Summer Nail Art Ideas: 25 Attractive Examples


Though most of us may crib and complain about all the heat and humidity that summer can bring forth, the underlying truth is that we all look forward to summer. This is so because summer is the season for holidays, relaxation and the time for families to get together. What is more from a glamour and fashion point of view it means fun clothes that are easy yet so good to look at.


That is why in spite of the high maintenance routine of hair removal and skin care, women love summers. They look forward to flatteringly brief clothes that are great to look at and easy to move around in. Then don’t you think your nails and nail art should also reflect the carefree and warm feelings that summer brings in us?
Here are some great summer nail art ideas to get you started:

Go for bonfire: No! We do not literally mean for you to set fire to your nails. What we mean is that as summer brings forth the barbecue and beach bonfire urges in us, why not let our nails taken on that fiery look? Paint them to look like flames by using shades of yellow, orange and sienna to emulate the look of embers.


Go with surfy and stormy motifs: Often summer and beaches go together. Which means your nails can depict the delights of colorful surf boards and stormy seas. Go aqua and dot with colorful daubs to make it look like a sea where people are surfing.


Summer parties for you: When summer is around the corner, people dust out their outdoor cooking gear and invite others over for a party. This could be a part of your nail art with the cool and casual party theme. Which means lots of glitter and color but in lighter and brighter shades on your nails? Then it will match the colorful beach attire that you will be wearing.


Work with the summer canvas: When you come to think of it you will realize the truth of this – everything looks brighter and clearer in summer. This should reflect in your nail art. Make bold and clear designs that will catch the eye as you gesticulate about when talking to your friends.


Summer is the time to soak up the warmth and stock up on energy for the rest of the year. Make sure that your nail art takes in these factors and festivities.

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