You will find that digital art on your fingernails really cool and awesome to look at and the best part is it is easy to do. This is somewhat of a three dimensional looking design that will somehow remind you of the earth, the planets and the other elements of astronomy.

circle nail (9)

The way the elements in the design look as if they are suspended in mid animation adds to the overall look of the design. Plus the basic method of doing this is so  simple that you can try out the combinations that you want as you keep doing it. You can be sure that when you try these designs on your nails, you will surely gather lots of positive comments plus demands to know where you got it done.

Things you need:

  • A good base coat
  • A top coat that is good for sealing embellishments and decals on the nail
  • A dark violet or purplish nail paint that has sparkles in it. If you wish you may go for other dark colors like navy blue or black
  • Punching tool for  punching out holes in paper
  • Some band aid
  • A good pair of scissors
  • Very small silver beads


Getting Started:

The first step would be to apply the base coat. After it dries apply two coats of the sparkly nail polish and let it dry fully. 

Pick up the band aid and make a hole in it using the punching tool on one end of the strip. Remove the hole that has been punched in the band aid with the help of scissors. Rub it to reduce the sticky factor in the band aid.

Put the cut piece of band aid that you have cut using the punching tool on the nail. You need to take care to place the circle where you want it and then place it.

Press to ensure that it is stuck properly without any air pockets or else the beads may not stay on as they are supposed to.
Add on the top coat of polish on the circular hole created by the cut part of the band aid and then as soon as possible take out the tiny silver beads and stick then on.

You will need to keep making adjustments in the way to place them so that the silver balls cover the whole area and also ensuring that they are not stuck on top of each other.

circle nail (18)

You need to have a proper system of how you pick up and place the silver balls. You can place them conveniently on a plate and use a tissue to add the silver balls to the circle.

When you are sure that the beads are fully stuck in the hole, you have to now remove the band aid. Do this slowly and with care. You will now have a neat circle of silver balls. Do not be overly concerned if the beads do not form a perfect circle. You can always embellish the design by placing other silver beads at random around the nail area to complete the design.

The last step would be the additional application of the top coat to ensure that things are in place and also you can use this to sprinkle the random beads as suggested earlier. When you are sure that the beads are well stuck in place do apply one last layer of top coat. This will ensure that the design looks good and remains intact for a longer time. Sit back and enjoy the compliments and the admiration.

circle nail

circle nail (1)

circle nail (2)

circle nail (3)

circle nail (4)

circle nail (5)

circle nail (6)

circle nail (7)

circle nail (8)

circle nail (10)

circle nail (11)

circle nail (12)

circle nail (13)

circle nail (14)

circle nail (15)

circle nail (16)

circle nail (17)


circle nail (19)



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