30 Beautiful Eamples of Winter Nail Art


Most women even the ones who claim not to be interested in fashion love the idea of decorating the nail.  This is because it is fun, relatively cheap and makes you feel dressed up without all that much effort. Ask a woman and she will tell you that well decorated nails can always bring a smile on to her lips.

In this post we will be discussing the way we can decorate our nails in keeping with the rather cold, dull and harsh winter season.  Since the weather is so cold it also makes sense that the nails be protected with an extra layer of polish and decoration. For winter nail art you can go in for darker shades while still ensuring that they are not dull; in fact the brighter the better.

Here are some cool winter ideas:

Go Christmassy: Winter brings the immense joy of the Christmas and that means lots of parties and entertainment. You can make sure that you nails are decorated keeping in with the general theme of the season. You can go in for themes of colors having red, white, stars, stripes, green etc to reflect the jolly spirit of Christmas.


Go glamorous for New Year: New Year is considered full on party time and your attire and hair style will reflect that. Then your nails should also be in party mode. Loads of glitter and colors that are jewel like would be really appropriate for this party like atmosphere.


Cheer  yourself once the holidays are over: Once the holiday season is over you are likely to feel a little low as it means returning to the daily drudgery of work and responsibility. Paint your nails in dark but glittery and glitzy colors to bring back a bit of cheer and color to your life.


Go romantic for Valentine’s: Let us not forget that the most romantic celebration of the year also comes towards the end of winter. This means you get full license to bring out the corniest themes and paint your nails with hearts, glitter and the most unusual colors. Why not make the most of this and go the whole hog?


As you can see nail art can reflect the season and festivities around you or vice verse – you can use the nail art to bring a note of cheer into a dull and boring days. Either way it is time to let your creativity flow into minute but really adorable and enjoyable bits of art on your nails.

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