25 UV Gel Nail Art Designs

In our previous article, we introduced you to a new and fascinating alternative to artificial nails, i.e. the gel nails. Gel nails are even more preferable than acrylic nails because they have got little chances of getting lifted and even help in strengthening the nails if used as a base coat. In this article, we have come up with the techniques and tips to be followed for gel nail application.

If you feel stunned by seeing various 3- gel nail art designs or enjoy even the simple gel nail polish look, you may be interested in trying a process of using gel nail polish yourself. But it is equally important to know how the application of gel nails should go so that you do not end up with a mess.

UV gel nail (1)

One thing to note is that gel nails are extremely different from acrylic nails. The main difference is the use of different elements for curing gel nails and acrylic nails. For curing Acrylic nails, a polymer and monomer combination is used whereas gel nails use UV light for curing.

UV gel nail

Some steps for gel nail application are described below:

  1. Use your nails to remove any natural shine from the surface in order to keep the gel withheld and prevent chipping.
  2. Now take the gel nail brush and starting from the cuticle, apply the gel onto your nail making a thin layer of it.  Do not pressurize the brush much for the smooth application of gel.
  3. Use UV lamp for 3 minutes to cure the first coat of gel once it is finished.
  4. After the curing of first coat, it is the time to brush another coat of gel. You can start producing the base colour now for making the desired design.
  5. Again cure the second coat in the same way as you did for the first coat.
  6. Follow the last two steps again.
  7. Give the finishing touch to your design. Some products do not need so many coats of gel, so it is advised to follow the instructions accordingly.

.UV gel nail (22)

Now, the last task for you to do is to flaunt your stunning nails in front of your friends. They should also get a chance to know your ability and talent of doing fascinating things with UV gel nails. I assure you that you will be not only the centre of attraction but will also get great appreciation for your creativity.

So, from now, there is no need of spending bucks in parlours for getting these nails arts done, just follow our website that can teach you different nail arts in some simple steps making you more creative and saving your time as well as money.

UV gel nail (2)

UV gel nail (3)

UV gel nail (4)

UV gel nail (5)

UV gel nail (6)

UV gel nail (7)

UV gel nail (8)

UV gel nail (9)

UV gel nail (10)

UV gel nail (11)

Digital StillCamera

UV gel nail (13)

UV gel nail (14)

UV gel nail (15)

UV gel nail (16)

UV gel nail (17)

UV gel nail (18)

UV gel nail (19)

UV gel nail (20)

UV gel nail (21)

UV gel nail (23)

UV gel nail (24)

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