20 Photos of Acrylic Nails to Enhance Manicure Creativity


What Are Acrylic Nails?

Basically, acrylic nails are a synthetic coating that’s applied on fingernails and look seemingly like real nails. One can use these nails like fashion accessories if that’s your taste – adding more beauty and glamour in accordance to your customization techniques. Instead of going to the salon every time for getting your nails done, you can learn to do acrylic nails by yourself in order to save money and learn something glamorously creative. Here you’ve found a brief overview of how to apply acrylic nails plus 20 photos of acrylic nails that are sure to help enhance your very own manicure creativity.

Purple Paradise

This design is reminiscent of tropical flowers or perhaps butterfly wings, having gorgeous gems placed atop like drops of dew or rain. If this design doesn’t make you want to see more, I don’t know what would.

acrylic nail art (6)

What Do You Need?

  • Nail tips
  • High quality nail glue
  • Ultra-natural powdered acrylic
  • Liquid acrylic
  • Nail brush
  • Absorbent paper towels
  • Acrylic brushThese also come in handy: Nail Polish Remover, Cotton Balls, Nail Oil*You can find acrylic nail kits in your local salon or in the beauty section of most stores.

acrylic nail art (24)

Here’s What You Do

Use a filing block to roughen up the base of your nails from tips to skin. This will help the acrylic nails stay on longer and avoid the accidental splitting of a nail. Also, cut your nails and/or file them down to a short edge, to ensure your acrylic nails cover them properly.

Choose artificial nails that fit the bed of your nails like puzzle pieces as best as they can.

Apply the glue to a fingernail by pressing the tip firmly down against the nail and squeezing, to ensure the glue is placed directly where you need it. Slide that finger’s acrylic nail snugly into the bed of your real nail and press down for just a few seconds. Repeat this step with each finger. Doing this may become progressively harder as the long acrylics are progressively applied, so try placing the nails on your dominant hand first.

acrylic nail art (23)

Cut the nails to the size of comfort with the use of artificial nail tip cutter. If you don’t have one, you can use nail scissors – but it is not advised to cut directly across the nail. Instead, start cutting from one side of your nail towards the middle, then stop. Finish by cutting again, starting from the opposite side and working your way to the middle again.

Shimmering Midnight 

Ever wonder why those clear acrylic nails exist? This is why – take a look at the pic below. You can come up with some pretty interesting designs by painting them yourself. Be sure to paint the *inside of the nail, not the top of it. This ensures the design lasts longer and you can easily doing amazing layers like seen below.

acrylic nail art (21)

Give The Finishing Touch To Your Nails

File your nails in the desired shape.

Have your paper towel near and pour your acrylic liquid out into a small vessel.Next, open the acrylic powder container. Dip your acrylic nail brush into the liquid, wiping both sides with the paper towel. Now, dip it into the powder forming a moist ball that isn’t too wet or dry. Apply this ball on the seam of your natural nail and spread out to the nail tip. Smooth it down gently to rid of any minuscule bumps.

Some Useful Tips:

  • The tip coating should be applied to the tip as well as the free edge in order to create the build up.
  • Take a medium nail file to trim off and smooth off areas around the cuticle so as to give a round shape to the nails.
  • The use of a filing block is suggested in order to smooth out the discrepancies or removing any bumpy features so that you get neatness and comfort.
  • Make use of a nail brush and warm water with soap to clean your nails thoroughly.
  • A fast drying topcoat can enhance the beauty of your nails and make them shine.
  • As through the whole process, your nails get exposed to various strong chemicals, so there is a need to apply nail oil on them in order to condition and moisten them.

acrylic nail art (22)
Once you’ve mastered the art of applying acrylic nails to your own nails, it will progressively become simpler and simpler, making you your own salon specialist that’s pro at enhancing your style.

