While blue is a color that is considered a masculine choice by most, you would be surprised at how many women like blue colored nail polish. This is especially true of younger women who are constantly breaking the barriers of the past to try out new and bold combinations.

The plus point with blue colored nail art is that there are many types and shades of blue to choose from. The whole point of  blue nail paint is that it looks so cool and casual. You can use a combination of two or three shades of blue in simple stripes to have an entire new version of nail art. The color blue itself is quite a radical one as far as nail polish colors go so experimenting with nail art using blue can be really fun.

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So we take you through some designs that you can create using the color blue. With the whole spectrum of blue nail paints ranging from navy blue , turquoise blue, copper sulphate blue, cobalt blue, sky blue to nail paints that are matt in finish and glittery you will find as many designs for nail art as your creativity allows.

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Glitter French nail art: This easy and elegant when tips of your nail are painted in the blue shade of your choice. Will work well with formal and casual wear

blue nail art (1)

Blue with black and silver: Blue works well with black and if you throw in silver, you have a party going on right on your nails. You can start with a blue base and then draw some patterns with black and edge these with silver nail polish.

blue nail art (12)

Blue ladybug nails: Ladybugs are cute beetles who have a cute pattern in red and black. You can emulate the pattern in blue and black to create great but cute looking pattern.. There is black in the front part. Blue in the body and a dividing line with black and then blue dots to complete the look.

blue nail art (33)

Blue flower and crystal art: You can create floral art on the nails and stick a rhinestone in the center to make it look really pretty and dressy.

blue nail art (2)

Blue caviar for nails: These are actually shiny micro beads that come in different colors. After painting all your nails blue, you can stick on blue caviar on alternative nails to create a new and different look.

blue nail art

Blue polka dots: You can simply paint your nails in a lighter hue and use a dotting tool to create cute polka dots in blue all over the nail.

blue nail art (17)

Blue velvet: Paint the nails blue simply and give it a velvet finish for the extra special look

blue nail art (8)

Blue paisley: You can work with blue nails to draw paisley flowers for that quaint and innocent quality. If you are pairing this with a dress of the same print the overall effect will be really good.

blue nail art (7)

Blue leopard print: Creating leopard print effect on the blue painted nails is yet another look that will make your nails look special.

blue nail art (3)

Blue stripes: Stripes work well done in blue and you can use either different shades of blue or mix it with white and black to make a casual but striking nail art on your nails.

blue nail art (24)

Blue and  green roses: Instead of going all blue, you can combine a pattern that has both blue and green flowers for a great and cool look on your nails.

blue nail art (6)

Blue snake skin: Snake skin pattern is another option that will look very striking and seductive at the same time.

blue nail art (16)

Please feel free to share some of your ideas in the comments section of this article.


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