In our previous article, we introduced you to a new and fascinating alternative to artificial nails, i.e. the gel nails. Gel nails are more preferable than acrylics because they’ve got little chances of getting lifted and help in strengthening the real nails if used as a base coat. In this article, we have come up with the techniques and tips to be followed for gel nail application.

One thing to note is that gel nails are extremely different from acrylic nails. The main difference is the use of different elements for curing gel nails and acrylic nails. For curing Acrylic nails, a polymer and monomer combination is used whereas gel nails use UV light for curing.

If you feel stunned by seeing various 3-D gel nail art designs or enjoy even the simple gel nail polish look, you may be interested in trying a process of using gel nail polish yourself. But it is equally important to know how the application of gel nails should go so that you do not end up with a mess.

1. Visual & Directional Gel TutorialUV gel nail (22)

Some steps for gel nail application are described below:

  1. Use your nails to remove any natural shine from the surface in order to keep the gel withheld and prevent chipping.
  2. Now take the gel nail brush and starting from the cuticle, apply the gel onto your nail making a thin layer of it.  Do not pressurize the brush much for the smooth application of gel.
  3. Use UV lamp for 3 minutes to cure the first coat of gel once it is finished.
  4. After the curing of first coat, it is the time to brush another coat of gel. You can start producing the base colour now for making the desired design.
  5. Again cure the second coat in the same way as you did for the first coat.
  6. Follow the last two steps again.

Give the finishing touch to your design. Some products do not need so many coats of gel, so it is advised to follow the instructions accordingly.

2. Powdered & Patterned

UV gel nail (1)

It can be difficult to achieve a perfect pattern on each individual nail, and extremely time consuming, when using normal nail polish on your real nails. That’s where gel nails come in. You can attach a sticker or paper/plastic pattern into your designs and have it melt into your nails for a flawless look like the one seen above.

3. Swirling Roses

UV gel nail

A gorgeous design of clear gel nails with patterns of roses and leaves, connected in a swirling pattern. Normally, patterns like these would be difficult to achieve or look tacky if simply stickered on. As a gel nail design, they’re evenly spaced and shiny.

4. Sparkling Violet Frenchie
UV gel nail (2)Gel nails can be designed into any shape you’d like your nails to take on, including long and cork-tipped like the ones you see above. Sparkles look wonderful when done using gel, and still have your nails feeling smooth instead of the bumpy texture glitter usually creates when applied to nails.

5. Devious Black Fencing & Flowers
UV gel nail (3)Another great example of patterns looking fabulous in as gel nail art. Here, the wearer has added a few flowers to just a few nails to add some intriguing depth to her designs.

6. Lemon Sunshine
UV gel nail (4)You can play around with many designs and styles when using UV gel nails. One of the ups about having them is that they will keep your underlying nails damage-free and strong as you wear them. Another is that you can still paint them after they’ve been set – like seen above.

7. Glitter Goddess
UV gel nail (5)The perfect sheen of gel nails is undeniable. If you’re a woman that prefers the sleek and sexy look of shiny, perfected nails then gel nails are the way to go. They reflect light like no other type of nail or polish out there.

8. 80’s Retro Punk
UV gel nail (6)You can never go wrong with designs that characterize the era you were either born in or once loved. The bright pink and pastel blue done with black animal prints is undeniably becoming a classic, symbolic of the 80s and becoming popularized by the next generation of professionals.

9. Wildly Blue & Brilliant
UV gel nail (7)A lovely example of how fun and creative you can get with gel nails. The shine of gel nails never fades, even when glitter is applied heavily to the design like seen above. Colors are seemingly more brilliant, blacks are sharper, and the best perk about fabulous nails job like these are that they last anywhere from two to four weeks depending on how well you take care of them.

10. Polka-Dotted Lightning Strikes
UV gel nail (8)Youth can certainly enjoy UV gel nails down to about ten years old. They can be fashioned into any length you desire, including short, and will allow the nails beneath to remain strong as they grow. Cute designs like hot pink, silver, and black can make a little girl’s birthday much more fabulous!

 11. Sweeping Monotones
UV gel nail (9)You can still have a French manicure with a few extra designs placed atop. White, black, and silver always go well together when paired with this type of manicure. The style is lovely, formal, and eye-catching.

 12. St. Patty’s Lucky Charms
UV gel nail (10)Holidays are always more fun when you’re able to wear its symbols on the tips of your fingers. Here we have a great example of holiday nail art done with gel nails for St. Patrick’s Day. You can choose to fashion any symbols into your nails with gel nail art, and the resulting designs always come out vivid and shimmering.

13. Lovely Hearts
UV gel nail (11)Here we have a design we sometimes come across sold as nail stickers in our salons or stores. You can spruce up the design by turning it into a UV gel nail art design and adding your own enhanced background like seen here. The glitter polish was added and really makes the design stand out better.

14. Golden Streams
Digital StillCameraUsing normal nail polish in between layers of UV nail gel is a fun way to create your own personalized designs. Fashion your nails first, throw on some of your own polish and tinker around with the design before adding another layer of nail gel to each nail and setting it for the final look.

15. Kitty Cat Fever
UV gel nail (13)Adorably creative, this nail design is truly a work of art. If you’ve got a steady hand and a dotting tool for your nail polish, you can fashion nails that pay tribute to your favorite little pet(s). Don’t forget the footprints, they keep your eye moving across the palette of your nails!

