Futuristic, fashionable, dazzling and desirable, these stellar designs are alluring to the eye and a great addition to almost any look you’re after.

Whether you’re a fan of the cosmos, are looking for something new and intriguing, or are a fashionista trying to find the latest in nail designs – the galaxy nail art featured in this post will inspire you to pull out your favorite nail colors and some glitter. For the do-it-yourselfer, we’ve included a video tutorial to help you out since these designs do take some time to complete. But if you’re patient with yourself, you’ll have that tenth nail done in no time and be an expert in galaxy nail design!

Galaxy Nails Tutorial Video (Nails by Kizzy)

If you’re better at following written instructions, here are the steps the video tutorial covers:

1) Collect your nail art utensils. You’ll need base coat polish; top coat polish; a dark, medium, and light blue polish; black and white polish; glitter polish; dotting tool (or toothpick); tweezers; pieces of sponge.
2) Paint your base coat.
3) Paint two coats of dark blue polish as a base color.
4) Take a small piece of sponge and hold it with tweezers. Dip the sponge gently into white polish (not a lot – less is more!) and gently tap onto nails where you want your galaxy to be. This is usually done diagonally on each nail, but you’re free to choose which direction you prefer.
5) Sponge black polish on the edges of your nails.
6) Sponge medium blue polish on the edges of your galaxy, blending it with the white and dark blue.
7) Sponge light blue polish in the center of the galaxy (very lightly) and gently blend. You may need to add more medium blue if the light blue seems overwhelming. Blend both blues until you’re satisfied with your galaxy’s look.
8) Highlight different parts of your galaxy with a touch of white polish and blend to give it a glowing look.
9) Wait for your colors to dry, then paint entire nail with glitter polish.
10) Use dotting tool or toothpick to dot random stars on your nail. Make sure they’re different sizes!
11) Clean up your cuticles and around your nails with nail polish remover. You can use a sponge dipped in remover to gently clean up around the nails or a small brush.
12) Add your top coat. Fin!

Now, here are the wonderful pics of Galaxy Nail Designs. The first two are picture tutorials to help you out in doing them yourself, while the rest are photos meant to inspire your personalized nail art.

1. Picture Tutorial #1 – Vivid Cosmic Dream
galaxy-nails-22We can see using torn bits of sponge is essential in creating the blended, fading design of the cosmos on our nails. You can choose to have the galaxy swirl diagonally on your nail, go up and down, or from side to side.

2. Picture Tutorial #2 – Quick Blend Nebula
galaxy-nails-23This picture tutorial is a great example of a more simplified galaxy creation. If you’re looking for the entirety of the nail to look like a galaxy, simply blend deep/dark yet vivid colors with one another atop a black coat and cover with glitter nail polish.

3. Icy Glam
galaxy-nails-39This design doesn’t blend three different blues. Instead, it uses one deep blue atop a black coat and simple white glitter to add the stars.

4. Cold & Starry Night
galaxy-nails-40You can spruce up your galaxy nail design by adding hand art in ink or henna to your fingers to match the beautiful galaxy design of your nails. Here we have dark blues with a touch of purple, giving these nails a starry and cold night sky effect.

5. Speckled Sky


Instead of adding little white dots as stars, you can choose to also place tiny X’s as stars for them to stand out more. Adding a touch of green can give your galaxy extra depth.

6. Cold Fingertips
galaxy-nails-42These nails are much simpler to create from an artistic standpoint. Instead of adding a galaxy using sponges, you can simply choose a glimmering pastel purple and add blue glitter on top to create an icy yet stellar appeal.

7. City Skies
galaxy-nails-43These nails are a mesh of blended colors, not following the traditional galaxy design but remain cosmic none-the-less. You can see gold and silver were added colors to the blues and purples. Experiment with different polishes to see what kind of galaxy look you’re after.

8. Lengthy Tips
galaxy-nails-44If you don’t want to spend a ton of time doing every single nail with a galaxy design (it can be time consuming especially if you’re a perfectionist) then choose to do only a few on each nail. You’ll still have the awesome cosmic look you’re after.

9. Deep Space
galaxy-nails-45These vivid nails have been done using darker teals mixed with deep blue and purple. The black is more evident here, causing the starts to really pop out and shine.

10. Neptune’s Illumination
galaxy-nails-46Gorgeous. Three of the five nails here have less of a galaxy effect and more of a Neptune effect – the colors and blending fade to look like the planet. This is a great idea for those of us that want to look but don’t have time to spend several minutes blending a galaxy on each individual finger. A few nails done in black with glitter atop truly make your nail art out-of-this-world.

