are definitely one of the best combinations of fall colors and nuances.


16. Motley Mosaic 

Sick of stereotypes? Grab the brush and spread some colors over your nails, no rules, no limitations.


17. Overflowing Classic Fall Colors

If you like classic with a sip of innovation, stick to that color pattern and technique, but change your nail shape to lipstick, ballerina or stiletto.


18. Fall Magic with Green Nail Art Stones for Mountain-Shaped Nails

Fall has many faces and moods. Our suggestion here shows its cold-nuanced, fairy-taled aspect.


19. Fall Sky Colors Strips for Square Nails

Very funky and yet elegant, this mixture of shades reminds us of a fall sky just before the rain comes.


20. One-Colored Nail Art for Short Nails

This one needs no further presentation – it is always a winning strategy – any occasion, any length, any color.


21. Stylized Branches

It is not your task to create a realistic painting here, do not spend too much time on the details, but rather try to express the fall mood through the appropriate colors.


22. Fall Fire Tree on White Background 

Fall time has always been an inspiration for the people of art, so take the brush and bring this colors to life.


23. Purple-Yellow Nail Art Featuring Peacock Feather

Peacocks feathers are believed to be symbols of immortality, compassion, openness and watchfulness, so let this purple-yellow feather nail art inspire you to chase the evil spirits away.


24. Glitter Decoration with Pumpkin

Glitter and orange – a noticeable combination which is always trendy. Add the pumpkin – just not to make it too serious.


25. French Manicure with Fall-Colored Tips

Grab your French manicure set again. Paint the tips in fall colors using the Scotch tape trick we shared with you in the beginning of this article.


26. Groovy Nail Art

Now, ladies – here is a great idea for occasions like experimental theater, goth rock, new wave concert or any other alternative event you’d go to.


27. Black Raven-Witch Cat Nail Art (recommended for mountain, stiletto and arrowhead shapes)

Halloween, office party or an exciting date – go on and paint some more “black” symbols on your fingernails such as: skull, devil’s tale, grave stone, witch hat, candle, lightning, magic stick…


28. Green-Yellow Mixture of Styles

Very intriguing and playful suggestion, leaves space for more creativity and spontaneity and fits a wide range of events.


29. Reverse French Manicure Featuring Nail Art Stones and Motley Dots

You wanna go further? Replace the motley dots with some more different-colored nail art stones.


30. Variegated Fall Nail Art – 10 Different Nails 

If your mind has been too busy and overwhelmed lately, let it all go away by spending some fun time decorating each of your nails with a different painting.


31. Fall Leaves Wrapped in Cellophane 

Top nail art suggestion! The stickers under the shiny top coat create the impression the leaves have been wrapped in cellophane.


32. Fall Flowers on The Table

A whiff of home. If you prefer, you may replace the square with red polka dots on white background.


33. Stylish Flower Nail Art

Applicable also for shorter manicure, but in that case you should paint only one flower on a nail instead of two.


34. Halloween Nail Art for Cool Ladies

Super attractive Halloween suggestion for your nails. The black and white elements will suit any costume and you may change any of the other colors accordingly to your outfit.


35. Fall Sonata in Colors of The Sun

Just as shiny and romantic as your mood is when you are about to enjoy a romantic weekend with your beloved one…


36. Cerualean Blue and Glitter for Very Short Nails

Ad lib, replace the gold glitter with silver and lighten the blue’s nuance a bit.


37. When Darkness Falls – French Manicure Goth Style

The darkest fall nail art in this collection is easy to do and yet impressive. Do dark gray French manicure with black tips and draw a vertical black line along your nails’ length, starting in the middle of each tip (as if you are painting a black cross over the gray background).


38. Branch Ornament on Yellow Background

Our last fall nails suggestion is among the easiest on the list – apply base coat, then 2 coats of crimson red (or replace with ruby, lipstick or candy red), allow to fully dry, paint white branches with a small brush, add some yellow on the leaves’ tips, finish with top coat.


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