16. Panda Bear Charm
UV gel nail (14)The tribute doesn’t have to be given to your favorite pet, rather, your favorite animal! This is a cute anc cuddly example of yet a different way to show off little footprints on your nails. You can think outside of the box and replace the panda face with a lizard face and change the shape of the footprints. You can choose a fish and put bubbles on your fingertips. Anything goes!

17. Rockin’ Black & White Patterns
UV gel nail (15)These nails will match an unlimited amount of outfits, being only black and white. The patterns are edgy and retro, looking great on long nails such as these. If you want your patterns to truly stand out, don’t be shy with the length of your nails, it’s what truly gives you enough space to create these miniature pieces of art.

18. Swirling Dimensions
UV gel nail (16)Designs like these must be created yourself or by a salon professional, their intricate details that are fashioned from the tip and work their way in won’t be found as sticker or prints that perfectly match your nail shapes.

19. Outlined & Refined
UV gel nail (17)Looking for something unusually unique but simple to achieve? If you like the shapes of your nails and want to flaunt them off, outlining them is a fashion statement rarely seen in today’s fashion world. But look how amazing they are! The French manicure was done with light blue instead of white, and the middle finger sports a formal flowering design.

20. Sparkling Gems & Bow
UV gel nail (18)These almond nails look gorgeous, as if dipped in a galaxy full of stars. Nail gems and bows are becoming more and more popularized these days, and if you’re confident you won’t accidently tear it off, you should try out this new fad. You can find both nail gems and strong nail glues in your salon or warehouse store, depending on where you reside. Many salons also offer the use of nail gems with an additional price.

21. Lengthy Florals
UV gel nail (19)Some girls just have to have the long nails. It’s just their thing. Here, we have a great example of how lovely flowering vines can look when decorating long nails like these. Keep in mind that long nails might make it hard to use your cell phone or tablet, but wow do they look amazing!

 22. Dazzling Deep Purple
UV gel nail (20)Classic designs can certainly be used on UV gel nails. Here we have a French manicure done with purple instead of white, and simple silver outlines the transition into the nail’s natural color while black dots pull your eyes up, like symmetry in a picture.

23. Stiletto Angles
UV gel nail (21)Yes, UV gel nails can even look fabulous as stiletto nails. Any shape goes, and any type of design. These sharp angles seen above are edgy and wild, a design rarely seen using colors rarely used. Don’t be afraid to draw out designs on paper before fashioning them into your nails.

24. Leopard Painted Love
UV gel nail (23)What wild woman doesn’t like some animal prints on her fingertips every now and then? You can easily create leopard print using either regular nail polish and a steady hand, or stickers you can easily find at the salon or store. Add a touch of silver glitter as an outline for a bit of glitz.

25. The Singular Goddess
UV gel nail (24)

Even your everyday French manicure can be spruced up a little with a singular addition – a little sticker on one nail (on each hand) or a hand-crafted work of art. French manicures look stunning done in UV nail gel, and will last for several weeks as they keep your real nails strong.

Now, the last task for you to do is to flaunt your stunning nails in front of your friends. They should also get a chance to know your ability and talent of doing fascinating things with UV gel nails. I assure you that you will be not only the center of attraction but will also get great appreciation for your creativity.

So, from now on, there is no need of spending big bucks in parlors for getting this type of nail art done – just follow our website that teaches you different nail art in simple steps, making you more creative, saving time, and saving money.

How to Remove UV Gel Nails

After flaunting your nails, you’ll want to know how to safely remove them. Here is the process on how you remove this type of nail. Be sure and have some UV Gel Nail Remover which you can purchase at your salon.

1) Cut the nail down to your real nail’s length and file as much gel off your nails as possible – gently, so as not to damage your real nails.
2) Warm the bottle of UV gel nail remove by placing it under hot running water for a couple of minutes until it’s warm to the touch.
3) Pour enough of the gel nail remover into a bowl to completely submerge your fingertips/fingernails.
4) Soak your nails in the remover until the remaining gel softens
5) Push off the gel from your nails using the orange stick which normally comes with your nail remover. You can also use a popsicle stick or coin.
6) Dry your hands and buff your nails to ensure all the gel has been removed and your nails are smooth once again.


We hope that you enjoyed visiting our website and this blog. We assure we’ll keep bringing new nail art trends regularly to you and fascinate you with the most interesting and attractive artworks. Keep visiting our website for new updates. Don’t forget to voice your comments about this post. You can also share your different nail art experiences with us.


  1. First of all, Gel and Acrylic are made up of the same compounds, Gel is like a premixed acrylic that needs to be cured in order to set, the third picture (the step by step) is actually using liquid and powder NOT Gel. Gel Nails and Acrylic nails last just as long as one another, as long as the prep is done correctly, niether is better or worse for your nails, its bad and uneducated nail techs that do the damage to the nails.

  2. Gel nails foster the growth of your own nails, where as Acrylic does not. You are right, it is the nail tech that is uneducated that do the damage, not the process itself. I always tell my clients, you wouldn’t go to a Tatoo Artist and let them work on your body without seeing them using clean, disinfected tools, so why would you let a nail tech? If it looks wrong, walk away!

  3. Can you use regular nail Polish as the color and then put clear gel nail Polish over it or can you use regular nail Polish to do the nail design and the rest gel nail polish??? I went to the salon and I believe I saw them do this and I wanna make sure it’s okay. They lasted for a month when they did this.


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