11. Star Patches
galaxy-nails-47The dots done for stars here look like clusters of stars that have formed together at the center of a galaxy.

12. Mismatched & Marvelous
galaxy-nails-48These nails were done using solid colors with simple glitter polish used on top. You can use pastels on some nails and deeper colors on others to still have a space effect.

13. Triad of Color
galaxy-nails-1Black, purple, and white are used to create the nail art here. Instead of using three different shades of the same color, you can mix a color with a touch of white to make a lighter shade or with a very slight touch of black to make it darker.

14. Bright Galaxies
galaxy-nails-2Not a lot of black is shown here, and larger dots have been created as stars. Your galaxy doesn’t always have to stream across each nail, you can have the entirety of your nails look like they’ve been submerged into a galactic pool of color.

15. Cosmic Stardust
galaxy-nails-3Instead of creating a full on galaxy on each nail, this set involves simple black base and the addition of small white stars with a glittery over coat. Here’s a great trick – if you accidentally mess up on a nail, you can cover it up like seen here on the ring finger.

16. Bubbles of Stars
galaxy-nails-4Galaxy nail art goes wonderful with beaded and bubbled accented nails. The combination of pastels give a soft, luminous look to these miniature galaxies and the use of bright magenta beneath the purple beads really makes the nail pop and stand out.

17. Glittered Glam
galaxy-nails-5For a cosmic party that involves more of a chrome look instead of a colorful galaxy, you can choose to use greys and white to décor your nails instead of blues and purples.

18. Groovy Green Galaxy 
galaxy-nails-6Switch it up and try different colors for the base of your galaxy. This one happens to lack black, so it can be considered more than just a galaxy look (though the technique was used here). This would look great if you were searching for an Earthy fae look.

19. The Rare Star Speckle
galaxy-nails-7Decorating one nail on each hand is becoming more and more popular. Test out and see whether you like the galaxy nail art – or if you’ve got a steady enough hand to carry out the technique – by doing one nail on each hand. The rest can be a simple matte black to keep the space look going. You can also choose to add a coat of glitter to the black.

20. Fading into Oblivion
galaxy-nails-8The galaxy here was done on the tips, and instead of a black base, the wearer chose to use a white base. This is great if you prefer a close-up of a galaxy on your nails instead of a view from far way, encompassing the entirety of the galaxy.

21. A Plethora of Stars
galaxy-nails-9Using sponges to decorate your nails can get messy, like seen here. Be sure and have some nail polish remover at your ready once you finish your nails. You can use a q-tip or small paint brush to dip into the nail polish remover and skim the outlines of your cuticles to get rid of all those colors on your skin. Evening out the edges will make your design look more professional.

22. Big Starry Night
galaxy-nails-10Experiment with your favorite types of glitter. You can use various sizes. Larger glitter will create a differing effect than small glitter.

23. Personalized Galaxy Creation
galaxy-nails-11Switch it up and try something different on each nail that resembles your love for all things space! Again, this is a great trick if you’ve messed up on a nail trying to get a galaxy going. Throw some gold or silver speckles on and it’ll still look cosmically magnificent. In the pic above, you can see she’s also decided to use glitter sparingly – only on certain parts of her nails.

24. Cloudy Nebula
galaxy-nails-12For a more cloudy effect, try using some thicker sparkles or a shimmering silver blended into the other colors instead of white.

25. Space Dust
galaxy-nails-13It really looks like miniature galaxy photos printed on your nails when you allow the black to show on the edges of your nails.

26. Otherworldly Sparkle
galaxy-nails-14These nails were done by blending shimmering mother of pearl pastels with one another and topping it off with a clear coat. You can always add a layer of glitter polish to keep it sparkling.

27. Cosmic Rainbow
galaxy-nails-15Don’t be shy with colors! You can use any amount you wish, and the cosmos will seemingly come to life on tips of your fingers. Nails like these are bound to be seen from afar and are fun to show off.

28. Floral Space Clouds
galaxy-nails-16Using the galaxy nails technique to color your nails doesn’t have to always match cosmic attire. Use colors that match floral designs and you’ll end up with a magnificent look like the one seen above. These nails almost look like frost covered trees.

