Latest Nail art Tips to try this summer


If you are someone who is artistic and enjoys fiddling around with nail polish then this article will delight you. You get to use your artistic mind and that too using your own nail as the canvas. The best part is that you get to experiment and flaunt a new look whenever you feel like it.


Ombre nail art is a way of painting your nails so that have a shaded look with two colors on them. It is possible that you would have come across pictures of such art on nails. Here is what your require to achieve an effect like this on your nails this summer for that great look:

  1. Nail paint of two different colors that you want for your nails
  2. A top coat (has to be clear)
  3. Some sponge
  4. Nail paint remover and cotton bits

The basic and simple version of Ombre is the one using two colors; you are better of picking one in lighter shade and another in a darker shade. First thing you need to do before starting on this is to ensure that your nails are absolutely clear of polish and very clean. One of the tips to ensure that your nail paint dries quickly is to immerse your hands in really cold water for about ½ to 1 minute and then removing them.


First thing to do to get started on this is to apply the lighter color on to your nails, apply two coats if you feel it is required. Let this coat of polish dry fully. Now comes the next part – take out some of the darker shade of polish to a flat surface or on to a piece of sponge. Then gently dip the sponge into the color and apply to the tip of your nails. Do each nail in turn.. Let the nail paint dry completely and then cover the art on your nail with a clear top coat of polish.


You need to try different permutations and combinations with regard to colors to arrive at the one that works with each of your outfits and moods.


Ombre nail art using several colored nail paints: You can go with more than two colors for doing ombre art on your nails. The technique is basically the same; you just need to be a bit more creative. Start with two coasts of nail polish (lighter hue) and let it dry. You can then carefully make an impression of one color with the sponge on your nail. Carefully repeat the motion for all the nails. Then do the same thing with another color. If you are going in one direction for one color then do that same motion for all nails. You can go a little crazy and add accessories on the same nail on each hand, like a tiny flower, star or bow.


Another way of doing ombre art on your nails is that once you have applied a double layer of base nail paint then you can mix the rest of the nail paint colors on a surface. Then use a sponge to make a particular pattern that can be applied to each of the nails. Always remember to finish with the clear top coat. This way the nail art will remain intact for a longer time.


One more way this type of nail art can be worked by using different shades of the same color nail paint. This can really cool and different and will have people wondering how you have achieved the effect. In case you do not happen to have the same color of nail polish in different shades then you can add white color nail paint to progressively get a lighter shade. Once you have done it you will find yourself eager to experiment with different shades and colors.



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