20 Pom Pom Nail Art Ideas


We all know that pom poms are the essence of fun and gaiety. Look at a pom pom and you will be reminded of a happy occasion full of excitement. This is the kind of nail art that is bordering on experimental veering from the normal and the ordinary. You have to admit that having pom poms on your nails as a decoration is something that is special and out of the ordinary. You are sure to get a few comments and compliments on this.

The art part of it is pretty simple to do and hardly takes much time. The thing that you have to take care is to ensure that you have picked a really tiny pom pom or else it is going to look out of proportion to your nail. Something that is around 5 mm or even smaller should work. You will find such pom poms in specialty craft stores. You can seek to locate such stores online and purchase the ones that you want.


While nails embellished with pom poms look really adorable, they will not last very long. You can expect them to keep them on for a couple of days provided that you exercise extra care in the use of your hands. The very nature of the pom poms make them vulnerable to being soaked and  losing shape or coming off the nail when exposed to too much water. You can try and use nail glue that is strong but still you have to consider the side effects of doing so and weigh it off against the need to constantly take care of your nails while the pom poms are still on.

Here we will take you through the  process where we have used only the top coat. You may try other things if you wish. Here is a useful tip – if you get the pom poms wet, then you can dry them carefully using tissues to soak away and remove the water.


Things required:

  • The base coat of polish
  • A top coat of polish which is specially meant for nail embellishments and decals
  • Nail paint in the color of your choice
  • Mini pom poms that will work with the color of nail paint you have to opted for. Ensure that the pom poms are  5 mm or even smaller
  • A small implement that you can use for creating dots.
  • A set of nail paints that match the colors that you have picked for the pom pomsOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

How to create pom pom Nail art

  1. As usual start with a good layer of base coat. Allow to dry before starting with the nail paint of your choice. Depending on the effect you want to create and the color apply one or two layers. Let these coats of nail paint dry fully
  2. On the ring finger, the thumb and the middle finger apply the top coat and before it dries out, stick on 3 pom poms in a pattern that you want in the middle of the nail. Press down firmly but gently and let things dry properly.
  3. On the remaining fingers, that is the pinky and index finger, take the dotting tool that you are using and add dots in the same pattern and color arrangement that you have followed for the pom poms. Let this dry completely before topping it with the top coat

Now that you have gotten down the simple basics of this fun but really stunning pom pom nail art, you can try out many variations in terms of color and the pom pom placements.



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