29. Constellation Magic
galaxy-nails-17Got a steady hand? If you do, why not try to recreate some constellations in the sky? As you can see here, the wearer of this nail art went into detail to create not only a constellation, but also added a nail sticker of a pentacle on her pinkie. Think outside of the box!

30. Black Holes
galaxy-nails-18Sure, glitter is great, but for those of us with a darker side, why not flaunt some black holes instead? The glitter used on these nails flash both silver and a deep color mimicking black.

31. Scattered Space Dust
galaxy-nails-19Want the galaxy nails but don’t want to spend the time making them? You can purchase either fake nails online (think EBay or Amazon) or find nail stickers that you can cut and modify to your nail sizes.

32. Cold & Cloudy
galaxy-nails-20Some nails you’re able to see the wearer blended deep blues with black, others she blended blue with purple and white, and still another includes a bit of green. You can try different colors on each individual nail and still look amazing. They’ll match, regardless, with a black base coat and white stars.

33. Alien Nebula
galaxy-nails-21The tutorial showed you how to create galaxy nails using differing shades of blue. Now try the tutorial using differing shades of green! You can see there is an almost lime-green as the light green, a natural green for medium, and for the dark color used – a beautiful shimmering teal.

34. Planet Paradise
galaxy-nails-24Don’t stop at galaxies. Try planets, or moons, or big stars! We can see three different types of stars here – the five-pointed pentacle, an eight-pointed asterisk, and the more common and simple dot. The planets make great colorful additions.

35. Moonshine
galaxy-nails-25You can add some additional art to your galaxy nails by including stickers. Be careful on how you layer your nail polish and incorporate your sticker. You don’t want to overpower the sticker with too much polish over it, and you don’t want to put a sticker over glitter nail polish because glitter tents to create a bumpy texture. That bumpy texture will make it harder for your sticker to stay on. Add glitter to your design after placing your stickers on.

36. Magenta Stardust
galaxy-nails-26For you ultra-girly girls that must have your magentas and pinks, this galaxy is for you.

37. Close Encounters
galaxy-nails-27Instead of using black as a backdrop in this nail art, a deep blue was used. It gives a wonderful illuminating effect to your little galaxies.

38. Falling Stars
galaxy-nails-28Go crazy with glitter! You can try using two different types of glitter to add dimension to your nail art. Here we see glitter with large stars and glitter with small speckles.

39. Starry Dream
galaxy-nails-29You can simply blend a deep blue with black over the entirety of your nails, wait to dry, then add a coat of glitter to get this look. Seemingly galactic, but far less time consuming.

40. Floating Galaxy
galaxy-nails-30These miniature galaxies were planned out perfectly! It looks as if one galaxy spreads across all four fingers – a mural of nail art.

41. Galaxy Additions
galaxy-nails-31Why have all your nails be the same when you can show just how diverse your personality is by giving each nail its own design? Adding a galaxy nail to your designs adds a touch of color and sparkle – just enough to catch the eye of a stranger but not too much to blind someone!

42. Soft Space Milk
galaxy-nails-32Blending pastels with white will give you this milky look similar to galaxy nails. It looks as if you’re staring into a glassy nebula. Be sure and add two top coats of clear polish to make your nails look extra shimmery.

43. Deep Space Star Scatter
galaxy-nails-33All you need for nails like these is black and white. A light cloudy effect was created by blending a bit of white in the center of the nail with the black. Wait to dry, then add the white dots for stars. Finish with your favorite glitter polish.

44. Violet Star Haze
galaxy-nails-34You don’t always need to add blue to your galaxy nail art. Here we have shades of violets blended together with a touch of pink to add dimension. Add a large, painted star (with a toothpick or dotting tool) to just a few of your nails but not all.

45. Golden Nebula
galaxy-nails-35Another amazing mesh of colors, we  can see yellow was used here which isn’t traditional when creating galaxy nail art. However, blended correctly, yellow does look great and is seen in real galaxies often!

46. Cloudy Space Deposits
galaxy-nails-36This gal went crazy with white, but it still came out looking like a milky way galaxy.

47. Moon Glow
galaxy-nails-37Here we have the full picture of the nails done in the tutorial. You can create galaxy nails using any palette of colors so that they match your favorite piece of jewelry or your outfit for a special occasion.

48. Star Gems
Here we can see the galaxy painting technique wasn’t used, rather, a plethora of gems has been used to create a different kind of sparkling galaxy nail art. Experiment with gems, colors, and differing types of glitter polish to create unique and intriguing looks that dazzle.


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