And Now, More Photos of Acrylic Nails

  1. Arg, Me Matey! 
    We’ve all got a little bit of pirate in us. And look at how cute the hot pink bow looks on the skull. You can make your skull look however you choose, from rough and scary to dolled up and cute. Whatever your personality style, there’s a right skull for your piratey, golden manicure.
    acrylic nail art
    2. Victorian Royalty
    Deep purple bordering indigo used to be a color meant only for royalty. Mix this little spark of fashion with Victorian era’s facial pieces and silhouettes – you’ve got a classically chic yet unique acrylic nail set.
    acrylic nail art (1)
    3. Monsters & Kittens 
    Yes, that’s definitely a Hello Kitty nail in the center, there. Combined with radiant sparkles and a nail that looks as if a cartoon mouth were about to chomp you up.
    acrylic nail art (2)
    4. Wild Rainbow 
    To paint every nail a different color – blue, yellow, pink, green (and we’re not sure what the thumbs are from this pic) expresses a certain personality that only the bold like to exude. Instead of doing your normal colors, these are enhanced with both sparkles, gems, and zebra print. Bravo to this designer.
    acrylic nail art (3)5. Where the Magic Resides
    The design below makes me want to close my eyes and imagine running through colorful fields of wildflowers during a sunset. The colors used are reminiscent of a sunset, being soft and warm.
    acrylic nail art (4)
    6. Autumn Leafs
    Instead of using a light pink to enhance the nail’s colors, a light maroon was used – a lovely twist to make your nails seemingly more in season for Autumn. Not to mention the cute little golden leafs that look like they’re floating in a sunset.
    acrylic nail art (5)
    7. Feather Wrap 
    The first thing I think of are peacock feathers – the edges that flay a bit, as if they’re being wrapped around this person’s fingers. I say peacock, because look at those colors! Not to mention the shiney mother-of-pearl gems used within the design. Gorgeous.
    acrylic nail art (7)
    8. Little Kitty Polka-Dots
    Another gorgeous twist on Hello Kitty, but this kitten looks more grown up! Love how the white curving edges of the nails look like the cats’ ears sticking up. Creating contrasting nails – the black with white and pink polka-dots – really brings out the overall design and attracts the eyes to the cats’ faces.
    acrylic nail art (8)
    9. Ocean Waves 
    There might be designs on these nails reminiscent of flowers, but the entire look is more of the waves of the ocean – especially when coupled with a ring that looks like a silver wave. The shade of blue reminds us of tropical waters, as if ready to go surfing.
    acrylic nail art (9)
    10. Floating Flowers 
    These purple and white waves amid sparkling silver has an ethereal effect – if one has an imagination. Those flowers on the ring finger look as if they’re afloat amid the rift.
    acrylic nail art (10)
    11. Creative Kitty Cats
    It’s like the little nursery rhyme called “This Little Piggy,” each one of these kittens has its own personality and own backstory that could support why they look the way they do. A manicure such as this is bound to create some interesting conversations.
    acrylic nail art (11)
    12. Golden Masquerade 
    The placement of these gems are directly at the bed of the nail, making it look as if gold and gems are growing from the wearer’s fingers along with their nails. This looks like a gorgeous set that someone could wear to a ball or masquerade.
    acrylic nail art (12)
    13. Wildly Wondrous 
    If zebra print wasn’t wild enough for you, imagine pairing it with a unique color such as the peachy-orange seen below. Can’t say I’d have coupled the two ideas together – but then again, we’re here to give you ideas!
    acrylic nail art (13)
    14. Dark Matrix
    This design looks like something one of the humans might wear in the Matrix series: Futuristic, odd lines, mysteriously robotic blue and black design.
    acrylic nail art (14)
    15. Poison Party
    Purple and green mixed with skulls and cross-bones usually end up meaning something along the lines of “poison” – so why not have a poisonous manicure to entrap the attention of onlookers? They’ll easily fall victim to such a captivating design.
    acrylic nail art (15)
    16. Valentine Plaid 
    Pink and silver plaid is extremely cute for wearing on Valentine’s Day – but feel free to switch up colors to make a design similar to this your very own. You can always add little lips and hearts or any other small symbols to your nails.
    acrylic nail art (16)
    17. An Evening in Spain
    I can imagine a set of nails like this on the hands of a Spanish dancer at a large event as she twirls and twists her dress gracefully about her.
    acrylic nail art (17)
    18. Minds of Their Own
    Each one of these nails has its own personality, sporting glamorous, geometric designs that are unique comparatively.
    acrylic nail art (18)
    19. Meshed 
    These otherwise average French manicured nails have been spruced up with a bit of color and a mesh design, combined with a classic little flower.
    acrylic nail art (19)
    The 20th photo, you ask? Why, it’s the Purple Paradise at the beginning of this post! Hope you enjoyed these 20 fabulous photos of acrylic nails!


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